POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1

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Supreme Brizzy
Supreme Brizzy - 7 phút trước
Is that the dude from the get down?
Private Account
Private Account - 7 phút trước
R.I.P Ryan Renolds' career, and R.I.P Pokemon
Nutella Ismyblood
Nutella Ismyblood - 7 phút trước
Ryan reynold is definitely voicing pikachu
yogesh kumar
yogesh kumar - 7 phút trước
Trending in india
canal nerd 8-bit
canal nerd 8-bit - 7 phút trước
The pikachu talk . Fuck man
Bloominblu - 7 phút trước
1:42 Pause because psyduck has seen some things.
Bum Bum
Bum Bum - 7 phút trước
Half of these Pokèmon has been hit by a HELLA GAY blaster. Most of them look disturbing, fucking Jigglypuff going to rape me tonight
Segno della winx
Segno della winx - 7 phút trước
Pikachu looks so adorable
Snap_Studios 😝
Snap_Studios 😝 - 7 phút trước
I’m having a hard time believing this is real. And Pikachu is fuzzy.
Toilet-Boy - 7 phút trước
what...the actual...fuck?
Anubhav - 7 phút trước
Deadpool has changed a lot
Arva - 7 phút trước
FFATables - 7 phút trước
Someone please sub to me we all need a chance 🙏
Antonio García González
Antonio García González - 7 phút trước
the main character is the son of Ash and pikachu is the ash's pikachu and all the plot is about redemption. Or it is just Ted 3
Liam Romero de Ruiter
Liam Romero de Ruiter - 7 phút trước
Just Ruined everyting thanks
WhateverSarah - 7 phút trước
Someone please check my my animation of "I'm already tracer" I just need a chance 🙏
JullianShinyhuntr - 7 phút trước
Ralts, Gardevoir!!! Pls! Appear!!
Da One
Da One - 7 phút trước
Who's voicing him?
Maki Nishikino
Maki Nishikino - 8 phút trước
*phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Warner Bros: Excuse me miss, I’m afraid it’s your Pokemon phase. It’s coming back.
Nedu Egeh
Nedu Egeh - 8 phút trước
The moment Pikachu said "oh my god" I knew that I was gonna love this movie.
Love Taco
Love Taco - 8 phút trước
Is Tim the son of ash EXPLAIN
Temmie Luv
Temmie Luv - 8 phút trước
Riera - 8 phút trước
I want to see what legendary is in the movie (If you make a pokemon movie, you must have legendaries)
Sweetlollipop 720
Sweetlollipop 720 - 8 phút trước
God this is retarded
STERF - 8 phút trước
My mom waked me up for this.
Andy Forlorn
Andy Forlorn - 8 phút trước
This helps,
Max Headroom
Max Headroom - 8 phút trước
I don’t know which is worse? The fact that there’s a Pokémon film or the fact that FREAKIN DEADPOOL IS VOICING PIKAHU!!
Sub Scorpion#9
Sub Scorpion#9 - 8 phút trước
this is just bizarre......i love it
HaRDCoRe - 8 phút trước
Я так понимаю черный парень это Кеш?Америкосы дожили уже со своей толиратностью...Прям вспомнился фильм про войну...где нем.генерал был черный...Надеюсь главный герой не будет геем.
Rachael Sutton
Rachael Sutton - 8 phút trước
I love this but i just can't stop thinking about deadpool 😂
Awesome_Gaming55 - 8 phút trước
When I clicked on this video, I thought it was a late April Fools joke.

I was wrong.
Taylord - 8 phút trước
Tajiri: woah nice pikachu!
Pikachu: zip it Satoshi Tajiri!
Cedric Fret
Cedric Fret - 8 phút trước
... Great, another fake movie trailer.
... Ha, nice try with the logo's.
... Hm, nice CGI though.
... Wait what is that Ryan Reyn ... OMG IT'S FUCKING REAL!
C rowdy
C rowdy - 8 phút trước
Hernando Rodrigues
Hernando Rodrigues - 8 phút trước
Why do I have a feeling there will be no Pokeballs in this movie?
the holy pancake
the holy pancake - 8 phút trước
Im sorry but that charizard tho
Ryan Burwell
Ryan Burwell - 9 phút trước
Charizard used bite its was "SUPER- EFFECTIVE" 2:15
vines for you
vines for you - 9 phút trước
I hope you Will be rich❤️
Ali -A
Ali -A - 9 phút trước
Charizard looks op
Kavislazy - 9 phút trước
Put down the stapler, or I will electrocute you.
*but I wanna be winston*
DragonInside - 9 phút trước
This looks dope
Declan Bridges
Declan Bridges - 9 phút trước
CNCRRY - 9 phút trước
its rachet and clank all over again!
M.R. GNDĞN - 9 phút trước
Ahh dostum sence de biraz gecikmedin mi !!!
Blaze Ashcloud
Blaze Ashcloud - 9 phút trước
huh... I don't know if I should be horrified or interested. I think it's both....
I'll let this movie slide for now.
Ldaniel C. Beyliss
Ldaniel C. Beyliss - 9 phút trước
Okei, this looks legit
Theveganflower - 9 phút trước
Ryan higa did it better lol
Reideerz777 - 9 phút trước
Is this fake? Fan made?
TheSiemek - 9 phút trước
This is so absurd and crazy that I love it. Can’t wait to see it!
leon mackenzie
leon mackenzie - 9 phút trước
This is actually happening...
Haley - 9 phút trước
Nobody gonna talk about the fact this got 20 million views in one day
Xavier Howell
Xavier Howell - 9 phút trước
Should I skip bootcamp for this movie?
Juan Cano
Juan Cano - 9 phút trước
This week has been surreal
Orlando Yongco
Orlando Yongco - 9 phút trước
Okay. I get that a lot of people aren’t gonna take this too seriously. But one things certain. this is REALLY good cgi.
Batman Issue#1 Trillion
Batman Issue#1 Trillion - 9 phút trước
Looks like Ass ketchum
Sir Noodle
Sir Noodle - 9 phút trước
Hell fucking no
Gamingnerd 114
Gamingnerd 114 - 10 phút trước
Still can’t tell whether this is going to be an actual good movie or a whole meme
James Lawson
James Lawson - 10 phút trước
this better be bullshit
Seun Okubanjo
Seun Okubanjo - 10 phút trước
I legitamely thought this thought this was clickbait andna jome until I saw the Warner Bros. thing
Jackaboss 2.1
Jackaboss 2.1 - 10 phút trước
Im straight up singing the entire intro song to pokemon when i go to the theaters😎#Join a fellow gamer
Mai Vançon
Mai Vançon - 10 phút trước
*OMG! A few days ago I was wondering:* What if there was a live-action Pokemon movie?
Kitsuna Asuna
Kitsuna Asuna - 10 phút trước
Pikachu is sooo cute!❤️❤️❤️
SuperMicky123 - 10 phút trước
I heard Ryan Reynolds, I am in
BaymaxFTW YokaiFTL
BaymaxFTW YokaiFTL - 10 phút trước
Pikachu is cute in real life! 😍
Andre Ransom
Andre Ransom - 10 phút trước
I’m not even going to lie, I want to see this so badly. I thought the idea was stupid until I saw the trailer for myself 😂😂😂
Zombitious - 10 phút trước
But imagine if Danny Devito voiced Pikachu.
Dark Master
Dark Master - 10 phút trước
Just downloaded Pokemon Go ...
Quiet Demon
Quiet Demon - 10 phút trước
Sooo it’s deadpool as pikachu ... yep I’m in.
Stephillpotten - 10 phút trước
Sorry Nintendo I'm spending my Vbucks on the Fortnite Movie starring Sans Undertale and Minecraft Steve *dabs*
Daud Khan
Daud Khan - 10 phút trước
Pikachu is so cute😍😍😗😗
Alif Fathurrahman
Alif Fathurrahman - 10 phút trước
the cast should be a japanese tho :v
Anthero Zoldyck
Anthero Zoldyck - 10 phút trước
This have some potential
M O V E O N - 10 phút trước
0:33 buy now
Kiabeta Main
Kiabeta Main - 10 phút trước
*if you don't like furries go away*
Me: *Leaves
Eli Hates You
Eli Hates You - 10 phút trước
I’ll watch, I love Pokémon too much 😭
Christopher Barrett
Christopher Barrett - 10 phút trước
Idk i wish they could have gotten anyone else but ryan reynolds for Pikachu’s voice.
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson - 10 phút trước
All I hear is Deadpool
Nishant Lama
Nishant Lama - 10 phút trước
I'm going just for Jigglypuff.
Gariks Merem
Gariks Merem - 11 phút trước
Toy story 4. or. pokemon
Nathan Rey Manabat Hingpt
Nathan Rey Manabat Hingpt - 11 phút trước
EmikaSandra Productions
EmikaSandra Productions - 11 phút trước
Looks like Ryan Reynolds is going to be the only saving grace of this film. 😂😂
Inleeked Studios
Inleeked Studios - 11 phút trước
I wanna see mewtwo
Andy Forlorn
Andy Forlorn - 11 phút trước
Plugged in.
xX Xx
xX Xx - 11 phút trước
I allways wanted pokemon to look that way finally someone make it happen ^^ awesome I know why I love this movie studio since ever ^^
RocketMan38 - 11 phút trước
The Mr mime part was actually funny
Buzzkill 78
Buzzkill 78 - 11 phút trước
I thought this was fan made and I’m still not entirely convinced it isn’t 🤦‍♀️
Sca pper
Sca pper - 11 phút trước
please watch my song walker style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Uzdt44v5o
astro - 11 phút trước
God has left the game
West Webb
West Webb - 11 phút trước
What have you guys done.....
Isac Kraft
Isac Kraft - 11 phút trước
I thought this was some nigahiga stuff...
I’m surprised this is real
Ilari Bezzubikoff
Ilari Bezzubikoff - 11 phút trước
Watching Ryan Reynolds in a kids movie will be interesting
Winston Lewis
Winston Lewis - 11 phút trước
Wait this is real I thought this was a fan made thing
I wanna to go faster
I wanna to go faster - 11 phút trước
"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction"Mark Twain.
Rev limits
Rev limits - 11 phút trước
https://youtu.be/ZxpZdHB4KN8 This is worth going viral guys
PancakeSprinkles - 11 phút trước
Why,,,,does,,,,pikachu,,,,,look like that and talk like ,,,,that,,,, I wanted it to sound like the Nintendo game ://
Yazumi Kimijo
Yazumi Kimijo - 11 phút trước
about to sleep so I'll just pretend that I didn't just saw mr.mime...
Raymond's best channel
Raymond's best channel - 11 phút trước
oh YES!
FrontLineFox 20
FrontLineFox 20 - 11 phút trước
#1 on trending! Wow. Typically only crap is on trending.
Felix Rojas V.
Felix Rojas V. - 11 phút trước
This is both awesome and very very VERY cringy
DepressoExpresso - 11 phút trước
A much as I didn't want the to happen..
Im glad they got ryan reynolds for this lmaoooo
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