Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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Sara Frantom
Sara Frantom - 7 giờ trước
Hi bunny. I’m back and I’m glad you are too. Thank you for sharing your journey of your thoughts and feelings and just everything. This is a lesson we all can learn from. Just remember we all love you so so so much. Swamp family for life 💚💚💚
Crystal’s Corner
Crystal’s Corner - 7 giờ trước
Glad to see you are making a comeback
Broadway Blues
Broadway Blues - 8 giờ trước
I'm brand new to this channel, but all ready love and relate to bunny so much. Whatever happens, I'm rooting for you!
KellmorreMeows - 8 giờ trước
Bunny, just keep being you and do what makes you happy.
I know you want to make content that people are wanting to see, and you will... Not everyone will like everything, --- You can't be everyone's "cup of tea" all the time, and that's perfectly okay! :)
Life is all about finding new passions, reinventing ourselves and learning along the way. Enjoy and know your fans and swamp members are here for you!
Maia Zaasijiwanook Sätterlund
Maia Zaasijiwanook Sätterlund - 8 giờ trước
Bunny, I love you! You are wonderful.
mizz_ kitty1973
mizz_ kitty1973 - 8 giờ trước
I have social anxiety and intrusive thoughts it sucks so I kinda relate
inkygrl0 - 8 giờ trước
Just re-subscribed btw.
inkygrl0 - 8 giờ trước
Bunny this series is great. What I want to see is authenticity and you are bringing it so candidly and with such compassion. Rock on girl. And never be ashamed about the material success you enjoy through hard work.
Justin Blaylock
Justin Blaylock - 8 giờ trước
JUDIE THOMPSON - 8 giờ trước
So happy to be back! ♥️♥️♥️ Miss your sweet face! Life goes on after chemo and radiation, but I will always remember how much your videos took me out of my pain and made me laugh and cry! You are a priceless gift! Be You, you are beautimous, sweet Bunny! Love you beyond all space and time! Alligator Angel Kisses! 🐊🐊🐊
Navy Black
Navy Black - 8 giờ trước
swamp family reunion definitely missed you bunny
mizz_ kitty1973
mizz_ kitty1973 - 8 giờ trước
I never left.I really related with her because I also suffer from anxiety mostly social anxiety. When I had a really bad day I would watch her but after awhile I FELT bunny distancing herself but I stilled watched but less frequent.(( I'll stick with you till the end))
Traddarker - 8 giờ trước
I'm glad you have your passion back.
lyonnaisray - 9 giờ trước
Ton travail sur Youtube est fantastique
Mary Austin
Mary Austin - 9 giờ trước
long time watcher. Just saying I love you bunny always will
Death Seeker
Death Seeker - 9 giờ trước
What channel is this?
Stephanie Bonnesen
Stephanie Bonnesen - 9 giờ trước
When I first started watching you years ago my first thought was "man shes just acting like this for the camera". The more I watched, the more I realized how we're both so much alike. I'm eccentric and "weird" just like you. I still have mixed emotions about the words "weird". I was called it so much growing up, and it was always said to me so negatively. I love watching you, my 8 year old daughter freaking loves you too. Idk why I balled when you said "thank you for giving me a second chance" 😭😭😭 omg nooo honey!! You're not a failure!! You're a freaking ROCKSTAR!
Cece L
Cece L - 9 giờ trước
Why are you so pure and amazing? You really are great, Bunny. You have so much to offer to the world. So so much.
Sonja Geneva
Sonja Geneva - 9 giờ trước
wow i just realized how i stopped watching you around 2016. i would always come back to check on you and now that youre confronting your actions and digging deeper on whats the issue i will be keeping up with every video! love you so much bunny and im so happy to see growth and you staying true to yourself :;;;;)
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith - 9 giờ trước
Happy to be back! 🐊💚
Laurissa Crocetti
Laurissa Crocetti - 9 giờ trước
Why do you use abeauty blender when you cry?
Nadiratani - 9 giờ trước
"I never thought that i was the type of person i had become" woooow! Being able to see you processing this is amazing. You are on a path of self-improvement and im happy for you! Life is growth and development. Onward and upward! Much love!!
Bob The Llama 1246
Bob The Llama 1246 - 9 giờ trước
I know I’m new to you and your channel Bunny, but I love you and your videos and I hope that you’ve found yourself again and you continue to grow and be happy ❤️
nightmare vision
nightmare vision - 9 giờ trước
I hope this brings on a new era on Youtube
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith - 10 giờ trước
I think we all knew bunny had $. I certainly never felt it was being rubbed in my face, but let's face it, 900$ mystery boxes? Lol. But I loved it! And I love Bunny! She's a beautiful person.
@grav3yardgirl I'm glad you're taking time to examine your thoughts. You're clearly a highly sensitive person and it's difficult to be that way but it's also beautiful and something people are drawn to.
Gracie Camp
Gracie Camp - 10 giờ trước
so pure. so genuine.
MELODY COLIN - 10 giờ trước
Do u know I’ve been here for years and I love u cmon get ur head in the game u can do it ♥️♥️
Cody Kelly
Cody Kelly - 10 giờ trước
Honestly, this video was everything I needed to hear! I go through periods where I get down about certain aspects of my life and seeing you give us true emotions helps people like me realize that other people are going through it too!
Sarah Slime ASMR
Sarah Slime ASMR - 10 giờ trước
You can get through this, Bunny! Woo! We all love you and are rooting for you every step of the way!
Delicate Hecate
Delicate Hecate - 10 giờ trước
glad you are back bunny. keep climbing and keep being you 😊
That's What "i" Said
That's What "i" Said - 10 giờ trước
Girl, be true to yourself, and over time you hopefully will realize that's all you can do! Be you, do your best, and the good people will give you the benefit of the doubt if you forget to mention something or whatever. You CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE, and people are just unpredictable; you can't "avoid" it, and it will take too much out of you. Saw Shane's series with you; very touching, and very relatable. I'm 54 and I still have a lot of those insecurities and doubts, starting out on YT myself, and honestly, am still struggling with my inner demons. But it gets better, I promise. :) If you need a Momma figure, here I am. ;) I am so proud of you. Have been subscribed for 3 years and rootin' for ya! Change is inevitable, and transitions are always a little bumpy. Just keep goin'!!! :) Be you, and when you believe in YOU, you will eventually feel more secure. Good luck, and hug! (Hi from Vancouver BC Canada)
Nurasake - 10 giờ trước
Bunny I’m back with you. I’ve returned to the swamp after the whole series. I feel you. I suffer like you everyday. And this was like an old friend called to say hi.
J. Lenz
J. Lenz - 10 giờ trước
I joined originally to see someone genuine because I could see it in myself when I watched. I have missed you so much and absolutely love listening to what ever you have to say! Also I miss your ootd vids so much they were my favorite!! I'm so excited to see how far you'll go and how hard you'll work with this new opportunity!!!!
Anico - 10 giờ trước
so proud of you bunny!!!! i love the video
o0GothicGirl0o - 10 giờ trước
Vanessa Carlyle
Vanessa Carlyle - 10 giờ trước
Girl, this WHOLE story is what's going to make you HISTORY!!! And not in a negative way. This is a come back story. You are going to explode and this is just the beginning. You've taken this second chance and you are RUNNING with it. Love this. Love getting to know you. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Get it!!!
ZombieGirl10114 - 10 giờ trước
Bunny I love you. Your so pure and friendly. We're all here for ya!
blondeweirdo - 11 giờ trước
this is home
THOSE 2 GIRLS - 11 giờ trước
Devin Cristopher
Devin Cristopher - 11 giờ trước
Love you bunny💘
Tatumtot12 - 11 giờ trước
I’m so glad to be back watching your amazing videos! Thanks for making us so happy! Love you so much!❤️
Taryn Lackey
Taryn Lackey - 11 giờ trước
You’re back 💗 I subscribed to you years ago and left last year because I couldn’t relate anymore, even though I wanted to so badly! You are a precious, sweet soul, and I want only the best for you, dear friend!!! Thank you for being transparent, still a bit rambly (I say that with all the love in the world), but really- thank you! Welcome back- you’ve been dearly missed 😘
Kelly rolond
Kelly rolond - 11 giờ trước
give this comment a like if you agree that bunny is AMAZING!!!
Morning Will Come
Morning Will Come - 11 giờ trước
I’m so proud of you, Bunny 🐰💕
Leslie Ayala
Leslie Ayala - 11 giờ trước
Gimme more videos!!!
philR. 19
philR. 19 - 11 giờ trước
When are you posting again!?😀😀😀
Richie Delgado
Richie Delgado - 11 giờ trước
nice clickbait
Kathryn Morris
Kathryn Morris - 11 giờ trước
Abakar Khan
Abakar Khan - 12 giờ trước
I left but I'm bak and bad and i regret it i no wat bunny feels like her loosing views was me losing friends
Tarzie the dog's channel
Tarzie the dog's channel - 12 giờ trước
Hey ur probably not gunna reply to me but I have been her for ages and about 5 years ago when I was 7 I didn't have a YouTube account, there was the odd video where you could tell the happiness was fake and you did often talk about ur anxiety but the way you always said it made it seem a happy/good thing. And watching you cry, even if it seems really shitty, relieves me. All that plastic surgery from the does this thing really work stopped people from seeing the depression. I haven't watched ur videos in a hot minute mainly because I'm a guy and not really interested in your make up hauls and stuff but I'm happy I came. My boyfriend told me that your channel had died and something about Shaun's colab with you. Since I was 7 I loved you and watched every video you uploaded and they were always the same and that was the best youtuber ever. The fan mail does this thing really work and those collectible mystery bags. The amount of videos I have watched I have seen you 'sippy, sippy' like 400 times and heard you sing the mail song 50 times and 'today is everybody's favorite day of the week' and the one thing every body should do 'subscribe and give an alligator its wings' 500 times. I have also entered every give away you have done since I was 8/9 and always hoped to win but we can't have everything and just watched you get funnier and funnier. I remember you wreck this journal series. And lastly i live in Scarborough North Yorkshire uk and if you ever need any help with videos or advertising and websites just send me it and I will do it for you
Stay strong, we love you
You the best , Kai Xx
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