Glass - Official Trailer [HD]

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Irma Maulida
Irma Maulida - 10 phút trước
OMG 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
em ell
em ell - 31 phút trước
Anyone else just stoked to see that girl's boobs bouncing in a crop-top again?
Arlene Esperanza Antonelli Owens
Arlene Esperanza Antonelli Owens - 45 phút trước
This is going to be epic. Pure genius!
LaDolcevita - 2 giờ trước
Omg! Comes out on my birthday! I cannot wait to see this! Yesssss!!!!
Cali2FRESH - 5 giờ trước
Finally!!! Amazing cast. gonna enjoy every minute of this movie!
Phúc Khánh Nguyễn Phạm
Phúc Khánh Nguyễn Phạm - 6 giờ trước
Top 10 Anime Crossover
Steller Star Studios
Steller Star Studios - 7 giờ trước
YES, I'm so freaking excited! James McAvoy's performance in Split was jaw-droppingly AMAZING, I am extremely looking forward to seeing him continue the story. And now I have to watch Unbreakable, too -- to prepare, haha.
KAIDO el de las pinches bestias
KAIDO el de las pinches bestias - 7 giờ trước
*90-2000's kids watch UNBREAKABLE and find SPLIT.*
*2000-10's kids watch SPLIT and find UNBREAKABLE.*
*TODAY all of us wait for GLASS*
mechasentai - 9 giờ trước
Anyone notice Shamalan isn't mentioned much?
Shin po's Only
Shin po's Only - 12 giờ trước
Tania O
Tania O - 15 giờ trước
First name: Mr.
Last name: Glass.
Habs - 17 giờ trước
Opened, Closed, Opened, Closed
Frikin Records
Frikin Records - 17 giờ trước
Imagine the twist ending being Cole from the sixth sense talking to someone obscure. And the camera panning to show.......dun dun dun.
Apple Thug
Apple Thug - 18 giờ trước
2019???? Are you crazy, that’s like 291828919181 years from now, i wanna watch it NOW
Sue Valerie Pham
Sue Valerie Pham - 18 giờ trước
"Good for you" this movie is going to be so damn real!😂
Janet Cortorreal
Janet Cortorreal - 19 giờ trước
Hope it's good
Lukáš Medvecký
Lukáš Medvecký - 20 giờ trước
I knew it was gonna happen.
Annemarie Staudenmann
Annemarie Staudenmann - 20 giờ trước
Can't wait to see this!
Zulhilmi ilmamahmadi
Zulhilmi ilmamahmadi - Ngày trước
does this movie have the same universe with split?
Elvira Ramos
Elvira Ramos - Ngày trước
Sarah one of my favorites!!
yonda aditia
yonda aditia - Ngày trước
Pulp Fiction + Sixth Sense + Wanted.
Woah this is epic
Nanda Pratama
Nanda Pratama - Ngày trước
It's about time we talk about Shyamalan universe rather stuck on marvel or dc universe
Benjamin Welton
Benjamin Welton - Ngày trước
Split guy, sixth sense guy
The Lewinator
The Lewinator - Ngày trước
Wonder if Castle of Glass by Linkin Park will play
tommy cane115
tommy cane115 - Ngày trước
mcavoy's going to carry this movie on his back but i'm alittle dissappointed with this world of only 3 powered people all inside of a brightly lit room, in hospital clothes. its like eh... "i'm smart motha fuckah!"
Joey Clemenza
Joey Clemenza - Ngày trước
....because everything has to be an expanded fuckin universe. couldn't Split have just ended without the Unbreakable reference? it was a good movie.... what now? i suppose haley joel osmond will be seeing dead people again in this world?
Devansh Bole
Devansh Bole - Ngày trước
Joey Clemenza this was something that he's wanted to do for years.. he just didn't make a big deal about it.. that's unlike every other universe.. no one was expecting this.. you do one origin story.. then walk back to it with another origin story that no one expecting and then you obviously have something of a small universe..
Anime 12356
Anime 12356 - Ngày trước
Gabriela Rocha
Gabriela Rocha - Ngày trước
shits about to hit the fan
Giovonni GFR
Giovonni GFR - Ngày trước
Unbreakable glass that spilts
Glass splits but unbreakable
Spilt breaks unbreakable glass
Norma Linda Ramon
Norma Linda Ramon - Ngày trước
eddy soto
eddy soto - Ngày trước
Watching this trailer with my phone screen cracked adds a cool effect !!
eddy soto
eddy soto - Ngày trước
Watching this trailer with my phone screen cracked adds a cool effect !!
又Perfira - Ngày trước
I'm super excited!
mike coleman
mike coleman - Ngày trước
He did it he finally did it! My wife, me , my brother, my best friend are all huge fans of this movie series. It’s the only thing we agree on. No doubt Shyamalan will do a good job, at least ok 👌
Petit panier d'osier
Petit panier d'osier - Ngày trước
Still got to wait :(
Kars hannTM
Kars hannTM - Ngày trước
is this Nick fury's origin movie?? 🤔
Jonezx2020 - Ngày trước
I tried watching unbreakable and it was boring. I’m only going to see this movie because of the split character
Shannon Rachel Rafuse
Shannon Rachel Rafuse - Ngày trước
Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah!!!!!
Fernando Ochoa Recinos
Fernando Ochoa Recinos - 2 ngày trước
It's amazing movie, I never Spect this movie will be created, but it's a great idea
Dilcia Coffie
Dilcia Coffie - 2 ngày trước
Yes Thank you Thank you.
dear diary,
dear diary, - 2 ngày trước
that cast.. I'm so excited
Thomas God follower
Thomas God follower - 2 ngày trước
Its Because of kids!
They called me MR GLASS
Brandon Leiner
Brandon Leiner - 2 ngày trước
ten bucks m night will appear as the janitor
Mellow Ed
Mellow Ed - 2 ngày trước
The first ‘super hero’ *wink* movie I’m actually so stoked to see in a longggg time
Parish Jackson
Parish Jackson - 2 ngày trước
This movie about to be flame
Lukas Münzenmayer
Lukas Münzenmayer - 2 ngày trước
so who els know that Glass is a Co-production between Universal and Disney.
Isabelo Baquero
Isabelo Baquero - 2 ngày trước
Alejandro Cruz Parra
Alejandro Cruz Parra - 2 ngày trước
Just learned about this amazing story arc after watching unbreakable. One of the most amazing movie projects of all time.
Emancipated Host
Emancipated Host - 2 ngày trước
Don't say I didn't warn you: shymalan is so fucking desperate to be a master of twists that he is now utterly predictable. He wants to show here that superheroes actually exist but AT THE END: They're going to actually be delusional, just ordinary people. REMEMBER this comment lol
Nizaris1 - Ngày trước
maybe the twist is, they are exist and the ones who is delusional is the world who think we're all ordinary people
Devansh Bole
Devansh Bole - Ngày trước
Emancipated Host imma remember this and will get back to you once it's done.. I have a different idea though.
R Pink
R Pink - 2 ngày trước
I don't usually go to theaters to see movies. But this one I will definitely get out of my comfort zone and head to the theater.
Lord Cam
Lord Cam - 2 ngày trước
Savage Supernova
Savage Supernova - 2 ngày trước
So that's it, huh? We some kinda Shyamalan Squad?
Jacob Day
Jacob Day - 2 ngày trước
lol oh my god
Sensei Aishitemasu
Sensei Aishitemasu - 2 ngày trước
I'm so hype
Franco Corradi
Franco Corradi - 2 ngày trước
Three characters of three title movies:
Unbreakable: David Dunn.
Split: Kevin Wendell Crumb.
Glass: Elijah Price.
iKEVIN* *FEIGE P.G.A. * - 2 ngày trước
I'll only pick up that bread *Crumb* for the *Price* of $10, Mr *Dunn*
THE Joker
THE Joker - 2 ngày trước
This is the only movie coming out that I'm excited for. Even at this films potential worst, will still be better than everything else I've boycotted the past 3 years. Looking at you Disney/Marvel/DC.
iKEVIN* *FEIGE P.G.A. * - 2 ngày trước
And here we go
László Zombori
László Zombori - 2 ngày trước
The Commenter
The Commenter - 2 ngày trước
"We almost got you bro!"
Rage Incarnate
Rage Incarnate - 2 ngày trước
Never In my Life have I needed something so much, and never known until I recieved it.
INTERPRETATION - 2 ngày trước
James McAvoy is unbelievable. HE IS THE BEST ACTOR!
Messi The cat
Messi The cat - 3 ngày trước
I need a psychological thriller movie with Leonardo dicaprio and m night shyamalan
Shiva T Santosh
Shiva T Santosh - 3 ngày trước
DC n Marvel should grab some popcorn and come join us for the premier show 🥛
Cal V Thomas
Cal V Thomas - 3 ngày trước
Aren’t they characters from m k. shymalan’s other movies? Can’t say I understood the plot from watching this trailer, but it does look interesting.
Pepe Lantern
Pepe Lantern - 3 ngày trước
Ending of split is better than any post credit scene in superhero movies.
Elisa Welch
Elisa Welch - 3 ngày trước
So in love with this
Jeremiah Turner
Jeremiah Turner - 3 ngày trước
Agent Other
Agent Other - 3 ngày trước
They're Eccentrical Humans
Erina Rose
Erina Rose - 3 ngày trước
Well i'll be damned
Christian Hollister
Christian Hollister - 3 ngày trước
Raph drapeau-dion
Raph drapeau-dion - 3 ngày trước
Amazing trailer
TIGANNIE - 3 ngày trước
who is that guy at 1:04 ??
crazieeez - 3 ngày trước
Looks like a dumb movie.
SamValiant - 3 ngày trước
First time in a while I’ve been excited for a Shyamalan film. Can’t wait~
Hispanico //90
Hispanico //90 - 3 ngày trước
What are Charles Xavier, John McLane and Nick Fury doing in a madhouse??
Dull Fiction
Dull Fiction - 3 ngày trước
Shyamalan cinematic universe
Vergilii - 3 ngày trước
The third character which plays bruce willis doesnt exists
Bobby lachance jr
Bobby lachance jr - 3 ngày trước
This looks dumb, boring and horrible. Then again M.Night Shamalyn is the director so why am I not surprised.
Maurisio Delgado_art
Maurisio Delgado_art - 3 ngày trước
Perfect actors
Terry S.
Terry S. - 3 ngày trước
I cannot wait for this. Just...I cannot.
Sire Xon
Sire Xon - 3 ngày trước
Jazmin Barratt
Jazmin Barratt - 4 ngày trước
I want to know which one of the identities is spanish
I'm not AbortionFag. I'm TheNabOwnzz part II
*THE TWIST* David is actually Dr. Malcolm Crowe and Elijah is actually an undercover motherfucking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury (that hair is a wig)
Louis Hernandez
Louis Hernandez - 4 ngày trước
Man I can't wait...
KEN J. - 4 ngày trước
Lol shit gonna be wack
Zz Hetty zZ
Zz Hetty zZ - 4 ngày trước
I can't wait to see this!!!! I am so excited!!! 😄🖒
Hiten Chauhan
Hiten Chauhan - 4 ngày trước
U know the amazing part is that the characters are drawn so deep..We have soft corners for all three of em..It's just so emotional to watch these characters come together this way..It's scary wat will happen to any of them...It's an amazing achievement this universe created by Night..When was the last time we were this exited for a movie..I know when..When signs came out..
yoonmin child
yoonmin child - 4 ngày trước
can't wait!
M. Cobretti
M. Cobretti - 4 ngày trước
Did you guys see it? 2:33. It looks like a reflection of the Active Comic 'Battle with Jaguaro' page.
And 2:07 that's Casey with Joseph and Elijah's mom. I wonder where Audery is. David's been drinking and is now in a mental asylum so maybe she has died.
Edit- Just looked at the cast. Yes Robin Wright is not in :(
Kyran Sawhill
Kyran Sawhill - 20 giờ trước
I think it's neat that they're bringing together the supporting cast of not just both of the previous films, but all three of the main characters.
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez - 4 ngày trước
Que what
M. Cobretti
M. Cobretti - 4 ngày trước
It looks awesome and yet not really. Shyamalan has kinda gone downhill in quality but what the heck! I'll watch this because I just can't miss a fucking Unbreakable sequel.
William Darkhölme
William Darkhölme - 4 ngày trước
The final chapter of the most amazing work from M. Night Shyamalan
Thicky Minaj
Thicky Minaj - 4 ngày trước
subtitle please
Ice Kofe
Ice Kofe - 4 ngày trước
Unreal.. cant wait
Jashar Hardy
Jashar Hardy - 5 ngày trước
I've been waiting for a world to see that we exist
I loved that line😀
Mordarg00 - 5 ngày trước
it will be epic !!!
Blookester - 5 ngày trước
this is a lit crossover
Bright - 5 ngày trước
Both Unbreakable and Split were amazing and featured some brilliant performences.
This is something fresh in a superhero genre and I'm really looking forward to it!
Young Blue Kovosis Logic
Young Blue Kovosis Logic - 5 ngày trước
"Uh..I'm Sin of Lightnings.' - Onik John Torosian
House of Madness
House of Madness - 5 ngày trước
This is a proof that even though they mocked him for making bad movies M.Night still has huge fans, big cult following for his movies like any other A-list director.
aztekkthundergod - 5 ngày trước
She looks more whacked out than any of the patients.
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