Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi quickly became one of the most polarizing movies of 2017. Critics loved it, but audiences HATED it. It's only natural to ask why this might be - who is to blame for this disparity? Well, Loyal Theorists, The Hollywood Reporter has an answer: They think it's ALL MY FAULT! And while this does sound ridiculous, it turns out they're right.
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Tiếp theo
MisfortunateJustice - 23 giờ trước
Hell. Yes. Matpat.
Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D
xxStitchGirlxx 1209
xxStitchGirlxx 1209 - 20 phút trước
#1 on trending nice job Matpat and everyone on the team also bring down the Disney Empire
Shoemaker - 20 phút trước
You didn't sub to ods1out. I'm sad :'(
Lazer Face
Lazer Face - 21 phút trước
#1 on trending
Carolyn Mezias
Carolyn Mezias - 21 phút trước
French Bread
French Bread - 21 phút trước
This has been ranked number 1 trending since I first watched the movie (1 day)
Spikeyboy989mc Gaming
Spikeyboy989mc Gaming - 21 phút trước
welp we all f&*ked up the new star wars movie guess we better get ready to make theories for the next movie anyways
Cypher - 22 phút trước
WOW #1 ON TRENDING ????? TF (not saying you dont deserve it it's just... i have NEVER seen your vid on trending # 1 lol )
PoisonJane - 22 phút trước
Do a theory on devil man crybaby
Secretly Ditto
Secretly Ditto - 22 phút trước
Your theory was the only one I watched, and after that, I refused to watch any trailers for The Last Jedi. I loved the movie! I just about died laughing when your theory wasn't proved to be true. At least, it wasn't proved true in this episode 😉
LionsRandomStuff - 22 phút trước
Theodd1sout XD
Alec Erlandson
Alec Erlandson - 23 phút trước
Yes! TheOdd1sOut made it!
Edmond Troka
Edmond Troka - 23 phút trước
Sean Hanson
Sean Hanson - 23 phút trước
If fan theories are hurting movies perhaps they need writers who are better at writing than the fans.
Noah M.
Noah M. - 23 phút trước
Gilhelmi - 23 phút trước
I watched all of your videos on Star Wars and still enjoyed the Last Jedi greatly.
Theroy busted.
S _
S _ - 23 phút trước
Congrats on number 1 trending
ugandan knuckles
ugandan knuckles - 23 phút trước
What were they thinking about rey s parents.i like the matpat s way better.
Annie Bags
Annie Bags - 23 phút trước
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 23 phút trước
The movie was just down right terrible. At first screening at liked it, but there was feeling in the back of my head that I didn't which tends to happen in a lot of movies I don't like but I'm not sure at the first watch. I looked up reviews from people critics and I now say the movie was bad. Too much was added in the movie. The whole Canto Bight and Finn and Rose arch was unnecessary. Some plot choices were bad and some scenes didn't need to be in there. It was just bad. The crashing of the ship scene with the purple - haired girl (can't remember her name) was good though. Before watching, I did not have any theories neither did I watch any.
Nathan Verseghy
Nathan Verseghy - 23 phút trước
steven universe theory plez
Noah M.
Noah M. - 23 phút trước
Best star Wars movie yet!!!
BLVKK_VNGXL - 24 phút trước
" How The Director killed star wars the last jedi"
Cookie Catcher
Cookie Catcher - 24 phút trước
People just didn't want Luke to die
Awesomewolf920 - 24 phút trước
#1 on trending OMG!
Christopher Christopher
Christopher Christopher - 24 phút trước
Hey everyone just trying to get some subscribers thanks!!
Jack The Killer
Jack The Killer - 24 phút trước
well matpat i havent watched the movie and i have skipped all spoilers a.k.a havent heard any and the reason is that i really really dont like star wars like i hate it. now lets see how shit this one was
Me Taskmaster
Me Taskmaster - 24 phút trước
FireFox8821 // The Firefox Clan
FireFox8821 // The Firefox Clan - 24 phút trước
Congrats on #1 Trending!
Daron L.
Daron L. - 24 phút trước
If Jar Jar Abrams hadn’t played his “Lost” card in TFA, setting up revelations he couldn’t deliver on, there would be no fan theories to blame Rian’s terrible movie on.
Batfleck Forever
Batfleck Forever - 26 phút trước
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy > Social Justice Wars
Reno Valdez
Reno Valdez - 26 phút trước
我愛你!!! 你很有意思!!!!!!
Chance Morgan
Chance Morgan - 26 phút trước
I freaking loved The Last Jedi. It was the first time I went to a movie opening night, (I had to wait an hour and a half for the next show because tickets were sold out,) and people were applauding in the theatre. *Spoiler* if you haven't seen it, please don't read on, I'd hate to be the one to spoil it for you. When Kylo Ren killed Snoke and when the purple haired chick ran through the ship at light speed was when there was an actual applause
Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson - 26 phút trước
It is simple mat just do not listen to anyone until you watched the movie
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean - 26 phút trước
Rose was the WORST character ever
Batfleck Forever
Batfleck Forever - 26 phút trước
SW Prequels > SJW Wars
NearbyBD - 27 phút trước
Divyesh Kharva
Divyesh Kharva - 27 phút trước
You give yourself too much credit
Adam The Boss Qualls
Adam The Boss Qualls - 27 phút trước
Yadhira Michelle
Yadhira Michelle - 27 phút trước
Random nothingness
Random nothingness - 27 phút trước
Disney's reign of terror is withering.
Kara Orfanidis
Kara Orfanidis - 28 phút trước
I feel it’s Disney’s fault they killed you know who they are not as good as George Lucas
BallTech - 28 phút trước
So the film theorist contributed to the death of star wars because of his massive ego and arrogance that his theories are the only possible ones that mattered...bah.
Charles Journey
Charles Journey - 28 phút trước
How is this video #1 on trending?
Cookiie Coffee
Cookiie Coffee - 28 phút trước
IrethEdelstein - 28 phút trước
you know what? This reminds me of when the Russo brothers decided to do a movie that it was cinema sins proof. To this day, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is considered to be one of the best movies of the MCU...
Kaden Goldman
Kaden Goldman - 29 phút trước
“And milky lizard giraffes”
Just a random guy passing through
Just a random guy passing through - 29 phút trước
#1 On trending again
Crazygrigamer67 - 29 phút trước
#1 on trending
Jonathan Butler
Jonathan Butler - 29 phút trước
Matpat its not your fault, TFA went out of its way to be stupidly mysterious, which made us theorize, which raised expectations. Its the previous movies fault
Jumpship Pilot
Jumpship Pilot - 29 phút trước
I avoided all media regarding Star Wars all I knew going in was the title and I still think it is the worst Star Wars
Stephanie Beach
Stephanie Beach - 30 phút trước
N.L. Vaaj
N.L. Vaaj - 30 phút trước
Nobody likes cliches tho....
DoggyA9123 Dude
DoggyA9123 Dude - 30 phút trước
Hugo Yam
Hugo Yam - 30 phút trước
i love how critics stated that the movie fk up all fan theories and that is a evident of how the movie violate the franchise original setting, that is god damn right fan theories are written in the bible! how could that be wrong? and forgot those episode V haters back in the 80, Disney was behind them and they planned to ruin star wars back then
Secret Singer And Sketcher
Secret Singer And Sketcher - 30 phút trước
1:33 I will teach you my spoiler repellent ways oh mere padawon...

be an introvert and don't leave the rock you live under, that's how
jamie domingue
jamie domingue - 30 phút trước
So what if I didn’t see any spoilers, and or theories about the new Star Wars movie. But ultimately didn’t enjoy it. Like you said in this video(which I’m watching weeks after seeing the movie) I do think they just try to force to much change and it didn’t work well. I was lost in the story as to what the fuck was happening. Who the fuck is snoke , how can Luke somehow project himself, when the fuck did Princess Leia somehow use the force to magically fly(wouldnt she have instantly froze to death btw in space?) how the hell did Kylo and Ren do that telekinesis type shit which has never been done before? Is snoke dead or was he just force projecting his self because you know they love fucking with Star Wars fans , what was the point of introducing that Asian girl and why did she stop Finn , that would have been an amazing sacrifice and would be sad but satisfying. Who is this purple hair women? Why weren’t Rays parents played into more in depth characters. Too many new questions that were added from previous Star Wars, Disney is doing a shitty job at keeping the Star Wars story alive , and I really hope they don’t fuck up any new movies.
RelatingHoney 91
RelatingHoney 91 - 30 phút trước
This over complicates me just watching a movie and liking it
sharkbait 48
sharkbait 48 - 31 phút trước
TheDragonfly256 - 31 phút trước
Dont get ahead of yourself... Plinket started this whole analyze movie to death, except he made valid points.
Radexy - 32 phút trước
Now take One Piece for example. There is quite the community around one piece theories and no matter how incredible those theories are, the write never fails to exceed all expectations. Being a longtime running series is a huge advantage in that regard but i feel like these theories help one piece alot.
Mwatipatsa Mwamvani
Mwatipatsa Mwamvani - 32 phút trước
MatPat how could you?!😠
Jane Kally
Jane Kally - 32 phút trước
#1 on trending ~ Congrats!!
Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson Rodriguez - 32 phút trước
matpat I will show u da wae to avoid spoilers
Husni Abugosh
Husni Abugosh - 32 phút trước
i avoided spoilers until a few days ago
Unamerican666 - 32 phút trước
Alternative social justices warrior cuckservatives got triggered by this movie
Tyler does Gaming
Tyler does Gaming - 32 phút trước
#1 on trending!
Văn-Hiếu Võ
Văn-Hiếu Võ - 32 phút trước
The part about "exposure" and "open mind" is so true. I've always wondered if I would ever have had different opinions on things if I hadn't been exposed to someone else's opinions beforehand. I'm painfully aware that I've been frequently unfairly biased but I just can't help it.
Taze Fisher
Taze Fisher - 33 phút trước
I haven't seen it yet only because I mostly watch anime and other shows on Netflix... I'm pretty cut off from the internet as well...
Darth Ren
Darth Ren - 33 phút trước
Hey everyone stop hating Star Wars The Last Jedi
William Beck
William Beck - 33 phút trước
Speaking of critics, I remember a line uttered by Colleen Camp in the movie " they all laughed " , art fart , the best comment I've ever heard about pretentiousness !
Cathy Goldstein
Cathy Goldstein - 33 phút trước
1-20-17 this is #1 on trending
Adam Egan
Adam Egan - 33 phút trước
For me one of the biggest points is that we've had Kylo Ren as the antagonist (I'm still not convinced he's the villain) of this story for 4 and a half hours now and we still don't have any motivation that makes sense. There is a lot riding on episode 9 now. If anyone can pull it off Abrams can, but I'd be surprised it if it was less than 3 hours.
Wyatt Corbin
Wyatt Corbin - 33 phút trước
A non-comprehensive list of things wrong with the last Jedi (chronologically):
The opening scene, while the movie's best, featured almost parody-like dialogue
Luke's opening scene on the island
The whole space-stand-off
Leia's magic space flying
The telepathy
The mirror scene
The casino scenes
The uselessness of Benicio Del Toro in the movie (2000 best actor, Traffic)
The fact that Luke keeps on talking about how he didn't want to be found, but for some reason left a map
Snoke. Duh.
Kylo Ren basically being a member of Linkin Park
The uselessness of Laura Dern, her sacrifice was fucking bizzare. Was there not an autopilot option?
The stupidity of Kylo Ren for not killing Hux, despite having good reason and choking him multiple times
The fact that it take the "speeders" an insane amount of time to reach the plodding walkers
Honestly, the entire last scene of the movie
The hamfisted "romance"
I'm sure I missed some stuff. All in all, 3/10.
Eliza Gevorgyan
Eliza Gevorgyan - 33 phút trước
And then he asks "why don't I get invited to Disney premieres?" I DON'T KNOW, MAYBE YOU JUST RUINED THEIR REPUTATION?!
Robert DeLauro
Robert DeLauro - 34 phút trước
The force awakens left us with so many hype questions like what is luke gonna be like, who are reys parents and who is snoke and they left us with luke is a bitchy depressed dude, reys a nobody and snoke died before u learn anything about him
Ledpooplin55 - 34 phút trước
It was a mistake for JJ to introduce theories and speculation into the SW universe. Ya, surprise people, pull the rug out, but don't invite them to theorize because people, particularly some SW fans are bitter manbabies. Just look at Lost. When you invite speculation, it never is satisfying. Nobody had theories about who Lukes dad was. We thought we knew and then boom. SW fans can just be the worst.
Dmitry Alexander Samoilov
Dmitry Alexander Samoilov - 34 phút trước
Fake reviews. Sad!
Alexander Nilsson
Alexander Nilsson - 34 phút trước
It was just a bad movie, plain and simple. Lame plot, terrible pacing, plot holes galore, dumb character choices, etc. The fact that critics rated this movie so high is clear evidence to me that the critics are in the big studios' pockets.
legendhole432 - 34 phút trước
Last Jedi is like Swiss cheese some like it some hate it, but at the end of the day it has a lot of (plot)holes.
Lee Tewksbury
Lee Tewksbury - 34 phút trước
Maybe they're all pissed that your creative theories based on some evidence are better stories than what Hollywood can come up with.
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs - 34 phút trước
I see your Schwartz is...curved for her pleasure
Adrian - 34 phút trước
Dang,You made it to 1st in trending.
Seystuff - 34 phút trước
I'm sorry, but you simply can't use the chekoff's gun argument in a trilogy if there's at least one movie that's not out yet...
Also, EVEN if you could, saying that "ray is a nobody" is not against the chekoff principle, on the contrary, it can simply be attributed to a contrast to make a point "hey, remember how stories are about chosen ones and lineage, guess what, it's not anymore, anyone can be a hero" and that would still be perfectly in coordination with the gun's principle.
Turbo Twinz
Turbo Twinz - 35 phút trước
I honestly loved the movie because everything was so unexpected (and note I am a huge star wars fan) except for the princess Leia part. They made a great job try new stories lines and ideas also remember everybody hated star wars when it came out because of its childish nature but overtime people actually took away their opinion and actually watched the move for what it was.
Peace It 27
Peace It 27 - 35 phút trước
This is me and the ‘Rogue One’ theory! 😝
I wanted my pizza B O N E L E S S
I wanted my pizza B O N E L E S S - 35 phút trước
Lmao they twist the alt rights words. They were saying that hollywood is so worried about being PC that they force their movies to be so diverse and it is annoying, and to be honest I agree. I don't care what race the actors are, but they are trying waaaaaaay too hard to include every race except white people. I'm black by the way.
Leah Bonnet
Leah Bonnet - 35 phút trước
#1 trending MATPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigColt V
BigColt V - 35 phút trước
Dude im not gonna lie...the fight scene with those red guards was extremely badass
MrFilgueiras - 35 phút trước
So, the moral is: Keep your spectations low
Danny A
Danny A - 35 phút trước
1:34 WELL Well My Child you have alot to learn
molly zamo
molly zamo - 36 phút trước
#Tendence #1
Eli Sheldon Nebrasky
Eli Sheldon Nebrasky - 36 phút trước
holy crap he watches the odd1sout
Delia S
Delia S - 36 phút trước
I loved TLJ... btw pls Reylo theory
Btw you do a great job! ❤
blastro - 36 phút trước
No the movie was just god awful
Alpha Lupi
Alpha Lupi - 36 phút trước
“Theories ruin movies” nope switching writers in the middle of a trilogy where one writers ideas doesn’t guarantee the other writers movies to even be good for future Star Wars movies, it sucks that theorists are more creative then the writers writing the damn movies these days. Damn.
dienom9 - 36 phút trước
They are not ice wolves
it's glaceon
Jayson Emile
Jayson Emile - 36 phút trước
Anyone else that always comes to this channel and never understand what he's talking about. Im like 🤔😐
George Moncayo
George Moncayo - 37 phút trước
Jesus said "So it will be at the end of the age,the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire, in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Matthew 13:49-50. Jesus also said "You are my friends if you do what I command you." John 15:14. Jesus taught that the only way to be saved is to choose him as your Lord and Master, repent and believe that he died for the sins of his people on the cross see John 14:6.
Kai Porter
Kai Porter - 37 phút trước
You're L in real life