Aquaman - Official Trailer 1

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Prathamesh Rawool
Prathamesh Rawool - 39 phút trước
Khal drogo.....
Sancheezy - 39 phút trước
This looks beautiful.
Franklin Hurley
Franklin Hurley - 39 phút trước
Vincent Chase will always be Aquaman. Too bad Vincent and director James Cameron did not come back for this film.
frogyforever - 39 phút trước
FINALLY! Hope this one is actually good!!!
TK Prime
TK Prime - 39 phút trước
My dad loves aqua man and he loved this trailer.
Me a marvel fan. Oh ya he exist
Mayank raj
Mayank raj - 39 phút trước
Best DC movie trailer till date.
techie down
techie down - 39 phút trước
Guys come on comparison between DC and marvel is great but almost all characters in marvel are ripoff from DC including the great Thanos marvel makes better movies if u consider last 6 movies but where as if u consider first few movies marvel too atleast DC is making an movies better intially they will become better DC has better story it lacks of good directors
Brian Walker
Brian Walker - 39 phút trước
oh my goodness ❤️
This is Fine YT
This is Fine YT - 39 phút trước
If this is a flop DC is nothing XD
Khartik Ganasan
Khartik Ganasan - 39 phút trước
Dude sounds like Goofy at the end of the trailer
Chitty Chiz
Chitty Chiz - 39 phút trước
neerav nee
neerav nee - 39 phút trước
Uhmm ahhh what I say now 😅 maybe DC lost hope again
Cameron Kirk-Lutcher
Cameron Kirk-Lutcher - 39 phút trước
Just stop already....
Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda - 39 phút trước
Peppon - 39 phút trước
Don't count your chickens yet guys. Suicide Squad had the best trailer out of any marvel and dc film and the movie was POOP
Sheela Mahendran
Sheela Mahendran - 39 phút trước
Why does the shark cgi in the beginning look odd??
Gaffz - 39 phút trước
Sub to me without any reason 😂
Gerardo Diaz
Gerardo Diaz - 39 phút trước
Ohhhh god I can’t be the only one who sees the horrible CGI 😂 💀
Success Storm
Success Storm - 40 phút trước
Can I get too 200 Subs?
Natalie Vollmar
Natalie Vollmar - 40 phút trước
Oblivion dark
Oblivion dark - 40 phút trước
Gotta say this looks really bad
Cinick - 40 phút trước
What the hell?
The special effects make this superhero movie look like fucking Shark Tale.
D.C made one ok Wonder Woman movie, and they think they can just make a fucking aquaman movie? Good fucking luck!
As a fan of both marvel and d.c, I sincerely believe this is going to be garbage. I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no faith in an aquaman movie after Justice league. Not a chance.
Matthew Simmons
Matthew Simmons - 40 phút trước
That cgi is....
*Justice League Flashbacks*
Kentash ly.
Kentash ly. - 40 phút trước
well, this looks better
Scytharis Gaming
Scytharis Gaming - 40 phút trước
Is that a mosasaurus ?
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz - 40 phút trước
That CG is atrocious 😷 let’s hope for story makes up for it 🙏🏽
Juss BonaFide
Juss BonaFide - 40 phút trước
Take a listen please
JJ'sGTLMS - 40 phút trước
Tenor - 40 phút trước
Hard to swallow pill:

This movie will be just as shit as BvS.
Am - 40 phút trước
looks sooo bad
Ajeevan - 40 phút trước
Fuck this looks beautiful!
Beaver Control
Beaver Control - 40 phút trước
that CGI for the fish looked bad
spongebob ryan
spongebob ryan - 40 phút trước
HaaDoouken - 40 phút trước
Another Zen
Another Zen - 40 phút trước
OMG! Color!
Sanchit Goyal
Sanchit Goyal - 40 phút trước
Seems okayish
uvin vidanapathirana
uvin vidanapathirana - 40 phút trước
0:59 Russian submarine. No suprise in that!
Heliix Cam
Heliix Cam - 40 phút trước
Looks ok actually
sahil sharma
sahil sharma - 40 phút trước
Marvel fan now cry
Rick Merring
Rick Merring - 40 phút trước
This. Looks. Terrible.
Unless you're ten.
Nayaka Wicaksana
Nayaka Wicaksana - 40 phút trước
Hmm, somehow i feel it'll be another flop:-( but hopefully I'm wrong, since Shazam looks promising
Brianna Janzen
Brianna Janzen - 40 phút trước
is it bad i wish he said that last line to me XD (im a red head )
spongebob ryan
spongebob ryan - 40 phút trước
Normally I don't like DC movies but this is a dope concept
Bagir Bahana
Bagir Bahana - 40 phút trước
I like how it has a white title card
Sukhija Tuitions
Sukhija Tuitions - 40 phút trước
Wakanda in Water 😎😎
Isaac espino
Isaac espino - 40 phút trước
Wtf is the CGI
jhony jhony khan
jhony jhony khan - 41 phút trước
Excellent, fantastic, fabulous.
GURU THE DEFENDER - 41 phút trước
Extraordinary massive....👌Waiting for movie...
Kilty O'Neal
Kilty O'Neal - 41 phút trước
2:00 Sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads!
Camzo5 - 41 phút trước
Where’s Vinnie Chase?!
Jackson Smart
Jackson Smart - 41 phút trước
Ok this shit looks raw asf
Eman Ahmed
Eman Ahmed - 41 phút trước
Wait till venom drops
Sharon Miller
Sharon Miller - 41 phút trước
Can't wait!!! 💕💕💕💕
Meko Katsu
Meko Katsu - 41 phút trước
Tfw Glass has more views.
Sonner Solano
Sonner Solano - 41 phút trước
Coaster Facts
Coaster Facts - 41 phút trước
Be a flop like justice league and I will never watch a dc movie again
Black Ghost
Black Ghost - 41 phút trước
this is similar to Justice League: Throne of atlantis animated movie
Michael Stanton
Michael Stanton - 41 phút trước
This looks fucking gay😂
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera - 41 phút trước
Must be the stupidest movie ever!
ag4 study
ag4 study - 41 phút trước
This movie looks pretty bad. Based on how DC’s movies go this is probably going to be a flop.
Majid Al-Saeedi
Majid Al-Saeedi - 41 phút trước
looks like a lot of overacting and the CGI is just >.< I really want the DCCU to work, but not like this. But me being A DC nerd will see it and give them my money "sigh"
Phillip Post
Phillip Post - 41 phút trước
Was hoping for Aquaman ww2. I think that they really could have had a interesting plot with all the ships of the time.
Inspirational Biography
Inspirational Biography - 41 phút trước
Marvel and DC both are best.
Joshua Stafford
Joshua Stafford - 41 phút trước
Never turn your back on family. -Dom.
Ryan G.
Ryan G. - 41 phút trước
Interesting take on a super hero! Reluctant, happy-go-lucky, and witty.
PERRY - 41 phút trước
Steven Adams should be in this
Ariel Chavarria
Ariel Chavarria - 41 phút trước
Directed by anti-Michael Bay.
雨翔 潘
雨翔 潘 - 41 phút trước
What is the video BGM name@@
The Smøking Skeletøn
The Smøking Skeletøn - 41 phút trước
Just me, or are these movies starting to meld together
Clayton Bloom
Clayton Bloom - 41 phút trước
Keeping it colorful, fun, and action packed along with costumes from the comics. That manta helmet and from what rumors, the classic orange and green attire for Aquaman
theartofpimpin - 41 phút trước
Just saying, Entourage predicted the success of this film.
Tayshawn Barneswaiton
Tayshawn Barneswaiton - 41 phút trước
Luke McCalister
Luke McCalister - 41 phút trước
Pause at 1.39, we want to explore this setting more. White sandy beaches with stunning islands and visuals, brings back the "wonderment of paradise" to the audience
Factory 23
Factory 23 - 41 phút trước
It seems everyone is excited becuase this looks fun, happy and comical!! Marvel fan boys got thier way!
melody adams
melody adams - 41 phút trước
Hopefully this will be a Wonder Woman type movie and not a Justice League type movie
Prima Rizky
Prima Rizky - 41 phút trước
This movie like mermaid in disney
rocking Kumar
rocking Kumar - 41 phút trước
Wait for hittable movie of December
Can Toptaş
Can Toptaş - 41 phút trước
Joeligj 12
Joeligj 12 - 42 phút trước
Sharknado's CGI looks better than this
Bageru - 42 phút trước
Allright im in
Saurabh Shinde
Saurabh Shinde - 42 phút trước
BrickBuster2552 - 42 phút trước
This should have been released in 2015.
Team Reminiscent
Team Reminiscent - 42 phút trước
Issa flop
Akhil parmar
Akhil parmar - 42 phút trước
Cool kid
Ging Freecss
Ging Freecss - 42 phút trước
Look at those 5,500 dislike about Marvel Fans
Marvel profit with copies of DC, it's time for Dc to profit from the copy of Namor
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo - 42 phút trước
hhmmm i don't know maybe i'll just wait for the pirated copy
*pun not intended*
Shady Wolf
Shady Wolf - 42 phút trước
I mean...Kind of should've done this before Justice League but...
Blaise Desautels
Blaise Desautels - 42 phút trước
1:50 the imagery in this movie seems amazing! I hope the movie is filled with interesting shots like these!
Scopion 78459
Scopion 78459 - 42 phút trước
DC is now gonna rock
David Cobos
David Cobos - 42 phút trước
Aqua man was and will always be my favorite character! This is gonna be the best DC movie so far!
Samson Liu
Samson Liu - 42 phút trước
reverse black panther
Lightning City - Justin Williams
Lightning City - Justin Williams - 42 phút trước
This movie trailer is harder than my grades
Dakito Dasho
Dakito Dasho - 42 phút trước
This actually looks good. Just when I was losing hope in DC
Saurabh Shinde
Saurabh Shinde - 42 phút trước
this Is AWESOME...
can't wait..♥😊😊
sam hi
sam hi - 42 phút trước
black panther 2 trailer is epic
shashank yadav
shashank yadav - 42 phút trước
it gonna be an epic blockbuster
ItsBrian - 42 phút trước
Literally Thor in Black Panther but lets see
Akbar S. Nugraha
Akbar S. Nugraha - 42 phút trước
By the power of Neptune! Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy UNITE!
Brent Shira
Brent Shira - 42 phút trước
At least they didn't fuck up Black Manta's costume. I was worried about that.
Arman Khan
Arman Khan - 42 phút trước
Aag laga dega aag laga dega aag
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