Aquaman - Official Trailer 1

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Шизл манизл
Шизл манизл - 17 phút trước
As a Marvel fan I am hyped for Aqua Man. I really really hope it will be a big success for DC.
Jason Momoa deserves it
A RIS - 17 phút trước
Edwin J. Hugh
Edwin J. Hugh - 17 phút trước
This movie should’ve came out before justice league
Lost Linq
Lost Linq - 17 phút trước
This better be good DC...
lodalelo - 17 phút trước
Parallel Z
Parallel Z - 17 phút trước
sick sick...better..much better than wondervwoman although she is suuuper sexy
Justice Avengers
Justice Avengers - 17 phút trước
Oh ya., welcome to the Jurassic world..!
Sek - 17 phút trước
Don’t even bother comparing black panther or Thor to this if u don’t have any comic knowledge whatsoever. You guys actually sound retarded.
Aftab Hussain
Aftab Hussain - 17 phút trước
WOW! 😎
jk Simmons a
jk Simmons a - 18 phút trước
Where are my salty marvel fan boys give th8s comment a like 😆😉
yow_ben - 18 phút trước
Wow the underwater graphics is amazing!!! The first of its kind I think. They really gave this justice
Ozymandias - 18 phút trước
who casted that whore
RECOIL7777 - 18 phút trước
Ok I was immediately skeptical because of the CGI with the shark... but holy shit this looks cool.
DJSixteen - 18 phút trước
This looks promising...
Gesele K
Gesele K - 18 phút trước
이게 먼저 나왔어야지...
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 - 18 phút trước
No lava girl ? Hell with this .
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 18 phút trước
They jumped out of an airplane into the desert?
Misterbate - 18 phút trước
black panther 2
Monica Dias
Monica Dias - 18 phút trước
0:30 makes me think of Percy Jackson
Jose Bottom
Jose Bottom - 18 phút trước
This feels like a Thor movie
Tuğrul Engin
Tuğrul Engin - 18 phút trước
That's cool 😍😍
Adil Mohmmed
Adil Mohmmed - 18 phút trước
Is that Kevin Durant. 1:54? 🤔
Alexito Rico
Alexito Rico - 18 phút trước
Black Manta!!!
TrendingTre - 18 phút trước
How do people get checks on they name I want one I can't find it in the emoji
John R.
John R. - 18 phút trước
Howard the movie. make it happen
Joshua Awa-ao
Joshua Awa-ao - 19 phút trước
*sighs not another one
nagendra varma vicky
nagendra varma vicky - 19 phút trước
Now Marvel are in serious danger
Yeah ......they are in real danger
Aquaman gonna change the fate of DC just like the way Black panther did...😍😍😍😍😍
Quoc Hung Bui
Quoc Hung Bui - 19 phút trước
I am a MCU fan, and I find this awesome.
Not every DCEU movie is bad. Wonder Woman was successful, and I believe Aquaman will be, too.
Well done this time, DCEU!
Mahi Manish pathak
Mahi Manish pathak - 19 phút trước
Fan of mahadev aquaman
Jeroen Timmer
Jeroen Timmer - 19 phút trước
Sharks with freakin lasers on their head. Dr evil did it first!
Abram Gaming
Abram Gaming - 19 phút trước
They made aqua man cool again
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 19 phút trước
Basicaly a sequel to COLD SKIN.
FaHiM AhMaD - 19 phút trước
Cameron ZX
Cameron ZX - 19 phút trước
Black panther , Aquaman or Captain Marvel
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith - 19 phút trước
Tell me that not Kevin heart playing black manta at 1:55 😂😂😂😭
Jay Ar Macadangdang
Jay Ar Macadangdang - 19 phút trước
Marvel fans are so bitter
T Bone
T Bone - 19 phút trước
this looks promising
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar - 19 phút trước
Awesome trailer
Finnesekidlevi - 19 phút trước
I still don’t understand why does marvel fanboys always say the movie sucks when they see a dc trailer SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey - 19 phút trước
4 cringe moments in the trailer alone. Not looking good. "Permission to come aboard?" Sweet Jesus that is so gay. "Worst pep talk ever....ever" Just awful.
Parth Antal
Parth Antal - 19 phút trước
Well then finally now I can proudly say FUCK MARVEL BITCH. And those 8k dislikers smd moronic piece of shitbags.
Ragemuffn - 19 phút trước
Looks fantastic but it’s a shame it won’t be a horror movie. First superhero movie in horror would’ve been lit and I think aqua man could’ve suited it well.
Carlos Villaseñor
Carlos Villaseñor - 19 phút trước
Please be good, please be good!
Vince Pedire
Vince Pedire - 19 phút trước
Finally marvel is gonna have a real competition
Erik Ramos
Erik Ramos - 19 phút trước
This movie will change the DCUs movie reputation
Thomas Almeida
Thomas Almeida - 19 phút trước
This looks fucking goofy, and that first line is some of the wordt writing I've ever heard in a big bidget movie. How are people excited for this
résurrectionguilde swtor
résurrectionguilde swtor - 19 phút trước
The fx are so ugly...
ZimtikiBar - 19 phút trước
90% sure DC will manage to fuck it up, but will see it JUST for Black Manta
silvershadow - 19 phút trước
the trailer is good but the poster is actually cancer
Honey Aulakh
Honey Aulakh - 20 phút trước
DC back in action !!!!
Sanujan Thavaraja
Sanujan Thavaraja - 20 phút trước
tamilans hit like
Doctor Manhattan
Doctor Manhattan - 20 phút trước
Oh my god. Yes!
RECOIL7777 - 20 phút trước
0:25 1996 made-for-TV-level CGI
Epicjack - 20 phút trước
We never asked for this !
Hit like
RK VEL - 20 phút trước
Ohh man I'm so excited....awesome trailer. you....
Rashaun Neville
Rashaun Neville - 20 phút trước
See ... Dc getting better 😂‼️ #Aquaman !
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - 20 phút trước
I will love my Khal forever
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg - 20 phút trước
Noah Oreilly
Noah Oreilly - 20 phút trước
looks scuffed
Psma Neshan
Psma Neshan - 20 phút trước
I loved it
iLvM - 20 phút trước
Tbh, Dc rapes Marvel comic and animation wise. Can’t say the same to movies.
Militant Pacifist
Militant Pacifist - 20 phút trước
Why do we have an Aquaman movie but no Waluigi Man movie?
XXX 7 - 20 phút trước
yeah...!!!!!!! DC IS BACK WITH A BOOM!!!!
Adarsh Ar
Adarsh Ar - 20 phút trước
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 20 phút trước
Check out my stream yall if you bored come follow comment share let’s talk some shit giveaways soon
Mr.Wolf-PRO - 20 phút trước
Кто русский?
Rohit Mukherjee
Rohit Mukherjee - 20 phút trước
Oooooo's amazing....super excited
Vines Forever
Vines Forever - 20 phút trước
Rip thumbnail
Vakeel Ansari
Vakeel Ansari - 20 phút trước
Far much better then justice league
Iván Astigarraga
Iván Astigarraga - 20 phút trước
Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur - 21 phút trước
Lol what a funny movie life inside sea
Utaha - Senpai
Utaha - Senpai - 21 phút trước
holy moly, this is EPIC as FUCK
Adnan Edits/Gaming
Adnan Edits/Gaming - 21 phút trước
Ishant Dutt
Ishant Dutt - 21 phút trước
Trailer looks promising and I hope the movie will be as good as expected to be.
Cj McKelin
Cj McKelin - 21 phút trước
Ariel Prequel?
Haziq Khairudin
Haziq Khairudin - 21 phút trước
Please don't cut any of these scenes for later screening, dev. Team. Just don't.
Bam5000000 - 21 phút trước
Holy cgi this a movie or a video game?
Divy Shah
Divy Shah - 21 phút trước
James wan? man dc is improving
ASLI CHAUDHARI - 21 phút trước
Great!!! 😍😍
Mario Antonio
Mario Antonio - 21 phút trước
That goat at the end did the best acting. 2 thumbs up!
░KenLinx░ - 21 phút trước
I want to be optimistic, but man, DC really doesn’t know how to make trailers.
YOYOYO YO - 21 phút trước
box office will be fucked
Jean Grey
Jean Grey - 21 phút trước
Looks like they finally turned a light on for this movie
veerasingam rajkumar
veerasingam rajkumar - 21 phút trước
Donye Hope
Donye Hope - 21 phút trước
And that is why you don't bully people
Nikhil Ananth
Nikhil Ananth - 21 phút trước
Amber Heard is the ideal relationship lol
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos - 22 phút trước
Finding Dory
King FoXx244
King FoXx244 - 22 phút trước
Can’t wait to see it
Yo Boi Sambeezy
Yo Boi Sambeezy - 22 phút trước
R.I.P Black Panther
Abhishek Paliwal
Abhishek Paliwal - 22 phút trước
amber heard 😍😍😍🔥🔥
junior fred
junior fred - 22 phút trước
I see 8k marvel fanboys watched this trailer
D1ABLO - 22 phút trước
How can you have 2 main villains in 1 movie, firstly the bad half brother and the black manta. This movie is gonna be a rushed cgi shitshow tbh.
SamuCosmog - 22 phút trước
1:30 me when I saw Blackpink on Justice League
Siddharth Choudhary
Siddharth Choudhary - 22 phút trước
Finally something which isn't dark
joopalli sudheer
joopalli sudheer - 22 phút trước
DC on😘 hoooohhuuuuuu
Faizi Khan
Faizi Khan - 22 phút trước
Whatta movie osm fantastic adventures #superhero #DC #Warnerbros
Colethunder10 - 22 phút trước
VEGAPUNK - 22 phút trước
Black manta!😱😱
The DDG Family Fans
The DDG Family Fans - 23 phút trước
Notifications turned on!
The Morning Omelette
The Morning Omelette - 23 phút trước
“Freakin Sharks with Laser Beams attached to their freakin heads”- Dr. Evil
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