Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi quickly became one of the most polarizing movies of 2017. Critics loved it, but audiences HATED it. It's only natural to ask why this might be - who is to blame for this disparity? Well, Loyal Theorists, The Hollywood Reporter has an answer: They think it's ALL MY FAULT! And while this does sound ridiculous, it turns out they're right.
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Tiếp theo
MisfortunateJustice - 21 giờ trước
Hell. Yes. Matpat.
Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D
Josh Scott
Josh Scott - 4 giờ trước
I could have never seen star wars before in my life but I still would never have missed the giant fucking plot holes
Topesko Channel
Topesko Channel - 4 giờ trước
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Eplayz - 4 giờ trước
My way to avoid is to stay home and watch film theory and game theory
cornishcactus - 4 giờ trước
You missed why film theories killed this film.
It's not because we had expectation.
It's because for whatever reason the film makers decided no ones theories could be correct.
They would be accused of lazy story writing, nicking somoeone elses theory, then you'd have the gloating that someone was right; heck these days they'd probably sue to try and get writing credit!
The trouble is there was a theory for everything.
Most made sense, most would have made great stories.
But when none can be allowed to be right the writers are left with nothing.
And that doesn't leave the audience disappointed their pet theory didn't make it, but that nothing makes sense and the whole thing was a waste of time.
The Force Awakens left huge questions to be answered.
The Last Jedi pushed them off the table like a malicious cat.
But worse than that it left nothing to make you want to see what happens next.
The only positive, maybe for 9 no one will give enough of a crap to guess and give the writers more freedom.
The LocalMoonman
The LocalMoonman - 4 giờ trước
Holy fuck, Chekov's gun is literally why i hate about this movie, but love it at the same time.
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule - 4 giờ trước
when is the next FilmLegends coming?
TayAmKay - 4 giờ trước
"If you repeat a lie enough times it will be believed"-Hitler
lockedheartunlocked - 4 giờ trước
The Last Jedi didn't do things like Empire did, (reveal the main character's parents) and people cried about it.
If The Last Jedi did do the same things as Empire people would have cried about it. I mean, they proved they would with how many people try to say The Force Awakens is just A New Hope.
What's really killing things like The Last Jedi are people who will praise or bash things solely for views.
Pythos Sapunov
Pythos Sapunov - 4 giờ trước
I shall tell you my sekrit Matpat, if you deliver.. da Spice! Because he who controls the spice, Controls the UNIVERSE!!! YEss!
Drake Coonce
Drake Coonce - 4 giờ trước
I liked the movie...stop being babies hahaha
Almarane - 4 giờ trước
Well, you should take note that the new powers in this film do in fact alreadyh exist in the extended universe (even though Disney rejected it, they still take pieces of it)
Clifford Morales
Clifford Morales - 4 giờ trước
Kill the Disney empire they took down the club penguin empire and made it a 3D crap #Avengeclubpenguin
Chris Siemens
Chris Siemens - 4 giờ trước
Thank you, soooo much. So much truth :)
Resit Pasa
Resit Pasa - 4 giờ trước
Burn it all down, Matt! To arms, citizens, Disney`s tyranny will soon be over!
Kromeknight - 4 giờ trước
Strange, I’ve watched hundreds of YouTube film theories, I went in think a few things were most likely true that weren’t and still enjoyed the heck out of it.
Jakeoffski - 4 giờ trước
I'm with you all the way until you start trying to justify how the attempts at subverting expectations in the story-telling of the movie is bad writing. This is completely wrong. For example, Lukes light-saber was the maguffin of the last movie. Super important in both helping find luke, and helping Rey begin her journey as a force user. Luke throwing it away was showing that this movie would have a different focus, now that Luke is found the light-saber is not the most important thing in this story, Rey is. It's a literal passing of the torch as Luke tosses it aside and Rey picks it up. The Checkovs gun of the last movie was the seemingly non-functioning R2D2, who was eventually the key to finding Luke.
New elements will always be part of a new story and this is the crux of why people who bank everything on their pet theories will fall short of ever enjoying anything ever again. This is why they say it is a bad movie.
Critics Reviews have shown this is not a technical issue, a narrative issue, an acting issue, or a directing issue. As a movie in of itself TLJ is one of the best of 2017. And within the Star Wars franchise a good addition. The issue is with, as you said earlier in the video, people not seeing their pet theories up on the big screen and new elements being brought into the universe that they don't like. When this begins to be brought into arguments for or against, you're talking about subjective taste, not objective parameters of what makes a movie good or bad.
Vanya Gurachevsky
Vanya Gurachevsky - 4 giờ trước
Vanya land. Wow. Check out my name lol
Jonathan Stamper
Jonathan Stamper - 4 giờ trước
Yes!!! I agree 100%! I even said this same thing while walking out of the theater when the movie opened....theories, rumors, discussions of this movie made it difficult to get into.
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule - 4 giờ trước
Augustin Julia
Augustin Julia - 4 giờ trước
there is only one thing i regret in the 8th episode, everything else i love, and its rey's parentage, but not because i watched videos about it, a bit because of that, but mostly because im hoping tht its just a trick from kylo to push rey to the dark side and that there is another twist when we discover her true heritage
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis - 4 giờ trước
I understand your video but how do you explain that that most of the fandom didn't like the movie due to it's poor writing and shallow character development. It's not the theories that ruined the movie for most, for those with a keen eye for the star wars universe it was bad due to it being poorly portrayed that's my opinion anyway.
Dakota Blackstone
Dakota Blackstone - 4 giờ trước
It was boring and disappointing. Disney gassed it up then tried to M. Night Shyamalan the audience. To which I say Booooooooo!
GameZone fairy
GameZone fairy - 4 giờ trước
I have no ideas how theories are ruining this movie.... I think theories make whatever they are more interesting because you have more to think about! You can see it in a new way, a more interesting way!
NathMassaro01 - 4 giờ trước
It would have been so much better for luke to have actually physically fought kylo on crait.
I mean they even teased the x wing under water. I think if fans had seen luke come out of nowhere on his x wing And have 1 last epic lightsaber duel with kylo then I think fans would have been able to excuse most of everything else that was poor in the movie.
TheoryTheory - 4 giờ trước
MatPat bro.. Theory Theory? That was gonna be my thing...
Hip Hop Keep Up
Hip Hop Keep Up - 4 giờ trước
Don't take the credit when you just stole the theory of Reddit to begin with
ChrisXCross64 - 4 giờ trước
Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson killed Star Wars
nottadoctor - 4 giờ trước
This is your best Star Wars theory yet
Augustin Julia
Augustin Julia - 4 giờ trước
Yo MatPat so many things you say are true and intelligent but sometimes u just ignore obvious details, for example when Admiral Holdo light speeded into the first order cruiser, she told no one and she did it so late for one reason, she wasn't expecting the cruiser to notice the transport ships so when they started firing them down, she stressed, she didn't know what to do and all the sudden she had this idea of going light speed into the cruiser, she improvised. She was probably expecting to die the same way as the first of their ship did when it ran out of fuel, to die blown up by the first order.
Tuck Mun Hum
Tuck Mun Hum - 4 giờ trước
Whao, they actually placed the backlash by lumping everyone into Alt-righters and Fans. That will kinda pissed even more ppl off.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 4 giờ trước
the movie had bad viewer reviews because it was a bad movie, not due to theories
Joccaren - 4 giờ trước
I had no theories for TLJ. I didn't even watch the trailers. To be entirely honest, I didn't really care about the movie that much. I saw it as the deciding movie for Disney Wars; Was it going to be TFA again and cement the series as forgettable, or was it going to be something new, interesting, and cool that would revitalise my interest in the series?
I didn't know. I was quietly hopeful that it would actually be good. I thought Disney knew that they'd played it too safe with TFA, and would course adjust enough to keep hope. My worst expectation was that the movie would be competent but disappointing. Oh how wrong I was.
During the opening crawl I knew something was off. I knew a lot of things were off. The opening crawl didn't do an effective job - just mostly just throwing a lot of names at you that you didn't know unless you were a fan, but it also just retconned a lot of stuff about the galaxy. It was an obvious setup to have a Empire Strikes back rerun. And that's exactly what we got. This movie wasn't original, or new, or different. Plot wise, its Empire Strikes Back, and then a little addendum to run through RotJ in about 20 minutes at the end.
Leaving the movie at the end, I felt insulted. The film had forgone any level of sense, and instead sacrificed any potential merits it could have on over-selling a political message, and trying to be 'unpredictable' - which actually made it completely predictable, once you realised what it was doing. It relied entirely on flashy special effects in order to keep people interested. Originally, I thought the only movie it was better than was Phantom Menace. After watching an analysis of Duel of the Fates' sound design and the actual care, effort and writing and cinematographic skill that went into that scene, I'm changing my opinion. Phantom Menace had a crapton of problems, but there was a lot of actually competently done stuff in it - like Duel of the Fates, if you ignore the gungan sections. TLJ has none of that. It has short, 'stunning' special effects, but cinematographically its a mess. Plot wise, its a mess.
The flim has some decent ideas, and some ok themes. It botches the execution so badly, however, that I can't give it any credit. Its oftentimes self-contradictory with its messages as well. For example; "We fight by saving what we love rather than destroying what we hate". That'd be a great message... if it wasn't delivered by someone suicide ramming someone else to stop them from suicide ramming their target to save those that they love - I.E; The Rebellion and Rey and shit. Had Luke not been in the movie - and Rose had no way to know he'd arrive - everyone would be dead, because of her stupidity. This also follows right after they try and portray Holdo as a hero for her destroying those that she hates by suicide ramming them. If you're going to have this message, be consistent with it. Don't be hypocritical.
It also botched the execution with things like Rey. I don't mind if Luke is old and grumpy, but Rey needs training. She's just a Mary Sue ATM, and this film cemented that further. I don't care who her parents are, the line "They were nobody" honestly didn't even register at the time I was just like "Yeah, I mean, why would it be someone we know? That wouldn't make a ton of sense given TFA, everyone would just be acting stupid if that was the case". Afterwards, when she was just more Mary Sue, it came across as worse as it was the only potential escape of "Well it makes some tiny amount of sense because she is related to [OP force user]". It'd still be crap, but at least there'd be a reason for it, even if it would still be bad writing. Honestly, keep the "She's nobody's daughter" thing. I kind of like it. Fix the Mary Sue thing. Its just stupid.
It also does everything it can to retcon everything it can about the previous movies. If you feel the need to do this... Make a different movie. Don't actively try to delete Star Wars in a Star Wars movie. It won't go over well, because funnily enough a lot of people liked Star Wars, and came to see a Star Wars movie, not a movie that insults Star Wars. The movie would be better if it weren't Star Wars. Star Wars would be better without this movie. Just make it a different damned franchise.
I also don't buy that we have to criticise a movie entirely on its own merits. Yes, you should not dock points because it didn't do what you expected it to do. However, if its part of a franchise, it has to be assessed by how it fits into that franchise, rather than how it'd be as a standalone. That's the whole point of it being in a franchise for the viewer. Sure, for marketing, its there to get more views, but the viewer is watching a franchise movie for more of that franchise. Further, if there are actually better ways of handling something out there, a movie should very much be compared to them and judged accordingly. Context is important, and if there was a better way to handle something, the movie's score should reflect the fact that such a better presentation existed.
As for the Empire Strikes Back thing... I've seen this brought up before, and I really don't think history will be kind to The Last Jedi. Empire Strikes back was originally criticised as it didn't really work as a standalone. The concept of a multi-movie story that was continuous wasn't as established, and the film on its own is somewhat weak. It relies heavily on you already relating to many of the characters, and doesn't have the closure and strong emotional payoff of a standalone film. The film was redeemed when VI came out, and the story could be taken as a whole with all three movies, with V as simply the middle act. It wasn't as strong as a standalone, but as a part of an ongoing story it was brilliant. Audiences, from what I understand, also weren't that repulsed by it; it was mostly critics who hated it. Contrast to TLJ, which cannot be redeemed by a following movie as it is entirely self contained, and has actively tried to cut all possible ties to other movies; killing off any character linked to past movies, as well as killing off any character that could be carried through to future movies. Exception Rose. Audiences are the ones who strongly dislike it, while early critics loved it. Most damningly, if you were to do a Star Wars run, and watch all the movies in one sitting, it would clash horribly with the experience, and feel very jarring, while V would flow perfectly. It doesn't fit with Star Wars, and thus it'll never be redeemed as a Star Wars movie.
The movie gets a lot of passes for what it tries to do; it has great aspirations, and many people relate to its ideas and loft goals, and give it credit for that. In its execution, however, it falls horribly flat, and that is why so many people hate it. That's not going to change over time, and this movie - and at this point honestly I'm expecting the whole Disney set - will be seen as bad, and just considered non-canon in the future, regardless of what is official or not. It all just clashed with the canon, and we're likely to end up with 3 soft reboots in a row at this rate. That's just not going to work for a continuing saga story, and audiences are already showing that. Hopefully 10-20 years from now, someone comes along and does what Disney did to the EU, to Disney's current movies, and then restarts the continuation from scratch - this time with a plan for where its going to go. Its about the only hope of getting good Star Wars movies at this point.
Barron Vandervoort
Barron Vandervoort - 4 giờ trước
no, bad writing did that...
BLOXfox - 4 giờ trước
Wow i cant beleive that they said it was only MatPat to be honest you should be proud if they see your video it means your growing far.
tsioulak - 4 giờ trước
Matt, read more about the star wars lore, again you are making mistakes and spreading lies and half truths (about the setting).For example vice admiral's gender studies "plan" wasn't badass, it was breaking the laws of physics within the setting because hyperspace travel doesn't work like that, in fact it breaks established and previous storylines (i.e. why didn't they do the same thing to the deathstar).
Now on to your theory, no theories didn't ruin TLJ, Kennedy (and Disney in general) did that because they don't want to write an epic or even a good movie, instead they want to jump on the SJW bandwagon.
josh davis
josh davis - 4 giờ trước
The movie killed the many story arcs that were completely destroyed. A main "bad guy" killed off without any closure. A lot of forced humor and a casino scene that didnt fit the entire film and did nothing to further the plot. This movie was shite.
lumina orchis
lumina orchis - 4 giờ trước
I absolutely loved The Last Jedi. It’s second only to Empire Strikes Back. There’s nothing wrong with theorizing/speculating; the issue is projecting individual expectations upon a movie instead of absorbing the story that the filmmakers are telling.
I enjoyed speculating/theorizing prior to the film’s release; but I did not go into the movie intent to be upset if the film went a different direction.
TheBekken9500 - 4 giờ trước
okay i will tell you my secret. firstoff never read a comment off your videos ever that is just a thingy and then go ahead and tell someone else that has seen the movie go trough the comment itself. and then i want you to do this, whenever you are anywhere espesally social media you do not post anything for six months and stay off. everywhere exsept for youtube. just stay. and then i want you to go ahead and whenever you are out just listen to music and pretend you listen to your friend. so have a headset on and just ignore everything everyone of your friends are saying. so yeah that is my spoiler free secret
Rachel Sepulveda
Rachel Sepulveda - 4 giờ trước
Number 1 trending!!! Go MatPat Go!!
CuckooHead Fan
CuckooHead Fan - 4 giờ trước
Spoiler repellent recipe: get a skunk to spray on you, or stay in every day till u watch the movie that will 100% work if u don't want your job or u already dont have one XD
thomas the meme
thomas the meme - 4 giờ trước
Film theories did not kill the film. The film itself killed it. The storyline was completely absurd and wouldn't have happened if any character at all acted like a normal person or had any thoughts whatsoever, there were innumerable plot holes, every single scene was thrown in for a "haha bet you assholes didn't expect that huh well fuck you" moment or for a stupid out of place joke that completely shattered any tone in the scene (Luke throwing the lightsaber) and it had painful amounts of in your face political messages that were horrendously out of place in a Star Wars film that will be completely outdated in a decade most likely.
People weren't disappointed because their fan theory that Snoke was actually the son of Jar Jar's down syndrome cousin and Qui Gon, but because literally every single story arc set up in The Force Awakens was either killed horribly because the selfish prick Rian Johnson wanted to leave his own special mark on Star Wars, or was just completely dropped. The whole of the Force Awakens was building up to a big reveal about Rey (in the dialogue of multiple main characters) and who her parents were, and would most likely explain why she is such a Mary Sue, but instead they dropped that because if expectations aren't completely subverted in every way possible, the film is awful, who cares about story right?
The film prioritised shock factor and jokes that would it in better in a Marvel film than character development and plot, and they literally went out of their way for a "haha assholes you were wrong" every second scene.
FYI, completely changing a character to the point of them being literally unrecognisable if they were described to you is not a character arc, or character growth. It's shitty writing and character assassination. Changing Luke to the extent that you would actually guess Darth Vader or the Emperor before guessing Luke if he was described with absolutely no explanation aside from a shitty flashback that made LUKE SKYWALKER look like someone who would plot KILLING HIS NEPHEW is not a character arc. Luke literally finished his character arc in Return of the Jedi, the entire original trilogy was Luke's character arc.
junglejoe40 - 4 giờ trước
I didn't read a single article nor watch a single video about TLJ theories and low and behold it was still jarring and bad. besides, no theories were needed to build expectations ...just watching TFA was enough to build strong expectations.
Travis Perkins
Travis Perkins - 4 giờ trước
I haven't seen the movie though looked up the ending/spoiler stuff, wasn't satisfied at all why tease her parents so much if they are no bodies. Also I don't like that 7 and 9 have one director and 8 had a different one. That would be like me writing book 1 and 3 of a series and someone else book 2...
Michael J Caboose
Michael J Caboose - 4 giờ trước
“How I killed Star Wars. And up next, how to profit off of others’ loss.”
Marquis Projects
Marquis Projects - 4 giờ trước
The last Jedi was ruined by fan theories, but not in the way you describe. It was ruined because the powers at work didn't want you or anyone else to be right about anything.
ALUCARD - 5 giờ trước
longest intro I have so far seen in film theory.
Nicholas Harringtos
Nicholas Harringtos - 5 giờ trước
I actually didn't like the movie cause it was exactly what I expected. I knew that Disney would do what they have been doing for the last 5 years. That was that they would toy with new concepts but then completely redact them at the last second because you gotta please the masses. I was sooooooooo hoping that Ray and Kylo would ban together and start the grey Jedi in an interesting twist of them Vs the people who would only classify good and Evil and it looked like Disney was going in that direction. But no, can't be a Disney story without a villain. So they just pulled out at the last second with some ridiculous reversal in character which made the whole movie a waste of everyone time and boiling down to the slowest chase sequence of all time with another Cantina, another instantly killed boss of the villain, and another washed up dark side vs light side story.
xZeroMan - 5 giờ trước
Wait.... Has Theodd1out uploaded a new video?
Races and Fun
Races and Fun - 5 giờ trước
on my opinion the 3 original films were the best , and for some reason i don't like the new films especially when Disney took over
Goni. Mine.Craft
Goni. Mine.Craft - 5 giờ trước
how to avoid spoilers simple live in a country 30 years behind other countries where 80 percent of people are idiots and speak in different language :(
mok Yee wun
mok Yee wun - 5 giờ trước
MrDuckboy69 - 5 giờ trước
Such a true title, I was disappointed
石村-先輩 - 5 giờ trước
At leats its canon

its better than the prequels except Episode III
LAURAKiM - 5 giờ trước
*Хэй, есть тут кто русскоязычный? Плиз, помогите набрать 1000 подписчиков и оцените мои видео. Спасибо за внимание^^*
*Вот собираюсь менять тематику канала:)*
txcforever - 5 giờ trước
But it wasn't about dismissing fan theories. It dismissed and ignored the plot threads started in their own movie, specifically Episode VII. They were the ones that were making Rei's parents subplot appear like a big deal, they could just say they were nobodies in the first one and leave a blank slate of how they were going to treat it in the next movies (leave it at that or expand on it). They were the ones teasing a Luke-Rei connection, again they could have left it at "she is just a gifted force user like Anakin was". So no, fan theorists weren't the ones at fault for dissecting the clues the previous movie left for them, it was their fault for ignoring them in their own damn sequel.
As for the new characters, it's not about nazis, or nerds, or meninists. They wasted memorable characters, like Ackbar, with not a second thought (just like BvS did with Jimmy Olsen) just so that they can introduce a new character out of nowhere and expected the audience which just met that character and only saw her for maybe 5 minutes to feel bad when she sacrificed herself. Why? We don't know anything for her, not only that we spent the past hour in the movie hating her for seemingly acting like a coward and just running away with no plan.
And let's not forget about Rose. A character introduced for no real reason other to shove into our ears a "war is bad" message and then ruin what would've been an amazing scene of Finn sacrificing himself for the people he cared about. You know, a character we actually liked and wanted to see a conclusion to his arc starting in VII.
I know I sound a bit angry, but I assure you I'm not a huge cinefile, nor a Star Wars fanboy. I hate though that I see a mediocre movie gets praised to heavens by critics, not because it was good but because in a way they force them to. It also happened with Wonder Woman (which except the final act it was pretty good) and as a reaction with Thor Ragnarok (which was good but not 92% good).
Octarian965 - 5 giờ trước
How to not be spoiled: Have terrible internet so click bait thumbnails do not load
Kanapka Love
Kanapka Love - 5 giờ trước
Tbh, if you ignore Chekov's gun, you deserve all the backlash you get.
If they just *wrote their goddamn movie correctly* half of the mirror effect wouldn't be there
Samara Morgan
Samara Morgan - 5 giờ trước
The guy who said Luke is the last Jedi lied to us what an asshole.
GrifGrey - 5 giờ trước
This is ironic....
AnalKarl der vierte
AnalKarl der vierte - 5 giờ trước
If he'd be shouting instead of speaking there would be no chance I could distinguish him from Austin from Shoddycast/The Game Theorists.
Ten Seventeen
Ten Seventeen - 5 giờ trước
Ten Seventeen
Ten Seventeen - 5 giờ trước
mlg pro
mlg pro - 5 giờ trước
Film theory can u make a theory about pamtri
Ten Seventeen
Ten Seventeen - 5 giờ trước
Alex Manalang
Alex Manalang - 5 giờ trước
Kekker - 5 giờ trước
You're right about how people get influenced by how many times they hear something. Just look at the opinion on the prequels, everyone keeps bashing is non-stop and now everyone is convinced it's complete garbage. When asked why they can give hardly any good arguments that are built on facts instead of opinions.
beastboi0305 - 5 giờ trước
I Love Theodd1sout
DJDonkeys - 5 giờ trước
This is why I waited to watch the theories after the movie.
Kade Rose
Kade Rose - 5 giờ trước
If theories based on evidence make more sense and are better than the movie, the movie was just bad. Theories didn't kill this movie. It wasn't until actual fans told me all the things this movie left hanging from episode 7 that I realized how this movie failed itself.
Foosmar Kyo
Foosmar Kyo - 5 giờ trước
Don't hold back on your research and Theories!
To put it simply: movie as product may be fine, as critics rate it. But fans are used to some stuff and movie didn't respected those fans :p Adding new stupid stuff, trashing old legacy, that's what's about :p Also Rey parentage secret was shot to the knee. They hold it for so long as mystery, that it blown into their own faces, when they revealed that it's not important.
Maybe, movie franchise directors should hire someone to answer community questions, by releasing yt videos instead of teasers?... "Will we know who Rey parents are?" "We will. But don't count on some huge reveal here". Something we have in online computer games, dev panels and questions.
Side note, you pointed out unanswered plots and questions, that were skipped, instead of being placed and left purpose for own interpretation.. So R.I.P Last Disapointment of Jedi :p
Geoffrey Winn
Geoffrey Winn - 5 giờ trước
Cool video!
Kiersten Bowman
Kiersten Bowman - 5 giờ trước
daemon heath
daemon heath - 5 giờ trước
guys i didnt know that the last jedi was even out when was the trailer?
Mant111 - 5 giờ trước
It was shit, Jim.
Call me Riddick
Call me Riddick - 5 giờ trước
Dnt let their salt get to you. The problem that audiences had with the movie was that the simple fact that they deliberately gave the finger to everything they built towards in TFA. And I actually enjoyed the movie
oz pardo
oz pardo - 5 giờ trước
just stop making content. please.
Daily Foodie
Daily Foodie - 5 giờ trước
l1ght-3 - 5 giờ trước
I didnt have any expectations from this star wars instalment seeing how the brand as a whole was kinda going to shit,but God damn was i annoyed about theis movie.
Capn Slapaho3
Capn Slapaho3 - 5 giờ trước
Hi! (Srry für my bad 3nglish
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer - 5 giờ trước
We only don’t like the last Jedi because it is Disney now, if George Lucas did it, he wouldn’t have to deal with the explosion at the place where general Leia “ died “ and came back because George Lucas wouldn’t even have the explosion. The only thing that he would do it is the yoda scene
DKforever24 - 5 giờ trước
12:40 Luke Skywalker literally tossed away Chekhov's Lightsaber in the opening moments to SW: TLJ.
When one of the literal main plot devices of ep 7 was shamelessly tossed away like a piece of trash in the opening to ep 8, I was pissed off that Luke would do that, even though I was relieved that Rey went and picked it back up. Everything that Luke did in ep 8 was highly disappointing and you can't even call that a lightsaber duel at the end of the movie. It was simply Luke pretending to be there just to troll Kylo, while also doing a very bad call back to "A New Hope" where Obi-Wan made the "If you should strike me down in anger. . ." quote.
Miriam T
Miriam T - 5 giờ trước
I loved the Last Jedi. I was happy that Rey's parents weren't anyone. It was a good move. It's what the story needed. I understand why people were upset, but I liked it. I also think Holdo's plan was a test for Finn. The new trilogy is about passing the torch. That's what I saw, anyway.
My Autobiography A Fanfic
My Autobiography A Fanfic - 5 giờ trước
If you're going to say a Star Wars film is the best SF film of all time, I'm going to call The Disney Channel Original Film Descendants the best Cowboy Western of all time.
bagszi - 5 giờ trước
I did watch some theories and I really belived them. I expected it to be revealed as truth and was suprised when the opposite happened. But, I ended up really enjoying the movie. More than the other Star Wars movies. Maybe exactly because it was able to suprise me and defy my expectations about the plot. Sure, it could be annoying that there are hintings in the plot that's actually does not lead to anywhere, but it was about to defy expectation, to show people not to cling on the myths and easy story plots, because life does not happens like this, not even a galaxy far far away... So tldr; I enjoyed the movie better because it had an unexpected plot.
Ellie - 5 giờ trước
#1 on trending? 😁👍 niiiice! You do a great job Mat
DreverLP - 5 giờ trước
No there was just too much disney and comedy, they remived all that mystical star wars feeling
Xenomorph ishere
Xenomorph ishere - 5 giờ trước
Man I seriously think that Disney should hire you as story writer. That would be awesome.
SAHEL tube
SAHEL tube - 5 giờ trước
Watch new favorite movies and TV shows for free 2018
NeonPantheon - 5 giờ trước
Sohrab Firouzjahi
Sohrab Firouzjahi - 5 giờ trước
i saw this video and 14:24 gave me a great idea, what if you start BOOK theory!
about all the cool book stuff that didn't make a good movie like Percy Jackson!
Multibottlerocket Multibottlerocket
I hate the new star wars
Arturo Barrera
Arturo Barrera - 5 giờ trước
Louise Keane
Louise Keane - 5 giờ trước
Matpat you have more than 5 million subscribers you are not a small
Drum Adrenaline
Drum Adrenaline - 5 giờ trước
The last Jedi was the BEST Star wars movie in existence and no one can tell me otherwise!
Gyrre - 5 giờ trước
So the 'illusory truth effect' is the reason why so many people believe the whole 'humans are the sole cause of global warming and have destroyed the planet' claim even though it's bullsh*t? That _would_ explain why it's been drilled into us for nearly 30 years.
BTW, actual science shows that humans are only partly to blame for climate change and that the climate change we're experiencing *isn't* catastrophic.
70jcarbon - 5 giờ trước
1. Literally just read memes all day
Yusuf Azmi
Yusuf Azmi - 5 giờ trước
In between the discussion I'll like to point out the odd1sout reference.Good job matpat
Mr. Spoo
Mr. Spoo - 5 giờ trước
Anyone else enjoy the movie? Just me? Alright then
KrisKingGaming 235
KrisKingGaming 235 - 5 giờ trước
#1 on trending