Breaking Up

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Elvin Ho
Elvin Ho - Giờ trước
Congrats on tending! Dom, Ima call u Dommie >::)
Shivansh Dengla
Shivansh Dengla - Giờ trước
hey #1 on trending. Congrats
_Astro_ - Giờ trước
I had the same break up you had
This Channel Has No Name
This Channel Has No Name - Giờ trước
Congrats on tending 🎉
chipmonk434 - Giờ trước
Sorry but,
Leaving an empty milk container in the fridge is *NOT A LITTLE THING.* How *dare* you.
ante - Giờ trước
Number 1 on trending dang
Geranian Mapping
Geranian Mapping - Giờ trước
2:05 Is Domics French?
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson - Giờ trước
ZFT// Z-Factor-Thresh
ZFT// Z-Factor-Thresh - Giờ trước
Daniel Sloss explains it better in "Jigsaw"
Leeah baby
Leeah baby - Giờ trước
Where are my single ppl at! ;v;
Wei Ah
Wei Ah - Giờ trước
I came as fast as my fingers punch
JGames Geno
JGames Geno - Giờ trước
Wow, #1 Trending in North America
Carter Mosely
Carter Mosely - Giờ trước
1 on trending BOI
Seitz - Giờ trước
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen - Giờ trước
Attack On Titan for Life!!!!
Anoushka A.
Anoushka A. - Giờ trước
Dom's your online therapist
Sarosh Khan
Sarosh Khan - Giờ trước
Good job on trending
Cross - Giờ trước
This is too serious...tell us funny stories like ur late night pho run
XxTHATGUYxX122 - Giờ trước
#1 trending in 7 hours
Riya Kumari
Riya Kumari - Giờ trước
Mariell Einarsson
Mariell Einarsson - Giờ trước
I read somewhere a few years ago "You're either going to break up or get married" and that scares me so much. Just the thought of my boyfriend breaking up makes me so sad. It's the longest one I've had and I'm so happy in it.
Angel Angulo
Angel Angulo - Giờ trước
#1 trending!
that guy
that guy - Giờ trước
I stay inside LOL
Ned Nug
Ned Nug - Giờ trước
Wow #1 trending
Nick The Artist
Nick The Artist - Giờ trước
Contact me
How much for an animation music video 📹???
lupvirga - Giờ trước
wow, Relationship advice, and on the day before my birthday too. Thanks Dom :3
Esther Yan
Esther Yan - Giờ trước
lolololol ive never had a boyfriend and i'll never have one
Nugget Jimenez
Nugget Jimenez - Giờ trước
Yay ur on rewind
Vivian Garcia
Vivian Garcia - Giờ trước
haha i broke up with my boyfriend today that’s really funny😂
Sea Mee
Sea Mee - Giờ trước
All is good in the end.... happy for the both of them. Congratulations on your relationship with your dream girl.👍
CuttleFerret - Giờ trước
You cant experience a break up if not even a singlr girl has ever liked/loved you in your entire existence in this planet.
JKPrice623 - Giờ trước
1:47 hey that me tho
Darren - Giờ trước
What was the explaination,DOM?!?!??!..,
shuja Shaik
shuja Shaik - Giờ trước
When r u getting married...Domi.
Day Nite
Day Nite - Giờ trước
Excuse me? 0:15
childishjordan23 fortnite
childishjordan23 fortnite - Giờ trước
Subscribe too my channel
Fresh Ice Piano Covers
Fresh Ice Piano Covers - Giờ trước
#1 on Trending. Damn Domic
Weasle 65
Weasle 65 - Giờ trước
#1 trending
ImThatAlexander - Giờ trước
This is such a coincidence... I Just Broke Up With My BF 😂😂😂
Tea - Giờ trước
How you do it is....
Literally forget they existed *thank you for coming to my Ted Talk*
Croissant Cowhale of Art
Croissant Cowhale of Art - Giờ trước
Yo 1# on trending—
matthew situ
matthew situ - Giờ trước
You can’t break up with someone if you’ve never been with someone HA CHEATED THE SYSTEM HA ha... ha...
wew wewew
wew wewew - Giờ trước
Its #1 trending hereeee
Cato - Giờ trước
This video is gonna end so many relationships.
Jeydon - Giờ trước
I got broken up with 3 weeks ago haha
Flipside Stunts
Flipside Stunts - Giờ trước
Who here has been Friend
Sea Mee
Sea Mee - Giờ trước
I fell I love with a guy who didn’t like me but would allow his girl and her friends say pretty much how he felt...IM NOT MAD AT YOU!
Hackcheater1 - Giờ trước
How many break up videos have you done??
Fox Toxic
Fox Toxic - Giờ trước
#1 on trending guud job
Adrianna - Giờ trước
where was this video a month ago
Grayson Is A Bean
Grayson Is A Bean - Giờ trước
Can't break up if I'm not in a relationship. **That one meme where the guy's doing the thing**
Edit: T h e T h i n g
sophia - Giờ trước
or i’m just watching this to support you
It’s Yo Boi Brochacho
It’s Yo Boi Brochacho - Giờ trước
I was at a girls house today that I would date if I was desperate but I didn’t have a crush on her and we were playing truth or dare and I asked her who she liked she said nobody
Edwin Gibrant Diaz
Edwin Gibrant Diaz - Giờ trước
The timing of this video is impecable...
Sena 4k4
Sena 4k4 - Giờ trước
I actually didn't think about how people date to test the waters of how a relationship between the two partners works and feels. I guess I just always thought people dated because they got to know and liked someone. >>;;
But i guess it would make sense for people who were looking for a relationship to try testing waters, I was never someone looking so it never occurred to me.
Thanks for the info on how normal people work, Dom, I'm usually clueless.
Alejandro Roche
Alejandro Roche - Giờ trước
Aye Domics #1 on trending!
TooSexyForMy Shirt
TooSexyForMy Shirt - Giờ trước
Why did I just get the notification? —.—
Juniperus Pang
Juniperus Pang - Giờ trước
I was walking though the hallways in my school and i see a couple kissing. haha. my eyes?!
send help-
Juniperus Pang
Juniperus Pang - Giờ trước
full on makeout session..
Not Available
Not Available - Giờ trước
Caroline Padden
Caroline Padden - Giờ trước
#1 on trending! 🎉
_Kon - Giờ trước
Damn Dom every time you upload very sub you got comes and gets you a trending 😆
Madgee - Giờ trước
#1 Trending!
ban this guy
ban this guy - Giờ trước
It just happens
TechPion - Giờ trước
I always love your video.. Easy to understand.
puga chan
puga chan - Giờ trước
why does it bother me that he spelled hygiene as hygene, cuz i have no life. yay.
Bamaneck Jr
Bamaneck Jr - Giờ trước
number 1 on trending
Johnny Dinh
Johnny Dinh - Giờ trước
If your sad from breaking up you should watch a vid I uploaded and you can learn marching cus I have no friends;-;
Carl Fredrickson
Carl Fredrickson - Giờ trước
2:57 that switch better be okay or imma have to drop a dislike 😪😤
P&P Productions - Gacha
P&P Productions - Gacha - Giờ trước
Number #1 On Trending in the Philippines
vanessa ferreira
vanessa ferreira - Giờ trước
Never dated. I hope my future self is alright 🤔
ッPelinti - Giờ trước
dom: breakups can mess you up
*my single ass*: haha wow
Sammie Krueger
Sammie Krueger - Giờ trước
Wow good job on #1 in trending!!
septimas71 - Giờ trước
Wondering if this is Domics' subtle way of bringing up the conversation with his girlfriend... O.o
Jarod Brenneman
Jarod Brenneman - Giờ trước
"Original" comments:
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Gnav Angel
Gnav Angel - Giờ trước
1:28 the girl in the corner is me when I wake up in the morning..😂
Lo Joel
Lo Joel - Giờ trước
to be honest idek why break ups exist, like if you love someone then best be u love him or her the rest of your life, if u want to just hav temperory love just go to a strip club
Gerald Hopps
Gerald Hopps - Giờ trước
Talk about good advice
•Zofia Arts•
•Zofia Arts• - Giờ trước
Wow u add ears on OTHER people
̷ ̴ ̸ɢ̸ʟ̶ɪ̸ᴛ̶ᴄ̶ʜ̷ ̶ ̶
This is number one on trending and I am subscribed - yet, this doesn't show up in my subscription feed. FUCK YOU YOUTUBE
Khoi Nguyen Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen Nguyen - Giờ trước
HeR dAd Is RaCiSt
Kat - Giờ trước
Dated someone for two year and was head over heels for him. He told me he was going to join the military maybe a year into when we were dating. It was a little hard to hear but he needed some direction in his life, so I was supportive as possibly could be. We were to young to get married so that wasn’t really option, and he just kept assuring me everything worked out whenever I’d suggest maybe breaking up. So, that’s what we did. We dated for two years before he left and before he left he begged me to stay. I waited for eight weeks until he could speak to me again, I kept these letters in google documents that I tried to write in every single day that he could read when he got back his phone. When he got back his phone he didn’t message me at all, nothing at all. So out of curiosity I checked his story and he POSTED SOMETHING ON IT. So I messaged him while I was on my break at work if we were still together and he went “uhhhh idk” and then we had a vague conversation of what we were that he answered none of my questions. I tried calling him to understand what was going on and he lied to me about not being able to. He refused to talk to me so I told him I guess if you’re gonna ignore me and act like this I’m going to act like I’m no longer in relationship. He didn’t respond. He never messaged back, he’s gotten other people to ask for his stuff back. He ghosted me without telling me what I did wrong, and it was awful. I suppose it is what it is. Breaks do really suck lol
Wide Neck
Wide Neck - Giờ trước
Neck Gang
Its ok im confused too
Its ok im confused too - Giờ trước
You know when you see a "20 sentence article like comment" on YouTube about someones depressing story, and then you think "Aww"....

I've only realized that these people are sharing this on YouTube....

Do they have nowhere to express their depression?!
Wobbly Trash
Wobbly Trash - Giờ trước
SeaNz GamZ
SeaNz GamZ - Giờ trước
Oof 1 on trending
sup peoples
sup peoples - Giờ trước
Skrable - Giờ trước
I want a racist dad
Nightcore Universe
Nightcore Universe - Giờ trước
*#1 on trending* WOWWWW
Jimin Trasheu
Jimin Trasheu - Giờ trước
I saw this in my notification box and immediately started screaming
NutellaRowan - Giờ trước
Obadyah Benyisrael
Obadyah Benyisrael - Giờ trước
Yuri Bandolon
Yuri Bandolon - Giờ trước
"Ahaha good luck with that" That phrase and laugh though
Andy Forlorn
Andy Forlorn - Giờ trước
That makes two of us, and one of me.
DarkSpace - Giờ trước
Oh shit. So this is why my second dad is leaving us
Horus Hyperion
Horus Hyperion - Giờ trước
so what the girl reference to at 1:27
self titled
self titled - Giờ trước
I’ve been getting a lot (and might I add too much) attention lately at school and I’ve been having to break up with a lot of people and it’s hard. I don’t really think about my own feeling, but others feeling first. If someone asks me out I always say yes. I’ve been trying to just stay single but it’s still hard.
Nicholas Klos
Nicholas Klos - Giờ trước
Thank you for listening to my TED Talk
Janet Suruy
Janet Suruy - Giờ trước
#1 on trending at this hour omg 😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #Domics
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