BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV (REACTION 🔥)

Jane and JV Music
Jane and JV Music - 3 tháng trước
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Maryam Marano
Maryam Marano - 16 ngày trước
You need to see BTS - Save Me (Begind The Scene).
Gwyneth Beverley
Gwyneth Beverley - 16 ngày trước
I think it’s Boy Meets Evil
Merve ARMY-SUGA - Tháng trước
BTS Suga Agust D
Merve ARMY-SUGA - Tháng trước
BTS SO WHAT Reaction.
Vanesa Garcia
Vanesa Garcia - Tháng trước
please react to agust d 'agust d'
You Have A Message : Spirit Mediums
Hi, guys! You're awesome. Congrats on the new baby! Thanks for all of your effort in bringing reactions! I am new to your twitch account. I was wondering what times you usually go live. I know the days but not sure what time you air. I'm bad at the internet and finding information so could you help me out? Thanks!
Gaileth - Tháng trước
This was made on a freezing cold and rainy day. Our boys really suffer for their craft. (EXO also did Growl in one shot.)
army love
army love - Tháng trước
You have to fine....a part 2 of this song....behind the scene of this mv was film in the bad weather, you can see their hardwork
Souvik Chakraborty
Souvik Chakraborty - Tháng trước
I love you guys reacting please react to "the truth untold"
Merian P
Merian P - Tháng trước
can u guys react to jungkook - lost stars (cover) please
댕댕's journey
댕댕's journey - Tháng trước
PLZ turn on SUB!!!!!!
sulle94 - Tháng trước
You guys should watch behind the scenes of 'save me' mv
It's hilarious 😂👍🏼😊
salmon noa
salmon noa - Tháng trước
Santosh Singh
Santosh Singh - Tháng trước
Jongkook is best nakama of the world ... :)
Happy chu
Happy chu - 2 tháng trước
Plzz react to this video!
BTS MAMA "Mic drop" live🔥🔥
Anggi Prabandari
Anggi Prabandari - 3 tháng trước
You can watch their behind the scene of Save Me. Thank you for reacting to BTS!!
Vanesa Garcia
Vanesa Garcia - Tháng trước
Yes, please. That day was really cold and they record it a few times and one take
PinkKookie - Tháng trước
yesss please
VIP Yoongi DT
VIP Yoongi DT - 3 tháng trước
You Guys Should Do More BTS Their Videos Are Gold
jihye yu
jihye yu - 3 tháng trước
Boy meets Evil ...... it is a J-hope's solo intro to BTS album "Wings"
Kevin Worytko
Kevin Worytko - 3 tháng trước
Ya'll need some *Sabaton* !!!
Rachel Dominas
Rachel Dominas - 3 tháng trước
May I suggest Pentatonix if you haven’t checked them out already. Some of their recent vids are New Rules x Are You That Somebody, and Bohemian Rhapsody. But really anything by them is a good bet.
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