United Nations LIVE - BTS & UN Youth Strategy Launch

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Sara S.
Sara S. - 2 tháng trước
*Comes to see if anyone is discussing topics talk about in the 4 freaking days worth of conversation*
Lauren Wilder
Lauren Wilder - 2 tháng trước
oh. r.i.p this video
N A - 2 tháng trước
His accent so good 🤔 does he have any american ethnicity ?!
taesmole - 2 tháng trước
N A nope he learned English just by watching the tv show called Friends!
N A - 2 tháng trước
Sorry but he speak English much better than donald trump 🌚
Mari-Chan - 2 tháng trước
When BTS is trending in the US for Jimmy Fallon, Billboard, and the United Nations 💜👏
Aкєиσ Tαѕнιкυ
Aкєиσ Tαѕнιкυ - 2 tháng trước
3 days long?
TessellatedGuy - 2 tháng trước
He's really fuckable.
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
TessellatedGuy 💀💀
Shiina - 2 tháng trước
bet people are mostly here because of BTS LOL
Mariah Comebee678
Mariah Comebee678 - 2 tháng trước
HANAKOOK - 2 tháng trước
فخخخخخااامه ❤
HANAKOOK - 2 tháng trước
ببببيييي تيييييي اسسسسس❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tileman75 - 2 tháng trước
America will reject any world leadership
Mental Gymnastics
Mental Gymnastics - 2 tháng trước
Cymric - 2 tháng trước
What a joke
Princess %
Princess % - 2 tháng trước
Cymric 😂😂you shouldn’t talk about yourself like that😂😂
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson - 2 tháng trước
F the United Govts
hobi myhope
hobi myhope - 2 tháng trước
They are my inspiration and motivation, i feel lucky to find them♥
silverstar9000 - 2 tháng trước
A 90 hour video?
Flower Girl
Flower Girl - 2 tháng trước
BTS impact🤷‍♀️
caramel frappuccinos
caramel frappuccinos - 2 tháng trước
thanks so much for just being and sharing the lessons and feelings that you've learned and experienced through music, it has made and makes my life brighter and happier than i knew it could ever be. I don't have depression and haven't been through the terrible things that other people have been through,so sometimes I feel guilty for feeling this way,but this overwhelming sadness and hopelessness and quiet rage doesn't go away even though i know their are people who have it worse. I just think to much, something that I like about myself but something I hate to, I assume to much, agonize over a single moment and feel in a way that everyone who meets me is annoyed or hates me. things and events have happened to me in my life made me see the worst in the world and make it hard to every truly trust or share my thoughts with anyone,always holding back what I think for reasons I don't understand. and while your music didn't just suddenly change me it helped me get the will to live and see the other things in life that make it just as much reason to live,and to understand that if I died it wouldn't not effect no one. I realized I had others to fight for but that i also had to learn how to fight for myself. while I know I can never truly know you 7 wonderful amazing people, I'm glad that I discovered you and at least know little parts of you even if it's not the whole picture. haha I find it funny, my mom she always calls me weird for being such a big fan of you but she just doesn't understand what you've taught me and how in so many ways, you've saved me. I've also learned that by simply being ourselfs we can just maybe save someone. it's strange that just being yourself can be so hard but im trying, so once again thank you tae, yoongi, namjoon, jungkook, jhope,jimin,and jin for just being and doing what you love because that's what made love you ^-^
PNW_ Party
PNW_ Party - 2 tháng trước
Wow legends! 😍😍😍😍
salty_emango - 2 tháng trước
So basically I monky
Chris L
Chris L - 2 tháng trước
Karla Domimguez
Karla Domimguez - 2 tháng trước
madina - 2 tháng trước
I am so proud of namjoon :’) that was so beautiful and his English was so good 💕 I’m so proud Of the way he handled it and his nervousness 💕
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ - 2 tháng trước
The diversity in this video 🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ - 2 tháng trước
Lilly Singh and BTS 😂😂😂
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ
ᏃᕱᏒᎥᕱ ᕱᏒᎥᕱ - 2 tháng trước
Lady: can I get a whoo-hoo
Me: poor lady
박져니 - 2 tháng trước
고마워요, BTS
acold poTAEtoe
acold poTAEtoe - 2 tháng trước
i love how people are taking pictures in the back
Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa - 2 tháng trước
Rapmonster ate the speech no wonder why he spit so much lines perfectly.
Pardra Her
Pardra Her - 2 tháng trước
Very motivating speech - well delivered.
Erica Wong
Erica Wong - 2 tháng trước
seokkrrttt - 2 tháng trước
Deven Blake
Deven Blake - 2 tháng trước
These comments are more disappointing than the fact that the UN is focusing on this.
徐雲亮 - 2 tháng trước
Steel Wool
Steel Wool - 2 tháng trước
Mom said one more video before bed
Zare - 2 tháng trước
yeah I’m not watching this entire video....
FilmsByJRP - 2 tháng trước
Wow a 94 hour vid
Haylee Glazebrook Vlogs
Haylee Glazebrook Vlogs - 2 tháng trước
New album #SpeakYourself lol
So proud of them!! 🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😫😫😫
Amaya Christine
Amaya Christine - 2 tháng trước
God! A 94 hour long broadcast! They must have been so tired! That's like 3 days! GEEZ! I'm pretty sure they gon need some sleep! But guys great in the speech, it was so inspiring! I almost cried!
Just Make The Fucking Video
Just Make The Fucking Video - 2 tháng trước
I'm not really a big fan of their music, but this meeting and the way I have seen themselves carry themselves out in other media outlets has had me give them the utmost respect. The way they carey themselves and their genuine nature really shows. Coming from a non-fan, good job.
Benny Gonzalez
Benny Gonzalez - 2 tháng trước
The longest video in the world
Fuckable Pancakes
Fuckable Pancakes - 2 tháng trước
90 hours, 90 HOURS
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
Fuckable Pancakes the creator can cut it, since this was originally a live stream
Fuckable Pancakes
Fuckable Pancakes - 2 tháng trước
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs yea I’m kinda confused why we can’t see the first 88 hours
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
Fuckable Pancakes 2hrs
Luis Libre
Luis Libre - 2 tháng trước
we have to keep an eye on these loonies else they will make decisions that they then will enforce on the somewhat free world.
M Luv
M Luv - 2 tháng trước
BTS... legends
vane vane
vane vane - 2 tháng trước
mariomario64 - 2 tháng trước
BTS is gay
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
It’s not a bad thing if they are 🤷🏻‍♀️
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri - 2 tháng trước
Hyun Joon
Hyun Joon - 2 tháng trước
Es muy bello lo que dijo Namjoon, y simplemente es la verdad… ellos nos enseñaron a amarnos a nosotros mismos. Es completamente un orgullo y placer pertenecer en las vidas de nuestros chicos.
Los amo y ustedes sacaron lo mejor de mi y de muchas personas… por favor sigan así…
Anika Army
Anika Army - 2 tháng trước
Harshi N
Harshi N - 2 tháng trước
My bby RM speaking so well in front of so many people 💜
Anouf - 2 tháng trước
Nothing better than watching a video for 90 hours
sophiebybophie - 2 tháng trước
I am still so proud!
Keren Boyal
Keren Boyal - 2 tháng trước
Not even 4 minutes in and I want to cry. So proud of you Namjoon!
Yellow Rhino7
Yellow Rhino7 - 2 tháng trước
I love and I am so proud to be with them to get to this point. I wish them so much more success, I love you babies keep going 💜💜💜💜
Cosmonaut1424 - 2 tháng trước
They banned Memes so I must dislike
Nicholas M
Nicholas M - 2 tháng trước
Here I was hoping for a behind the scenes of the UN.
YG's staff
YG's staff - 2 tháng trước
Before knowing of BTS my colors were dulled by this world and it's persistence to have me to into a mold. BTS helped me realize that I didn't need to change who I was. They helped me know my colors and they me accept it. I still have a long way to go but I know now it's possible thanks to BTS.
This is why I will never give up on BTS or my dream. I am proud to say I am ARMY💜
Meme Insider
Meme Insider - 2 tháng trước
At first I read this as BTS vs UN.
Slightly disappointed.
jODancerOj - 2 tháng trước
The best way to solve all worldly problems is to throw money at it and patting ourselves on the back telling ourselves what we want to believe. The only thing that really matters is if we convince ourselves how beautiful and righteous we are!
Kurtis B Fishing
Kurtis B Fishing - 2 tháng trước
Crazy 88s???
Starkookie - 2 tháng trước
My heart
Gaming life
Gaming life - 2 tháng trước
They look like cutest gang
Kurtis B Fishing
Kurtis B Fishing - 2 tháng trước
Crazy 88s?
Cocoa Milk
Cocoa Milk - 2 tháng trước
BTS inspires me to be a better version of my every day
Bluntzy D
Bluntzy D - 2 tháng trước
What is this garbage?
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
Bluntzy D I mean 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Bluntzy D
Bluntzy D - 2 tháng trước
+Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs that's in the tittle.. can't believe you replied..
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
Bluntzy D UN conference 🤦🏻‍♀️
Forgot my name
Forgot my name - 2 tháng trước
Japanese nibbas be like
laury Rodriguez
laury Rodriguez - 2 tháng trước
I’ve never seen more beautiful men 😍
Kurtis B Fishing
Kurtis B Fishing - 2 tháng trước
This guy needs to narrate movies
laury Rodriguez
laury Rodriguez - 2 tháng trước
Is he British?
Connor Hill
Connor Hill - 2 tháng trước
The un is a joke
norman copperfield
norman copperfield - 2 tháng trước
Kim Namjoom aka Our President. Nothing but respect
Sol - 2 tháng trước
I love that this 2hr video from the United Nations is trending on youtube, good job!
SMASH MOUTH DELIVERY - 2 tháng trước
Did you people hear President Trumps speech 9-25-18!
SMASH MOUTH DELIVERY - 2 tháng trước
Lol lol lol your PATHETIC! It was a great speech! All of the Americans thought so!!!
Kurtis B Fishing
Kurtis B Fishing - 2 tháng trước
That garbage? Trump has done nothing to help the world
허진호 - 2 tháng trước
did this actually went on for 90 hours
tsubaki akira
tsubaki akira - 2 tháng trước
I needed to hear this for my sanity.
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos - 2 tháng trước
Inés Martínez
Inés Martínez - 2 tháng trước
Namjoon is the leader we all needed, not only BTS's leader but our whole generation's leader. Thank you Kim Namjoon and BTS in general for caring and fighting for us💜
【JustJinThings 】
【JustJinThings 】 - 2 tháng trước
Who actually watched the WHOLE video
Official_JoeJoe - 2 tháng trước
Only the UN could break the time bar on mobile.
Sold Out
Sold Out - 2 tháng trước
I'm so confused rn, why is it 94h long ??
Taehyung's Wings
Taehyung's Wings - 2 tháng trước
Why is this trending #26 now after 6 days?
1000 Subscribers No videos
1000 Subscribers No videos - 2 tháng trước
I love BTS
Joshua Israel
Joshua Israel - 2 tháng trước
Lol "The UN" a bunch of insignificant zeros, with inferior cultures...
abby - 2 tháng trước
Adriana Turner
Adriana Turner - 2 tháng trước
I’m so proud of Namjoon, it must’ve been very stressful for him to prepare such a speech. Hard work truly pays off, he did amazing job ❤️❤️
Thè Nûmbėr 1 Įdïøt
Thè Nûmbėr 1 Įdïøt - 2 tháng trước
Did anyone watch all of this without skipping any
arosequartz - 2 tháng trước
I have never been more proud to be an ARMY. I know there are more moments to come but this right now is at the top of my "Proud Army Moments" list.
Narin Najafi
Narin Najafi - 2 tháng trước
This video made my life better
Just an innocent Pomegranate
Just an innocent Pomegranate - 2 tháng trước
How long did this take to upload? Lol
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
It was a livestream
Dexter King
Dexter King - 2 tháng trước
Jacintha Pomi
Jacintha Pomi - 2 tháng trước
Thank You very much BTS! lots of love..❤
EastWindBreaks - 2 tháng trước
So UN turned into some kind entertainment industry’s ______? I will let you fill the rest.
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
The only reasons they’re there is because they’re the ambassadors of unicef and has a love yourself campaign with them.
Ruth Mancilla
Ruth Mancilla - 2 tháng trước
No it didnt bts is there because they have donated over a million dollars to the love yourself end violence campaign and now they have made this speech because they will be paticipating in the generation unlimited capaign they are there for a reason
Arissa B
Arissa B - 2 tháng trước
I’m proud bts was born they are a big part of my life 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
moist apple
moist apple - 2 tháng trước
I'm so proud of my babies😭❤️❤️
Bobby Ridge
Bobby Ridge - 2 tháng trước
Why is this video so long?
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs
Army’s InFirEs NiPpLEs - 2 tháng trước
It was a live stream, it’s only 90min
Coconut Cooky
Coconut Cooky - 2 tháng trước
I’m glad that I stan the people who tells other good messages like learn to properly love yourself in order to love others, you matter, don’t give up, and that life is beautiful.

I’m glad I don’t stan those who talk about crap and bad pleasures.

BTS actually is wise enough to know that they, as celebrities, have the responsibility to inspire those who look up to them, especially little kids. Not many celebs out there know that they, as people in the spotlight, have this job. I don’t think they realize that now, with the internet, little kids are learning from them.
BTS is one of the people, and by far, the only people who knows this and *stands* by this and *takes actions* on it. Other celebs out there (the bad ones who do crap for fame) should take BTS as a guide.
pablo jams
pablo jams - 2 tháng trước
How to get a 90+ hour video on trending? Have BTS in it!
Ariana Julian
Ariana Julian - 2 tháng trước
Their music did change my life and change how i think about myself💙
CJ Hunt
CJ Hunt - 2 tháng trước
I ' m n o t f e e l i n g s o g o o d .
I'm HallyuUmma
I'm HallyuUmma - 2 tháng trước
The Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth summed it up wonderfully, thank you!
lycida - 2 tháng trước
really impreesive💜
MaGenious_Bros_Who_RapDDAENG Bts
MaGenious_Bros_Who_RapDDAENG Bts - 2 tháng trước
I’m happy to be an army... I’m happy and proud to stand and know these boys.. to know BTS.. they really have help me and many others to think about “loving myslef “ with their meaningful and unique songs...
They are more than just a kpop group.. they are more than just a boy band... they are really my... and many other’s inspiration and someone I can look out for... they are my admiration and my example to follow ☺️
What else can I say they are REally my everything .!!!i love u BTS.!!!!
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