Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses

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jacksepticeye - 4 tháng trước
I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before.
They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone.
All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.
Denise_is_trashy - 8 giờ trước
jacksepticeye oH
Nyx Marie
Nyx Marie - 2 ngày trước
inconclusive they dont know what kind of color blindness i have
Kieran Trench
Kieran Trench - 4 ngày trước
I'm a mild deutan a form of red green colour blindness
Double-G-Sloth 04
Double-G-Sloth 04 - 6 ngày trước
jack plz do more we happy few plz
Krissee Taylor
Krissee Taylor - 16 ngày trước
I am way more louder than you I literally scream at the top of my lungs more louder than you
TheSnapback - Giờ trước
When he said nothing and I actually saw something
Goliath Gamez
Goliath Gamez - Giờ trước
Give them to a blind person
Brady R.
Brady R. - Giờ trước
Funny, I got those color glasses for color blind people LOL
Liv Nemier
Liv Nemier - Giờ trước
the gray blobs theres nothing there
i swear theres nothing there i can for the life of me see anything its driving me crazy
Madison Scott
Madison Scott - Giờ trước
i got normal colour vision
LLAVES - 2 giờ trước
8:17 There was a four?! D:
Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones - 2 giờ trước
Its funny how After graduating high school I realize im dyslexic and now colorblind. At lest I know for college.
Declan Warrington
Declan Warrington - 4 giờ trước
i have tritonopia. hope thats spelled right haha
Felix__ - 5 giờ trước
What color is ur chair
Ryan Flammini
Ryan Flammini - 6 giờ trước
I can not see the 4 in the grey at all you are saying 4 but I am looking and I do not see a thing
budgieuno burrows
budgieuno burrows - 7 giờ trước
when it got to the 4 I couldn't see anything but then when I went cross eyed I saw the 4 ?! XD
CHICKEN MANN - 8 giờ trước
It’s 2
KoyTheArtist - 11 giờ trước
Oh it's a sailboat!
Alexxx - 12 giờ trước
9:13 was there even anything there?????
ChannelWhiteWolf - 13 giờ trước
I'm not red green colorblind, but it says that I'm Mild Protan :|
Michael T. Dice
Michael T. Dice - Ngày trước
On 5:35 it says nothing and that is the cocorrect answer
Michael T. Dice
Michael T. Dice - Ngày trước
marcel jardim
marcel jardim - Ngày trước
Certain Grey ones just showed up blank and Grey to me but otherwise I saw everything and when I took the tests it said I was normal (hey my eyes are less broken than I thought) so at least I'm good on the colour thing
Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer - Ngày trước
4:44 is just gray,
So is 5:20
Cassidy Varg
Cassidy Varg - Ngày trước
If his green is seen with color-blindness, than does that mean his real favourite colour is closer to brown???
Dragoncub expeiment 13
Dragoncub expeiment 13 - Ngày trước
I have normal colour yay?
LifeOnTheEdge - Ngày trước
I got a glasses ad during this lol
Tanner Luedke
Tanner Luedke - Ngày trước
The glasses work because depending on what kind you are it dampens the other colors except the ones you can't see very well so it makes those colors more clear because they aren't being overwhelmed by the other colors, hence "fixing" your color blindness.
elizabeth ellen
elizabeth ellen - Ngày trước
4:34 bro am I color blind? I can BARELY see a number there
Jessica Peterson
Jessica Peterson - Ngày trước
I must be too, I see different shades of Grey...lol
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell - Ngày trước
Jared Chavez
Jared Chavez - 2 ngày trước
5:36 can anyone actually see that?
Tommy Deseve
Tommy Deseve - 2 ngày trước
I have taken the test 4 times and I have normal to perfect color vision o saw all of them in this video. U got some wrong
Carter Janiga
Carter Janiga - 2 ngày trước
Am I the only one that saw at 8:47 he didn't see the one, then the next number uses the exact same color gradient and he can see the five. I might be wrong but I feel like some parts of this video are fake...
Feorde Boy
Feorde Boy - 2 ngày trước
Hover your mouse over the bar at the bottom of the video and you can see them really easily
Ethan Anderer
Ethan Anderer - 2 ngày trước
I’m so surprised u can’t see those
Foxy The Pirate Fox
Foxy The Pirate Fox - 2 ngày trước
I’m also a mild protan
Lillyann Rumble
Lillyann Rumble - 2 ngày trước
I was able to see all of them 😂
Janel Mink
Janel Mink - 2 ngày trước
I think I'm color blinds like jack
BestMermaidShow - 2 ngày trước
On the grey ones I could not see anything
Nathaniel Mcintosh
Nathaniel Mcintosh - 2 ngày trước
I saw everything
JamieGames - 2 ngày trước
8:15 that one freaked me out. First I saw nothing and would have pressed nothing without thinking twice, but after Jack said it was a 4 I looked harder and I saw the slightest bit of a 4.
Very odd
Somu Baba
Somu Baba - 2 ngày trước
Relly dude u got it 5 times wrong n maybe more
Aiden Solano
Aiden Solano - 2 ngày trước
Does anyone know what the number is at 5:38
Derp Gamer15
Derp Gamer15 - 2 ngày trước
I did the test and i got normal colors this isn't revelent but i decided to share it
Preston Rowe
Preston Rowe - 3 ngày trước
THE_CHA_BOY - 3 ngày trước
8:45 ther is a 1
THE_CHA_BOY - 3 ngày trước
6:55 THERE IS A 2 THERE!!!!
Chel Bells
Chel Bells - 3 ngày trước
So on some of the numbers I couldn’t see anything that you could see. I took the test and it says I’m blue-yellow colorblind. And the glasses don’t even work for that either lol.
NateDogSturdikat - 4 ngày trước
4:34 yo I don’t see any number no matter how hard I look the other ones were fine tho
JellyFish` - 4 ngày trước
I saw every picture. There was blank ones as well!
Taylah Hurst
Taylah Hurst - 4 ngày trước
The ones with the green and grey dots all scattered (If they actually were), made me really confused. Were there actually numbers in them?
Taylah Hurst
Taylah Hurst - 4 ngày trước
wait... at 8:14 I couldn't see anything until I scrolled down and up quickly, then I saw the top of the 4
Max Church
Max Church - 4 ngày trước
your the best
4i4o Pav4o
4i4o Pav4o - 4 ngày trước
Colour blind videos get views...every youtuber becomes colour blind from out of nowhere wow
badoo bido bap bap
badoo bido bap bap - 5 ngày trước
“red-green colourblind” sounds like a septiplier fanfic
Tony Da Tiger
Tony Da Tiger - 5 ngày trước
I was just AMAZED that u didn't see some of these.
waffle dog the almighty
waffle dog the almighty - 5 ngày trước
I saw all☺
xXrewupXx - 6 ngày trước
8:39 is it only me or is there nothing there cuz I can’t see anything and I thought I wasn’t color blind
Trueno Ong
Trueno Ong - 12 giờ trước
It's very difficult to see but there's a 4, it's slightly brighter.
Boris The Antarctic Unicorn
Boris The Antarctic Unicorn - Ngày trước
For whatever reason, it's easier to see the numbers if they're a a distance, for me at least.
Hossyn Dalager
Hossyn Dalager - 6 ngày trước
just saying its spelled color XD but if you spell it like that where you live dats cool
Adiwolf - 7 ngày trước
Omg he doesn't see 2 and 7 but he can see 5
PurpleBoy - 7 ngày trước
Apparently I have Tritanopia. O_o
IBrianrish - 7 ngày trước
I took the test and I have normal color vision YAY !!!
Alana Evensen
Alana Evensen - 7 ngày trước
hmmm and yet your main color is green........ whateves its still pretty lit made me think though lol
Pandotom Mr
Pandotom Mr - 7 ngày trước
Sean, thanks for this video because i now know that i have Tritanopia. Thanks!
meow meow
meow meow - 7 ngày trước
5:52 what the fuck i dont see shit
Reale Martin
Reale Martin - 8 ngày trước
I have the same as you jack took test 3 time same results
JimboMartini - 8 ngày trước
video starts at like 6:00 fuckin minutes in
Clifford Dicks 58 (STUDENT)
Clifford Dicks 58 (STUDENT) - 8 ngày trước
Can't see a thing
Pug Squad12
Pug Squad12 - 8 ngày trước
red and green colour blindness but his channel is mostly revolved around green XD
olo - 8 ngày trước
My grandfather on my mothers side is colour blind. Which meant that I had a 50% chance to be colour blind. But I have perfectly normal sight
Jared Chavez
Jared Chavez - 2 ngày trước
olo not how it works kid
freya hackett
freya hackett - 8 ngày trước
i did the test and i have normal color vision
AquaTis - 8 ngày trước
Jack about a million times throughout this video: there is literally nothing there.
Me: What the fudge, there is literally a __ right there!
Silber Wolf
Silber Wolf - 9 ngày trước
I have had glasses since kindergarden and so I took some colourblindness tests before, and were always able to see everything, but for some of these pictures here I saw nothing and that was a very weird experience for someone who has never had that before soo .. thanks for enlightening me on that :"D
Hermenetor 456
Hermenetor 456 - 9 ngày trước
I can see these
Sulaiman Ouiles
Sulaiman Ouiles - 9 ngày trước
Wait is 4:38 and 5:46 a troll because I am pretty sure I'm not colour blind and I can't see anything
Sulaiman Ouiles
Sulaiman Ouiles - 2 ngày trước
+Z0rf wouldnt be surprised
10000 subs with no video
10000 subs with no video - 3 ngày trước
both have 5 FEELSBADMAN
Cora Stafford
Cora Stafford - 5 ngày trước
I can’t see anything at all in the second one. The first I could vaguely see a 5
Akshita Sinha
Akshita Sinha - 6 ngày trước
Wafflez yeah they both have a 5
Wafflez - 8 ngày trước
I'm pretty sure that both of them have 5.
Mess in the process
Mess in the process - 9 ngày trước
For 8:43 If you tilt your phone you can see it
Mess in the process
Mess in the process - 9 ngày trước
5:30 I see nothing... does anyone see that or is it just impossible?
Smiley Kat23
Smiley Kat23 - 2 ngày trước
Yeah wtf I don't see that one ಠ_ಠ I saw all of them but that one.
Isaiah Kwapisz
Isaiah Kwapisz - 2 ngày trước
I see nothing
Daya Pineda
Daya Pineda - 9 ngày trước
I have normal color Vision
GhostlyGhost Gamer
GhostlyGhost Gamer - 9 ngày trước
I have normal color vision...

Sushi cat 2020
Sushi cat 2020 - 9 ngày trước
Did anyone else see 2 gray dots some times?
NDGDavid - 9 ngày trước
9:12 I can barely seee anything with both eyes but with my right I can see a seven
_Henry_2004__ - 9 ngày trước
I'm blue yellow colorblind a.k.a Tritanopia
lmaodrewww - 9 ngày trước
wait yall are really seeing numbers?? im a moderate protan and cant see what jack cant see.
XxJay BrainxX
XxJay BrainxX - 10 ngày trước
I really find it fascinating that the ones that are clearly visible for people without colourblindness can clearly see them but others with colourblindness cant see it
millatime62401 - 10 ngày trước
In case you haven't figured out how they work, they use rare earth metals embedded in the lenses that filter out certain wavelengths of light to make you more sensitive to others. In your case, it would filter out the wavelengths between red and green to help you differentiate the different colors. It may help with pinks, greys, and purples because it helps you detect more red.
Zombiekiller - 10 ngày trước
Dragon fire
Dragon fire - 11 ngày trước
I was laughing the hole video
American Mapping
American Mapping - 11 ngày trước
I didn't see any of they grey ones, I want to get a text from doctor now
Dark - 11 ngày trước
*Jack:* there is literally NOTHING!
Victor Andrade Resende
Victor Andrade Resende - 12 ngày trước
Wow i just realize im colour blind
Turtle - 12 ngày trước
Wait what? No wapoosh?
dantheman 460
dantheman 460 - 12 ngày trước
6;53 I shall it
dantheman 460
dantheman 460 - 12 ngày trước
dantheman 460
dantheman 460 - 12 ngày trước
I shall it 6:53
Fanoss Taylor
Fanoss Taylor - 12 ngày trước
Logan Paul is color blind to
yeah sure okay
yeah sure okay - 12 ngày trước
7:00 I lost my shit
Symbiote Carnage
Symbiote Carnage - 12 ngày trước
i did the test by enchroma and i have normal colour vision
MJ GM - 13 ngày trước
i could only not see 3 in the second test
gigi kent
gigi kent - 13 ngày trước
Good boy,septiceye ,good boy
WaterBoyz - 13 ngày trước
Top Turtle
Top Turtle - 13 ngày trước
i got a glasses ad while watching this
Proc of the Dawn
Proc of the Dawn - 13 ngày trước
4:33 Took me forever to realize there was actually anything there at all. Is it normal to have trouble with this one? Anyone else?
5:23 And I’m not seeing anything there at all.
Redpanda Gamez X
Redpanda Gamez X - 14 ngày trước
Jack is color blind we saw the 2’s
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly - 14 ngày trước
am I the only one who thinks it’s cute that his girlfriend has what he has
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly - 14 ngày trước
5:45 I’m not color blind but I could barely see that
toxic lmg's
toxic lmg's - 14 ngày trước
I see all of it srry jack
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