Glass - Official Trailer [HD]

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Anxiety_Beast - 4 giờ trước
Swish Da God
Swish Da God - 5 giờ trước
Unbreakable split between glass🗣
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon - 10 giờ trước
Huh... Y'know, I thought Disney and Universal's first team up would be more family friendly than this...
asraf A
asraf A - 10 giờ trước
Yesterday only I watched spilt 😓now he is back ....I love that girl is back 💟
mohmad husen
mohmad husen - 10 giờ trước
Unbreakable and split and any other movie to connect this movie ?????

I want to watch in theater before watch this movie suggeste me if u know !!!?
Fandom TV
Fandom TV - 11 giờ trước
dark phantom
dark phantom - 12 giờ trước
When you realize M. Night planned this from Unbreakable to Split into Glass. 17 years to pull this And we never saw this coming!
Christabel W
Christabel W - 18 giờ trước
is 1:56 not the purest thing
Matias Orellano
Matias Orellano - 20 giờ trước
All those deaths...just to find you
Sandhya Sundaram
Sandhya Sundaram - 21 giờ trước
Is it just me or does the 1:22 personality remind you of Logan Paul
Jay Pee Lituañas
Jay Pee Lituañas - 22 giờ trước
Omg ive waited this for a long time😊
Constantino - 22 giờ trước
the anti-comicbook-movie, movie !!
Up yours Marvel !
gotum gangkak
gotum gangkak - Ngày trước
After rewatching Unbreakable I realised that the 1st comic Elijah recives from his mother has a cover of a Hero in green fighting a beast with the title "Battle with Jaguaro". A foreshadow maybe
Insomnisane - Ngày trước
This comment section is all over the place
Wool Sheep
Wool Sheep - Ngày trước
David Dunn "shaking hands" with Ellie Staple hmm... I wonder if he sees something.
Chelsea Canales
Chelsea Canales - Ngày trước
As much I love seeing Samuel play Nick Fury, and his collaboration with Tarantino, but I am excited to see him in Glass.
A Creaty
A Creaty - Ngày trước
Marvel left the chat
Furkan GÖĞÜŞ
Furkan GÖĞÜŞ - Ngày trước
Melania Espinoza Mendoza
Melania Espinoza Mendoza - Ngày trước
I love it. I am waiting for this movie... 😍😍😍
NerdsPlayGames - Ngày trước
I love that toothbrush part. It’s so......

matt lurten
matt lurten - Ngày trước
Is anyone else actually really hyped for this?
Pixieglum - 2 ngày trước
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Salah - 2 ngày trước
vladimir peric
vladimir peric - 2 ngày trước
This could easily be the biggest and the best superhero trilogy of all times. Also MNS was maybe purposely making some bad movies all these years while making this perfect universe in the background. Well done Sir
X Zephyrus
X Zephyrus - 2 ngày trước
James McAvoy is like Chester Bennington
Jean Wilconsin
Jean Wilconsin - 2 ngày trước
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler - 2 ngày trước
So David is actually bulletproof?
Triple 6ix
Triple 6ix - 3 ngày trước
Nick Fury and Charles Xavier
Ichigo Kurosaki 黒崎一護
Ichigo Kurosaki 黒崎一護 - 3 ngày trước
Best part 01:39
Aroused Toilet
Aroused Toilet - 3 ngày trước
1:29 does anyone know their names? Asking for a friend.
Scarlet O'Hara
Scarlet O'Hara - 3 ngày trước
This looks so good
Unknown Mask X
Unknown Mask X - 3 ngày trước
The movie trailer was great and interesting. Some people do have supernatural abilities to do exterinary stuff. For example: I'm able to go into a Berserk state (Its basically were you don't feel pain and all of you're strength,stamina and etc are boosted by 2). You may seem like it's crazy, but it's not. History says that the Norse people (Vikings) were able to achieve this by themselves or from a plant. I was able to achieve this by myself. No, plant or any kind to give me this ability. In the end though, it gets kind of difficult to control the numbing phase, because you won't have full control of you're own body. It's hard at first, but I'm able to control it and call it "Evolved Berserker". It's a more modified version of the old berserker. You could learn this to, but I'm warning you. It's not gonna be easy. This movie gave me an inspiration that, maybe someone out there is almost like me, a Eolved Berserker. Hope there are some berserkers out there on this planet. The Norse's power most be brought up again.
Jahnaa Hepburn
Jahnaa Hepburn - 3 ngày trước
ScCCRAaawaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww ..... thats my happy shout
Lady Dennis
Lady Dennis - 3 ngày trước
1:15 My name is Patricia
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove - 3 ngày trước
I was a crystal combusted and the ripple effect their making glass
CuFk TiSh SiPs
CuFk TiSh SiPs - 4 ngày trước
househansa - 4 ngày trước
Elijah Price: "Wait a minute. You mean to tell me I'm in this shit 'cause some white cop threw some white asshole's brother off a roof?"
RaeAnn Ames
RaeAnn Ames - 4 ngày trước
Split was freaking amazing!!!! I'm not too sure about this new movie
arif shourav
arif shourav - 4 ngày trước
OMG beyond my expectation. amazing
M Ax
M Ax - 4 ngày trước
Alex Biron
Alex Biron - 5 ngày trước
2:35 when bae tells you she's home alone
Eddie77 - 5 ngày trước
Professor Xavier takes on the Legendary John McClain🖒 Yippy Kai Yay Motherfucker
Untrepid One
Untrepid One - 5 ngày trước
I like that the director found a way to show real life strength, good and evil as it really is and happens.
real evil takes time to plan just as good does.there are details.
if you're going to throw a party you have to be sure the guests can make it.
Untrepid One
Untrepid One - 5 ngày trước
in real life the mentally ill do get away with murder.
I suspect somewhere inside their minds they are laughing and playing it cool while doctors and nurses ask THEM if they're OK.
Christof L
Christof L - 5 ngày trước
Can't wait!
snakeobias - 5 ngày trước
I forgot how goo unbreakable was until I watched Split. Say what you will about his other films, but those two were almost perfect. Glass looks sensational.
irishque ahmad
irishque ahmad - 5 ngày trước
cant wait to see this! all the best actors in this movie
Knox ProEra
Knox ProEra - 5 ngày trước
Beyond... Beyond.... Beyond fuckin hype period..
Cadillac Deville
Cadillac Deville - 5 ngày trước
I can't wait
Brilliant Albatross
Brilliant Albatross - 5 ngày trước
This is going to be lit mostly cause split is in here
Mary Dragonee
Mary Dragonee - 5 ngày trước
i am totally okay with the fact that James McAvoy was shirtless for 90% of his shots in this trailer
Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon - 5 ngày trước
Did M. Night really make a universe out of his movies? This is certainly not something I expected from him.
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear - 5 ngày trước
Will it be in PRIME
Procinogen - 5 ngày trước
Marvel: We have the most ambitious crossover in history
Sakurai: Hold my beer
Cartoon Network: No, hold **my** beer
Shyamalan: No, hold mine
Derek Leung
Derek Leung - 6 ngày trước
Hugo Stryhanyn
Hugo Stryhanyn - 6 ngày trước
You know what i love about this movie already? it finally has a good black main actor. Because a good movie has a cool superhero, a masterpiece has a great villain. because let's be honest, i hate when movies make role that was suppose to be a certain color another (looking at you Netflix, witcher).
d k
d k - 6 ngày trước
They call me Mr. Glass....
Mikael Simpson
Mikael Simpson - 6 ngày trước
well done,didn't even know they were linked .....
Karan George
Karan George - 6 ngày trước
Unbreakable, Split, Glass- You sure you wanna do this??😬
Me- I can do this all day😍
彡3hree - 6 ngày trước
''Does Samuel L Jackson watch anime?''

''Yes I do,hentai too HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA''
Betochavira32 Chavira
Betochavira32 Chavira - 6 ngày trước
unbreakable powers, mr glass. (unbreakable) multiple personality disorder that he can’t control, the girl can control him cause she knows his real name and personalities. (split) so for the people saying it’s just a “film” it actually makes sense
Leonard Substantia
Leonard Substantia - 6 ngày trước
Shyamalan creates better crossover than D.C or Marvel himself.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 6 ngày trước
let's just hope he doesn't drag the last air bender into this
P A T T R Y C K - 6 ngày trước
Americam Horror Story: Glass
Jacob Ingle
Jacob Ingle - 6 ngày trước
I mean come on, this looks awesome. And tbh, Ive seen unbreakable but not split. Gotta catch up
The fuck are still doing
Yvonne Wilson
Yvonne Wilson - 6 ngày trước
PLOT TWIST: The aliens from Signs returns.....
MIGHTparanormal - 6 ngày trước
The ending...oh how will this shit end. Cant wait.
JSI Crew
JSI Crew - 6 ngày trước
I’m so fucking glad this shit is happening, unbreakable and split and now glass????? This is gonna be fucking great
Trevor Bulzing
Trevor Bulzing - 6 ngày trước
4 Good movies out of 100 doesn't make Marvel great guys. You're all high
Trevor Bulzing
Trevor Bulzing - 6 ngày trước
X-MEN!!!! Yes!!! I've waited my whole life for an X-MEN movie
Dorales Burns
Dorales Burns - 6 ngày trước
when she grabs davids hand out of the water what will he see
amartsa - 7 ngày trước
Sunk cost fallacy. The only reason I watch movies from this folk nowadays
YouWantACookie ?
YouWantACookie ? - 7 ngày trước
Im so proud of Sarah Paulson to be in it.
You go Queen.
Osama T
Osama T - 7 ngày trước
1:22 Logan Paul
Mike Iervolino
Mike Iervolino - 7 ngày trước
This is worlds colliding, I was hoping this would happen after the Split ending. Welcome to an entirely new universe!
Janet McGinn
Janet McGinn - 7 ngày trước
The Dream catcher
The Dream catcher - 7 ngày trước
The guys from split are epic, especially Patricia
The Dream catcher
The Dream catcher - 7 ngày trước
*and yet, I t I s t r u e*
Arush Mittal
Arush Mittal - 7 ngày trước
The unbreakable glass is split
Jessica Delgado
Jessica Delgado - 7 ngày trước
Mr. N. Shyamalan I don't know if you read these but I have always loved your films and have defended them vociferously against critics. I love the atmosphere, the use of color and the enigma that you create not only with the characters, but the setting. I love that not everything is explained in black and white. Do not ever stop making films like these!
mjahretn2 - 7 ngày trước
Can't wait..
rosalyn mcgee
rosalyn mcgee - 7 ngày trước
Imagin if this dude sold "Crystal Meth"!! 😁
rosalyn mcgee
rosalyn mcgee - 7 ngày trước
This is the sequel to Unbreakable.
THE ASTRONAUT - 7 ngày trước
I tell ya, Samuel Jackson is an ageless actor. Now playing a crippled genius. Lol
MemeRuns TV
MemeRuns TV - 7 ngày trước
so shity
Titan Online
Titan Online - 7 ngày trước
When he said Mr. I thought he was going to say T.
Monkey Majic
Monkey Majic - 7 ngày trước
I have said this before and regretted it but I will say it again. M. Night Shylaman will come back!
Ian Forrester
Ian Forrester - 8 ngày trước
oh damn...that's gonna be good.
talin nalo
talin nalo - 8 ngày trước
q cores
q cores - 8 ngày trước
question to those very familiar to the two previous movies in context:
was there ever any actual evidence either have superhuman powers ?
as far as i remember these movies subtly keep this in the dark, never show anything explicitly which is what makes these movies ...
stitcha123 - 8 ngày trước
Why do I get the feeling this will be shit
zander tainer
zander tainer - 8 ngày trước
Pause at 1:10 ,that’s James macavoy
Chale Xen
Chale Xen - 8 ngày trước
Would've been insane if they add that blind veteran, from Don't Breathe, into the film. He would be like a evil Dare Devil.
The Shon 8
The Shon 8 - 8 ngày trước
simply amazing cant WAIT!!!!!
A star is born
A star is born - 8 ngày trước
I literally came to watch the trailer because I heard sarah paulson stars in the movie so I wanted to see her and OMG she appeared in the very first second of the trailer
Mills J
Mills J - 8 ngày trước
I swear Samuel L. Jackson are everywhere.
beep beep
beep beep - 8 ngày trước
damn sarah paulson lookin like a wifee 😩😍
Steve Stroker
Steve Stroker - 8 ngày trước
tpaladin - 8 ngày trước
I never though i would see something after Unbreakable after all these years . Split did NOT disappoint and i loved it and this looks great.
Ferdiansyah Alfri
Ferdiansyah Alfri - 8 ngày trước
Lunatic assemble wkwk
Siang C
Siang C - 8 ngày trước
Professor X origin story
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