KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

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MikiCes - 39 phút trước
Jeremy Matthew
Jeremy Matthew - 39 phút trước
Xehanort, Ansem SoD, and Xemnas; Ventus, Sora, and Roxas; Terra, Riku, and Xehanort. the sets of three and their intertwined connections are blowing my mind, and the fact that I've been waiting for this game for the better part of my adult life is making me more and more impatient. GOOD THING IVE ALREWDY PRE-ORDERED IT. still trying to figure out who the Master of Masters is and what his true endgame is.
dadbodgames - 40 phút trước
shaker shaker
shaker shaker - 40 phút trước
Rayllex Rodriguez
Rayllex Rodriguez - 40 phút trước
Skrillex here.
Olivia - 40 phút trước
Landry Mbanzu
Landry Mbanzu - 40 phút trước
[ Lyrics ]
[Verse 1]
Should I take a deep
Should I take the leap
What a bittersweet
All night
All my life

Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
Oh, I'll be lying with you, love, I'm almost here
Wash away all my tears
Dat Boi Mikey
Dat Boi Mikey - 40 phút trước
For every like I will add a heart
Erin Uy
Erin Uy - 41 phút trước
...will we have the option to play KH3 with JP audio and ENG subtitles underneath, is the question...
Darsh 10X
Darsh 10X - 42 phút trước
That xion 😭😭😭sorrow coming through so damn CLEARRRRRRRR
Daniel Carballo
Daniel Carballo - 42 phút trước
I’m so ready for this game
daredevil in a suit
daredevil in a suit - 42 phút trước
Remember guys subscsubscribe to pewdiepie
Jaron Ogletree
Jaron Ogletree - 42 phút trước
I just woke up to watch this again and it's still #1 trend amazing
عہٰ۫سہٰ۫ل 'ۦ'ۦ
عہٰ۫سہٰ۫ل 'ۦ'ۦ - 42 phút trước
Tcool56's POV
Tcool56's POV - 42 phút trước
This was really good until the drop. Then it got fucked up.
x DEATH - 42 phút trước
The best móvies and games here!!!!
Demon Bear
Demon Bear - 43 phút trước
Endriu's Mind
Endriu's Mind - 43 phút trước
Ma quante ne sa Skrillex😢
FlameTone - 43 phút trước
Media Man
Media Man - 44 phút trước
Super smash bros ultimate
Mandel 31
Mandel 31 - 44 phút trước
1. Face My Fears
2. Ray of Hope
3. Simple and Clean
4. Sanctuary
5. Don’t Think Twice
I like all of them but Face My Fears is the best one.
LEFT SOCK - 44 phút trước
Hey guys, make sure you prank call these numbers... 785-424-0933 785-832-9825 785-331-5833 785-218-7878
LEFT SOCK - 44 phút trước
Hey guys, make sure you prank call these numbers... 785-424-0933 785-832-9825 785-331-5833 785-218-7878
LEFT SOCK - 44 phút trước
Hey guys, make sure you prank call these numbers... 785-424-0933 785-832-9825 785-331-5833 785-218-7878
LEFT SOCK - 44 phút trước
Hey guys, make sure you prank call these numbers... 785-424-0933 785-832-9825 785-331-5833 785-218-7878
LEFT SOCK - 44 phút trước
Hey guys, make sure you prank call these numbers... 785-424-0933 785-832-9825 785-331-5833 785-218-7878
Coca Cola Y Pepsi:v
Coca Cola Y Pepsi:v - 45 phút trước
ryuman757 - 45 phút trước
Music reminds me of Red Means Recording
exyra curxe
exyra curxe - 46 phút trước
Is Skrillex one of Seeker of Darkness? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mori Dan
Mori Dan - 46 phút trước
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Lecow 918
Lecow 918 - 46 phút trước
Omfg my Fucking Wig Was Launched Into To Orbit 😩
neko - 47 phút trước
I hope for a good and happy ending please. KH already made me cry on the other games, I hope KH3 doesn't make me cry too much. (already crying because of how beautiful this is though---)
Tanya Harmon
Tanya Harmon - 47 phút trước
But the true question is Knack in it?
Vtones25 - 47 phút trước
I’ve waited so long
Gator x
Gator x - 48 phút trước
The cinematic is so masterful. How every scene and progression in the story was a "chess move" of xehanort's in preparation for his plan... and the part where they transition to the old xehanort when he makes his appearance gave me deep chills.
KH 3/3 on these amazing cinematics for the main games. Can't wait
Gamer Gal25
Gamer Gal25 - 48 phút trước
I counted ten gold chess pieces flashing by fast and counted 3 xehanort pieces through the clip being put down. 🤔
YUNG INKA - 48 phút trước
This is unrelated , but it would mean a lot if at least one of you guys, could go check me out , like the game I’m following my dreams
Jiba Ton
Jiba Ton - 48 phút trước
Хайд онлайн
Хайд онлайн - 49 phút trước
Это супер класс
Devinlawd - 49 phút trước
Theclaw Yaww
Theclaw Yaww - 49 phút trước
the song sounds like gany generic song. Disapointed since Utada is almost always amazing
dan - 50 phút trước
its coming out 14 years after the second game.
Odd Life
Odd Life - 50 phút trước
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell - 50 phút trước
Isn't most of what they showed covered elsewhere? Like 358 days or that kingdom hearts II manga I read in middle school? ... or the fucking first game? xD
MInute MAN
MInute MAN - 50 phút trước
To all the dedicated fans who's been with the games from the beginning, to all the rising fans who started out of order and come to appreciate the games now, to all the newcomers who are excited and scared of what getting into this franchise might hold, and to all those who have never played a game but want to.
You never know what you're going to experience until you take a breath, jump, and dive in.
majin buu
majin buu - 51 phút trước
Almost 100K likes!
Ronaldo Seals
Ronaldo Seals - 51 phút trước
At first you had my attention, now you have my erection. I out and out burst into tears when i saw Xion.
WB Comment
WB Comment - 51 phút trước
Sora for smash?
alex chan yu zhang
alex chan yu zhang - 52 phút trước
Was anyone waiting for the ending for Nintendo switch ?
Anthony Becerra
Anthony Becerra - 52 phút trước
GOTY 2019
Brooks Manis
Brooks Manis - 53 phút trước
so beautiful....
deestfu - 53 phút trước
Paul Klingenberg
Paul Klingenberg - 53 phút trước
Definitely becoming my favorite theme more and more each time I listen to it, for real this one is so much better than the other one.
Messer Music
Messer Music - 54 phút trước
I would’ve done anything to be a composer involved in kingdom hearts. That’s like my literal dream
Holy James
Holy James - 54 phút trước
I feel sorry to those people who hate the song 😶
Elijah NyoFACE
Elijah NyoFACE - 54 phút trước
I love song and bring it on you heartless and nobody’s
Android 17
Android 17 - 54 phút trước
My youth is back 🔙 I
Raul Zazueta
Raul Zazueta - 54 phút trước
Still #1 on trending.
Mohamed Zahidin
Mohamed Zahidin - 54 phút trước
the drop was so intense
even the ground got destroyed like a mag 100 earthquack
Santa Paws
Santa Paws - 55 phút trước
Kairi already wields the keyblade because Aqua said If I’m not there a light of another would save you
bakkahentai2600 - 45 phút trước
Kairi wields a keyblade because she touched Aqua's and that's all it takes if you have the heart for it. <.<
Josh Larry
Josh Larry - 55 phút trước
Good song until 1:01
Justin Scientia
Justin Scientia - 55 phút trước
This game is so BAE.
Great Big pasta lord
Great Big pasta lord - 55 phút trước
#1 in trending yesssss
爆豪勝己 - 56 phút trước
My hype has increased
Infinity God
Infinity God - 56 phút trước
*The nostalgia be real*
ItsYaBoiFurQuiQui - 56 phút trước
RIP X. He would be proud of this trailer 🙏
Tobirama Swagju
Tobirama Swagju - 56 phút trước
(VERY long read. You've been warned.)
-Darkness threatens to swallow all worlds. (Blah blah yada yada)
-From light, comes weapon to fight darkness. (Keyblade)
-Small (but immeasurably powerful) shimmer of light left. Last hope for all worlds. (It is Kingdom Hearts.)
-Keyblade Wielders protect worlds. They are warriors of light (wohoo!)
-Some are better warriors than others (enter keyblade masters)
-Two Keyblade masters are super important I guess. (Enter Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus)
-Masters like to have apprentices. (Enter Master Eraqus's three apprentices, Aqua, Terra, and Ventus)
-Lots of unimportant stuff happen (skipping because tl;dr)
-Master Xehanort finds out about/starts obsessing over Kingdom Hearts (Enter transition to antagonist)
-Master Eraqus opposes Xehanort (because duh)
-"I want kingdom hearts all to myself!!!"
"Uhm... How about no."
"Then I guess die?"
-Xehanort becomes a whole villain with a plot and stuff.
[Lots of stuff unimportant stuff happens and I'm skipping it.]
-Aqua is now a keyblade master. Her, Terra, and Ventus set off to stop Xehanort
-Xehanort totally pulls a Madara Uchiha and starts "Great Keyblade War"
(Enter death of 99.9% of all Keyblade Wielders.)
[Aqua, Terra, and Ventus enter the battlefield]
-Xehanort WRECKS Ventus
-Xehanort body snatches Terra (and becomes the Xehanort/Xemnas of KH 1 and 2)
>Aqua has left the chat
-Aqua survives battle
(Not to be confused with "wins." She did not.)
-Aqua finds two little boys on an island. (Enter Sora & EdgeBoy) Bestows upon them the power to someday wield a keyblade.
-What's left of Ventus's heart enters the boy named "Sora." (This is why Roxas looks like Ventus)
-Aqua goes off to get her friend Terra back.
-Aqua ends up trapped in an abyss of darkness where she kind of just remains to this day.
[ALL THE EVENTS OF KH1 AND 2 HAPPEN butyouplayedthosealready]

-Sora and Edgey SilverHair Boy attempt Keyblade mastery exam by physically entering their own dreams.
-Riku enters dream. All is well.
-Sora enters dream. Finds Xemnas. LMAO
-"But I killed you!"
"Kill me harder next time then."
-Xemnas appears.
-16 Year Old Version of Xehanort also appears?
-16 Year Old Xehanort explains that he is a time traveller, going through a bunch of timelines to get a bunch of himself (old Xehanort, young Xehanort, Xemnas, etc.) All in one place so they can resurrect Organization 13.
-Old Xehanort returns to series and has a new Organization 13 with him. (Identities never shown... Except Saix and Xigbar. They are apparently alive. Explanation never given)
-Sora and Riku return from Keyblade mastery exams.
-Edge boy passes and is now a keyblade master
-Axel shows up out of nowhere because death is overrated.
-Yen Sid explains that they need like a total of 7 Keyblade Wielders to beat the new Organization 13
-Lets go find keyblade Wielders

You are now caught up on the kingdom hearts series.
Muhammad Rizky
Muhammad Rizky - 56 phút trước
Enter Galeem & Dhar... whoops, wrong franchise.
Mpower3046 - 57 phút trước
TheyMightBeBricks - 57 phút trước
Tron where you at fam
MythicalSalmon - 57 phút trước
Cool lyrics but the pop/dustep music is just horrible
wisdom501 - 57 phút trước
I think square and kingdom hearts is the only game that can get away with a trailer for just the opening movie. XD
RobberRockin - 57 phút trước
jkbobful - 58 phút trước
already over a million views
Li Coca
Li Coca - 58 phút trước
C nul!!!!
Conor Mc Comish
Conor Mc Comish - 58 phút trước
Whoever made this video has a real fetish for people dramatically holding their hand out.
ToxicDynosoar - 59 phút trước
I’m sorry I have never played kingdom of hearts. What is this game about lol?
Dwyane Wade Forever #FuckWestBrick #Yeezy2024
ToxicDynosoar Basically The Master Villain in this game wants to keep light and darkness balanced along with forge a legendary weapon that can literally summon the Heart of all worlds (Kingdom Hearts). You also travel to worlds based on Disney movies. In this game we’re going to the worlds from Frozen, Big Hero 6, Hercules, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
MInute MAN
MInute MAN - Giờ trước
Just to let everyone know as simple as I possibly can

Haziq Syahir
Haziq Syahir - Giờ trước
Anybody who wants to make a theory about that chess fight??NO??Just listen to the song??OK...
Jaden Otte
Jaden Otte - Giờ trước
45 trailers later....
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers - Giờ trước
You swear you will help this kid on this go fund me

You swear now do it - Giờ trước
Frøck - Giờ trước
Can't wait to get this game for my PS4 pro
Kawaii Cupcake
Kawaii Cupcake - Giờ trước
Hikaru always comes with the beauty vocals!!! I'm so ready for this game! It's like many of us grew up along with Sora!
Nate - Giờ trước
Really wish I could get into this series.
The premise is so smart and the characters being square enix and disney is orgasmic BUT!
Kingdom hearts 1 is unplayable, just can't enjoy it, the shitty spaceship segments when traveling and the gameplay is MEHHHHHHH.
I will pick this up either way but really wish I could've played 1 and 2 without it feeling like a chore just to understand the storyline of the 3rd one.
I even bought the remaster on ps4 but I feel 1 needs a full on remake like ff7 with new gameplay mechanics.
Dwyane Wade Forever #FuckWestBrick #Yeezy2024
Nate Yeah bro KH1 didn’t age that well, but it was innovative for a JRPG at the time, KH2 sets the tone combat wise if you want to at least play that one
Fernanda - Giờ trước
Jlupoz - Giờ trước
This made me cry omg😭
Thank you skrillex💔
Tyler Forrest
Tyler Forrest - Giờ trước
I want xhananort chess set he is using
Amanda O Neill
Amanda O Neill - Giờ trước
So i took the advice of some of the comments and tried to let the song sink in, listening a few more times over today but it just doesn't wanna click.I want to like you kingdom hearts 3 i REALLY honestly want you to be good, why are you making it so difficult.
Zielus Sera
Zielus Sera - Giờ trước
Who is downvoting this ?
Lat Hab
Lat Hab - Giờ trước
To everyone trying to defend the song, I get it. We're all excited, and having people come in and say something negative about a franchise that has so much hype sucks. But at the same time, you shouldn't let that hype blind you to flaws, nor should it prevent people from expressing their opinions.
Personally, I don't have a problem with Skrillex, but I think the song sucks. It doesn't fit with the world of KH. On another note, the video itself is a bit of disappointment too; it's nowhere near as intricately crafted as the intros to KH1 and KH2. I'm just as excited about KH3 as the rest of you, but that doesn't mean it's untouchable from negative feedback.
Lat Hab
Lat Hab - 39 phút trước
+bakkahentai2600 I hope so, my real problem with it is it just seems rushed. Just when it gets good it ends too. But if they do extend it then it'll be more than welcome.
bakkahentai2600 - 42 phút trước
Shortened version of the opening so you can't real say how well it is crafted when transitions might be off (like the part with Ven's heart shattering is probably longer and has Vanitas show up, not quick flash and shatter).
Kervrn - Giờ trước
Music... but I'm sure someone already said something about it by now.. like wtf man..why?!!
Klondike Legitski
Klondike Legitski - Giờ trước
I imagine someone whos never played KH being like, "Why tf are Donald, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse in this game?"
T_ Buddski
T_ Buddski - Giờ trước
What a great birthday present cant wait!!!
Dylan Pfannenstein
Dylan Pfannenstein - Giờ trước
It’s a neat song, but still doesn’t hit like simple and clean.
Vivi’s little hobbies
Vivi’s little hobbies - Giờ trước
Still super excited !!!!!!!!!!
Obani - Giờ trước
gtfo skrillex
Jason Kirk
Jason Kirk - Giờ trước
The song doesn’t really mesh with the video
Jarred Monaco
Jarred Monaco - Giờ trước
mute this video
open this in second window
play new trailer to 0.2 seconds in
play Sanctuary on open window at 0.2 seconds
full screen
cry... cry a lot
Artpyro - Giờ trước
Its like a hero academia opening, you always prefer the last one till you listen to recent one over and over and actually start enjoying it until it eventually becomes the best :P
Isaiah Alexander
Isaiah Alexander - 57 phút trước
Artpyro 😂😂
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