Breaking Up

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Wut Am I Doing
Wut Am I Doing - 30 phút trước
If the other party doesn't give an explanation... Do I go ask for it? Or do I wait, and most likely never know the answer ._.
Angela Cobos
Angela Cobos - 31 phút trước
Tafmannn Music
Tafmannn Music - 31 phút trước

Thank me later!!!!!
Triggered Nate YT
Triggered Nate YT - 32 phút trước
ben berra
ben berra - 33 phút trước
*my roblox girlfriend*♛
Alex __01866
Alex __01866 - 35 phút trước
Bro wtf
I came home after a fucking breaking up and fuck. This video came on
Anzius1 - 35 phút trước
One of my exes broke up with me abruptly in the past. I was really down, until one of my friends told me that she had seen her cheating on me at a party while we were still dating... I hugged my friend and I actually felt happy. I got the sort of closure I needed. She cheated on me and then left me... It sounds weird, but it was better to know.
Momo3zo - 35 phút trước
Gay men
The Lazy Cubers
The Lazy Cubers - 36 phút trước
Just put this video on the tv
Wes Chery
Wes Chery - 36 phút trước
Congrats on getting #1 on trending
UniqueAce - 37 phút trước
Thinking about how someone today broke up with their partner and are now watching this 🤔
The Lazy Cubers
The Lazy Cubers - 38 phút trước
Just leave the house with the speaker blaring thank u, next. They’ll get it!
HungGal - 38 phút trước
Dating should be something to be considered as a hangout. Think of it as meeting a new friend. Cuz dating is there to "know each other better", it's supposed to be friendly and less pressure so if the date was good then you guys can hangout again or if not then it's fine. Plus it gives you a chance for a better relationship in the future.
angel cabrera
angel cabrera - 38 phút trước
Am I the only one who doesn’t not claim there ex’s 😂😂 I’m either with you or idk you 🤷‍♂️😂
696969 Subscribers No videos
696969 Subscribers No videos - 40 phút trước
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Khaos Wolff
Khaos Wolff - 41 phút trước
I wish I could get some good solid closure.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 43 phút trước
Can’t break up if she’s devoted to god, me and the holy spirit
*laughs like satan*
GreenDoesStuff! - 43 phút trước
Woah Dom, it says you are #1 on trending for me! Congrats! (?)
When my math class is finding the equation for the chemical reaction of human emotions but my homework is finding the sum of 2+2
Cheyenne tv
Cheyenne tv - 46 phút trước
Congrats on trending!!
Cardio Bay
Cardio Bay - 47 phút trước
for some reason,
it’s cheating season

(lol that rhymed)
Asad Fizz
Asad Fizz - 47 phút trước
0:14 WTF?! 😆
Reagan McGehee
Reagan McGehee - 47 phút trước
#3 on trending in Canada 🇨🇦❤️
cecilZUAL X
cecilZUAL X - 48 phút trước
i dumped a guy before the english presentation. he ended up messing up his speech. 😂😂 i’m joking, i don’t even think it fits in the category of “dump” when the relationship never felt real.
Isaac Adelson
Isaac Adelson - 48 phút trước
What the heck? 0:49 May 16 is my Birthday
Uroš Đošic
Uroš Đošic - 49 phút trước
3:02 thank me later :)
Future Gamer Life
Future Gamer Life - 50 phút trước
go watch my videos (: if you dont mind
Anonymous - 51 phút trước
Only girl I've had is *BEST GIRL/WAIFU*
M A T E O •
M A T E O • - 53 phút trước
#1 on trends
PAAN paan
PAAN paan - 53 phút trước
Everyday is a breakup day
Scarred Violet
Scarred Violet - 53 phút trước
Congrats on trending!
Mía MakezStuff
Mía MakezStuff - 53 phút trước
Good job on trending
Yara Flores
Yara Flores - 54 phút trước
Good job for #1 trending everyone enjoy it while it lasts
Diego Miguel
Diego Miguel - 54 phút trước
Wow It Reached To #1 Trending Congrats Mann
Allie Jensen
Allie Jensen - 54 phút trước
I have been thinking of dumping my boyfriend for the last year. But he keeps saying “we can work through this”
Tim Tim
Tim Tim - 56 phút trước
3.40 Hygiene
Revive - Minecraft
Revive - Minecraft - 56 phút trước
Congrats on #1 on Trending!!!!!!!
Hudson Loper
Hudson Loper - 58 phút trước
Thanks for the vid, it really helped me out w the problems me and my girl have been having.
Akbar gg
Akbar gg - 59 phút trước
Trending on 1
Cat Person
Cat Person - Giờ trước
Congrats on #1 On Trending !
イムラン - Giờ trước
Oh I get it if you're going through a breakdown then Nordvpn has my back, cuz it will help me browse safely and watch those goodies hahaha ;)

*Psss* I don't watch that stuff, I already have cruslationship something ;)
Kat Shvets
Kat Shvets - Giờ trước
#1 trending
Average k1d
Average k1d - Giờ trước
Jeez dude. 1 on trending.
Nathan - Giờ trước
Watched this with my fiancée and she didn’t break up with me, few 😅
Baine Anima
Baine Anima - Giờ trước
*Domics gets NordVPN as a sponsor*
*advert banner advertises ExpressVPN*
P1ckle - Giờ trước
*break ups*
lololweew - Giờ trước
This is a lesson
resto resto
resto resto - Giờ trước
YaBoi Bryan
YaBoi Bryan - Giờ trước
Bring back geomon!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - Giờ trước
Press the blue button ok 15:00
Мэри Джейн
Мэри Джейн - Giờ trước
Wow #1
no name
no name - Giờ trước
my girlfriend asked me if i would buy her a versace dress this month or we would break up?
Sweet Lemon
Sweet Lemon - Giờ trước
Bet 70% Are in a relationship
cyber galaxy ninja
cyber galaxy ninja - Giờ trước
🎉😊Congrats domics you're top 1 trending!!!😊🎉
Sammy Is back
Sammy Is back - Giờ trước
Amee Pamee
Amee Pamee - Giờ trước
When ur single your whole life like litteraly havent got a boyfriend in kindergarden but still watches how to break up.😂
Yeah i really never had a boyfriend😕
(Likes own comment so wouldnt feel lonely)
TMW Productions
TMW Productions - Giờ trước
When he said her fathers racist that hurt
Agha Noor Vlogs
Agha Noor Vlogs - Giờ trước
Diary of a Wimpy kid: i won't team up with a partner who doesn't draw noses!
Domics: hold my beer..
WyoTom - Giờ trước
I swear to god i will like this comment

U swore 🤷
Aero - Giờ trước
Stop begging for likes you obnoxious piece of shit
Mik-Mik 2
Mik-Mik 2 - Giờ trước
#1 on trending!
Farid Multimedia
Farid Multimedia - Giờ trước
Break up?
jeej2012 - Giờ trước
Congrats on trending
Toon Link
Toon Link - Giờ trước
The Narwhal Mage
The Narwhal Mage - Giờ trước
I cannot tell you how happy I am that content with effort and soul is now #1 on trending instead of vlog the movie
Lets hit 5000 suscriber without video
Before million views just read my name and do it😜😜
FakeAce 1804
FakeAce 1804 - Giờ trước
I thought it was an old video because of the break up title until I went on trending and found it no.1 there 😂😂😂
Anya - Giờ trước
True love and soul mates are a social construct that are finite. Most relationships and marriages end. I truly believe that humans aren't creatures to 'mate for life' or like be together forever because those 2 souls are so perfect for one another.
GoodGameGod - Giờ trước
[Insert comical self-deprecating comment about having never been in a relationship]
Joe Fadous
Joe Fadous - Giờ trước
Good job #1 on trending
Samuel Christopher
Samuel Christopher - Giờ trước
I need a girlfriend guys?!
Robux Plays
Robux Plays - Giờ trước
Finally Im back watching Domics
Conner Williams
Conner Williams - Giờ trước
I drowned my fish
SquawkImABird - Giờ trước
#1 on trending
Swaggy Duck
Swaggy Duck - Giờ trước
Eighthan Osia
Eighthan Osia - Giờ trước
hey domics how did you feel when you were in the yr 2018 also i think you are good at singing kiki do you love me
XxChadalienxX YT
XxChadalienxX YT - Giờ trước
#1 on sg
Cathair _The_Nerd
Cathair _The_Nerd - Giờ trước
I need to break up with my datefriend. I recently VERY SUDDENLY moved across the country and can't tell anyone back home (safety reasons). I had no chance to talk to them- or any of my friends- in person to even say a quick "hey I won't be around for a while" and I really a) don't like having serious talks online with people that I mostly interact with (or used to) in person (even though I also hate interacting with peoplein person because I have very severe social anxiety) and b) am REALLY bad at holding a conversation with someone online/ through texts. So yeah. Plus, breaking up with someone through text is just a really d*ck move. I don't wanna be that person. But also, disappearing for a year+ (I have no clue how long I'm gonna be here for) with no explanation and just abandoning the relationship is probably an even more d*ck move. So yeah... S o m e o n e h e l p m e! idk what to do!!! I really don't wanna hurt them! I've already been gone for several weeks. I can't bring myself to reply to any of their messages (my datefriend's or my friends') and end up sort of just breaking down because I MISS THEM!! I'm really bad with even a little change, and with anything sudden or unplanned, so sponiously moving across the country AND not being allowed to tell anyone about it has been REALLY BAD for my (already awful) mental state and tbh I'm not in the right state of mind to do anything big (like a breakup) but also it's not fair on them for me to keep ignoring them. Especially since our 1 year anniversary is THE DAY AFTER BOXING DAY. Yup, not only did I just disappear right around Xmas and need to break up with them, it's also almost pur anniversary. So yeah... pls help... omg I'm an a**hole.
FootInYourFaceMovies - Giờ trước
Good job on being in youtubes most disliked video
Frosty Tee
Frosty Tee - Giờ trước
Domics your good
Akash shrestha
Akash shrestha - Giờ trước
#1 trending 😍
Imelda Chong
Imelda Chong - Giờ trước
Love the topics you bring up 🤓
stacknick 23
stacknick 23 - Giờ trước
If u subscribe then i will subscribe back
Kay Linan
Kay Linan - Giờ trước
Is it possible to be sooo annoyed at you because you are so good at drawimg🙄💖
Batata Mama
Batata Mama - Giờ trước
Thanks Domics ! i’m taking notes for when I actually get into a relationship haha... who knows when that’ll be ha ha......
Tsetsi - Giờ trước
Going through a breakup is like going through a divorce
meredith Gery
meredith Gery - Giờ trước
if u are single, the video would be only five seconds with one line, i am single, i don't have shit problem, like break up
A-LEX M94 - Giờ trước
Domics the youtube rewind sucks so bad the only part I like was you.
Kamilla Rasmussen
Kamilla Rasmussen - Giờ trước
I think it's also important to talk about that a lot of people today break up without trying to solve the problems that are in the relationship. I'm not an expert or anything, but i just see a lot of my friends breaking up with their partner without trying to solve the problems. I think we should all just remember to talk to our partner before we break up. I'm not saying you should stay in a toxic relationship, but if you are tired of your partner never doing their laundry try to talk to them about it before you break up with them...
*Breaking up is so hard to do. Just don"t be an asshole when you do it*
Haffnium 24601
Haffnium 24601 - 2 giờ trước
Guess who bought £200 of presents for someone who dumped me last month!
😅 I can't return them please halp
Van Courtesy
Van Courtesy - 2 giờ trước
Wait... people have relationships?
Haffnium 24601
Haffnium 24601 - 2 giờ trước
But hey, Nord VPN has your back! Hide your IP! Disguise what you're doing! Stalk your ex from the next room and 1000 miles away simultaneously!
Amentit M
Amentit M - 2 giờ trước
7:15 why did I find this so funny!
0000_ 4211
0000_ 4211 - 2 giờ trước
#1 Trending 👌
Van Courtesy
Van Courtesy - 2 giờ trước
I would just leave.
The Boxing Potato
The Boxing Potato - 2 giờ trước
#1 on trenfing
Alicia films
Alicia films - 2 giờ trước
ioana ilea
ioana ilea - 2 giờ trước
omg, again?
Icecream Chan
Icecream Chan - 2 giờ trước
#1 on trending!!
WAKANDA JR - 2 giờ trước
Tiếp theo