Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me with lyrics on screen

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Mary swords
Mary swords - 13 ngày trước
The love is gone!!
Brenda Vasquez
Brenda Vasquez - Tháng trước
I listen to this song almost everyday!! Somehow it's given me strength. My husband of 17 years cheated on me with his office manager. The pain hurts, but somewhere out there I will find someone that really loves me someday :)
devon rohring
devon rohring - Tháng trước
One word ..Angel
feeniix6 - Tháng trước
The background vocals are so beautiful
Michaela Swann
Michaela Swann - 2 tháng trước
Carla Arce
Carla Arce - 2 tháng trước
Mi housband says me "i dont love you more" but, i love so much him 💔
Aileen Bae
Aileen Bae - 2 tháng trước
I got a text from my ex last night... Saying Good night, I'm sorry.
So, i was thinking what reply I'll give. And guess what I just sent

Lyrics of this song 😂😂😂😂
Aileen Bae
Aileen Bae - 27 ngày trước
+Carl John okayyyy... advice accepted :)
Carl John
Carl John - 28 ngày trước
+Aileen Bae Blocking your ex is a silly teen thing but living under your ex's nose who he see what he's missing is mature? You need to reevaluate yourself. But, i understand that its case to cases basis. Such as being close friends first before dating and if family on both parties are involved. Or if there's a child. But aside from that, i don't think its healthy for anyone to keep thier ex around. Just walk away and never look back.
Aileen Bae
Aileen Bae - 28 ngày trước
+Carl John no... I'm not a teen to do all that silly stuffs you know. I'm mature enough to stay out of trouble. He can't make me love him again. But, he can call whenever he or his family needs a help from me. Because we were friends, schoolmates and I have a good relationship with his family. I don't want to ruin that. I'll happily live under his nose. So, he can see what he is missing . Which is never going to come back. I'm a strong "woman" you know 😂😂😂 (not a feminist)
Carl John
Carl John - 29 ngày trước
Nah, you should have just blocked him instead. Don't give him a chance to ruin you again.
Maya Hamid
Maya Hamid - 2 tháng trước
i love you in this song C. A. 💚
Lex knowles
Lex knowles - 3 tháng trước
You couldn't keep you hands to yourself. Now I understand that... Infidelity.
Alex Liverani
Alex Liverani - 3 tháng trước
The love is gone⚰️
Blackheart - 4 tháng trước
Listening on august 2018 , you lost me forever😢
juan perex
juan perex - 4 tháng trước
Me gusta
A C - 6 tháng trước
“ you chose lust when, you deceived me “ .. oh god that hit so hard
Jescel Pedido
Jescel Pedido - 7 tháng trước
You hurt me badly. But please remember that I will always love you honey.
SELVA KUMAR - 7 tháng trước
It perfectly suits to me & my ex bestie who ignored & cheated me! It is perfect for my situation... I'm loving it
Helena B
Helena B - 8 tháng trước
my phone song......
Natasha Kotenova-Kobbe
Natasha Kotenova-Kobbe - 8 tháng trước
I found this song just in time!
Tim Trammell
Tim Trammell - 4 tháng trước
Me too!
iam1ina1000000 - 8 tháng trước
So she decided to out her ex on television... what a class act! Is it any surprise that only a gay man could find the strength to be with a woman that always looks like a over weight drag queen/prostitute. Not to mention that no 'real' man would allow himself to be dominated 24/7 and put up with her vicious drunken outbursts, her obsessive control issues and self obsessed personality. No surprise her ex was a passive production assistant when they met, so he was the perfect match to bend over backwards and smile 24/7 when being paid to kiss ass to the star and she loved having him around to be her own personal slave. That woman is pure evil and her ex did not deserve to be mocked as he is still the father of their daughter and he could just as easily share private details about her if he wanted to humiliate her. It is not as if she is blameless in the relationship falling apart. She chose to attack him for being gay. while at the same time saying she loves the gays?? What a two face bitch!!
iam1ina1000000 - 8 tháng trước
Not angry, just disgusted by that train wreck that has pissed away a god given talent.
Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj
Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj - 8 tháng trước
iam1ina1000000 are you always this angry?...
iam1ina1000000 - 8 tháng trước
She has two kids from two different guys!
Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj
Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj - 8 tháng trước
The guy isn't the father of her children. The guy she is with now is the father of her children.
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Marceline the Vampire Queen - 8 tháng trước
iam1ina1000000 Holy shit. I never knew about any of that. My view of her has completely changed.
Eirini Ioanna
Eirini Ioanna - 9 tháng trước
Forward Life
Forward Life - 9 tháng trước
For Amanda It over love Laura
Merve Abdi
Merve Abdi - 9 tháng trước
i love this song its so heart breaking and beautiful the worlds are very strong!!!!!!!!
Noora - 9 tháng trước
Love it 😎
Maya Hazellya
Maya Hazellya - 10 tháng trước
I got goosebumps listening to this song. It's so beautiful 😍😍
Jennifer Leann
Jennifer Leann - 10 tháng trước
This is so sad but Beautiful💖
Ruth Silva
Ruth Silva - 11 tháng trước
I'm crying
Melissa Stanton
Melissa Stanton - Năm trước
And weeeee had magic, listening to this too much.
Just Michelle
Just Michelle - Năm trước
once upon a time I had a boyfriend. He was so amazingly good for me. I had such terribly low self esteem from an awful childhood, and he spent all our time together building me up. He was ridiculously good looking, and he loved to take me out and "show me off' to everyone, he was proud to have me on his arm. Just before our one year anniversary I needed to check my email because I was waiting for something important from work. I never used his laptop because I'm a private person by nature and I naturally respect everyone's privacy. That day my own laptop was dead and I just grabbed his to check my email. I opened up gmail and his account was signed in. I noticed a huge long line of back and forth emails between him and his ex girlfriend. One subject was "we shouldn't do this anymore". I couldn't help myself, I opened it. I ended up reading every single message between them because I realized they were still having sex. Not only were they still hooking up but they'd never stopped the whole year. After reading all those and finding this out I started reading other emails between him and friends. Come to find out he'd cheated on me with 5 other women too. Two were exes, one was a woman he worked with and two were waitresses from various clubs we'd been to together. It was the most devastating relationship I've ever been in. To have someone build you up constantly, always telling you how amazing you are, how beautiful, how special etc, and then that same person completely wrecks you, it's the worst. After I found everything out I left his laptop open to his email and sitting on the kitchen table (right where he wouldn't miss it) and a letter pretty much just saying you're caught, bye. He tried for 2 months to get me back, calling or texting all the time, crying and swearing it wouldn't happen again. Thankfully I wasn't fooled. I found out that it was about 2 weeks after I left that he was dating someone else and still trying to get me back. Guy was a complete tool.
CN H - Tháng trước
What a hurtful thing to happen to anyone. Consider yourself lucky he only wasted a year of your life. Move on and learn from that experience. It will be hard to trust again. Good luck. There is true love out there.
I_Love_Books Sid
I_Love_Books Sid - 2 tháng trước
I'm so sorry, he didn't deserve your love
Carl John
Carl John - 2 tháng trước
Same story here. Except he choose the other guy over me when he was caught.
Laura M Jimènez N
Laura M Jimènez N - 3 tháng trước
Just Michelle omg ! I feel like i just read my story ! I know how horrible it feels :( I’m sorry for you This song reminds me of him too
friendly youtuber
friendly youtuber - 4 tháng trước
Just Michelle oooooh my god. I hope you feel better after that. I know it's a lot to digest but that piece of trash didn't deserve you.
Indah Febrianti
Indah Febrianti - Năm trước
I love this song so much❤
( babe .. u lost me 🎶🎵how can i ever trust u again??)
Anders Anders
Anders Anders - Năm trước
She has won 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mickaela Warrener
Mickaela Warrener - Năm trước
I played this song to my mum when we found out that my dad was cheating on her after 16 years of marriage
Annie Amos
Annie Amos - Năm trước
What an amazing song and I guess many will relate to it.....
Ulla Howanietz
Ulla Howanietz - Năm trước
Geil. Mir geht's auch so.s chön dass wer darüber singt.😘
joyce hewitt
joyce hewitt - Năm trước
Sure sounds like its over we didnt see eye to eye was good 2 years time to move on
Serafim Moreira
Serafim Moreira - Năm trước
Carolina Rendon
Carolina Rendon - Năm trước
the history of a divorce in a song.
Deanne Hassig
Deanne Hassig - Năm trước
he couldn't keep his hands, mind or his past behind or to himself. thought he was the one. didn't want a ring just wanted him.
Sherri Lasseter
Sherri Lasseter - Năm trước
Yes it is .And Kody you. Lost me.
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
Beautiful song
Ernesto Willian Cedeno Mesa
Ernesto Willian Cedeno Mesa - Năm trước
que bueno.
Red Hazè
Red Hazè - Năm trước
Single life is better even alone at least no hurt feelings ✌🏼😉
Nidhal Al.janabi
Nidhal Al.janabi - Năm trước
I like her voice.she's spacial.
Alyssa F.
Alyssa F. - Năm trước
Reminds me of how my boyfriend cheated on me with my friend...
Anders Anders
Anders Anders - Năm trước
The past
TheRose - Năm trước
Zach Hayes, you are alone because you killed us.
Cassidy Groves
Cassidy Groves - Năm trước
i es old song like thes
Cassidy Groves
Cassidy Groves - Năm trước
we we we hand
Kimberly Benavidez
Kimberly Benavidez - Năm trước
I love this song, amazing voice and music. yes the love is gone.
camilo yo
camilo yo - Năm trước
i don't understand why a woman like Christina, is not very popular today
Martin Chest
Martin Chest - Tháng trước
Because people love trash music and untalented singers
Kaitlin Lessard
Kaitlin Lessard - Năm trước
after this song i listen to u dont own me
neelam jhaveri
neelam jhaveri - Năm trước
thank u for the lurics in a manner that i can sing along..
Aras Aras
Aras Aras - Năm trước
To my husband (soon to be ex) who decided that jumping into bed with other women was lost me.. ..and forever too. 💔
Aras Aras
Aras Aras - 28 ngày trước
May all of you find peace through all the hurt they have put you through. The sun always shines after a dark storm. Hang in there y'all
I_Love_Books Sid
I_Love_Books Sid - 2 tháng trước
Don't let him even attempt to take you back; he didn't deserve your love.
PH Pride
PH Pride - 2 tháng trước
Aras Aras you go girl 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕
Rank 1 Mama
Rank 1 Mama - 5 tháng trước
How are you?
Ryfo Juan
Ryfo Juan - 6 tháng trước
same here my boyfriend cheated on me with a thirsty bitch 💔
Cerberus 213
Cerberus 213 - Năm trước
I want my one and only back but I messed it up she was perfect and I lost her she meant the world to me I should've changed when I had the chance I hope to God I get one last chance to make it all right....I'm so sorry baby
Carl John
Carl John - Tháng trước
100bucks says you will cheat again. Maybe not in a month or a year after you get back with her. But you will always cheat at some point. Cheating on someone takes a whole guts to do it. It's in your core being to cheat.
derry 1
derry 1 - Năm trước
Cerberus 213 lovely x
Klassiq Frazier
Klassiq Frazier - Năm trước
this song is beautifully sung☺
Hëila ķ
Hëila ķ - 2 năm trước
how can i ever trust u again ?? :(
Fly High And Paint Me With A Tear
I love this song so much.
Marina Vanegas
Marina Vanegas - 2 năm trước
love this song
Giselle Lopez
Giselle Lopez - 2 năm trước
lloro cada vez q escucho esta canción.. 😢😭
Jeanne Meisenzahl
Jeanne Meisenzahl - 2 năm trước
How I'm in love with her music now, how incredible!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - 2 năm trước
The love is gone :(
Alyx Sanders
Alyx Sanders - 2 năm trước
I will miss you E 😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😥😥😥😥😧😧😧😦😦😩😩😟😔
louis gilbertil
louis gilbertil - 2 năm trước
We Both Lost. I didn't cheat. You let stupid jealousy of an old friend consume you. I lost you the women I will love n miss 4ever. So Sad
nur iza
nur iza - 2 năm trước
you lost me husband...
Andre Luis Castelo Branco
Andre Luis Castelo Branco - 2 năm trước
. .
/ /
Trash In General
Trash In General - 2 năm trước
I have "lost" my tears that made me "hurt " but she is "beutiful"
charlie charlie
charlie charlie - 2 năm trước
I song this song for talint show and I wone out of 43 peapol I'm so prod of my self
Shannon Milenski
Shannon Milenski - 8 tháng trước
Good for you, it's takes a lot of guts to sing in front if people. I want to become a singer, buy it's hard when you're scared of whay purple might think of you. Shoutout to all the ones who aren't afraid of what others may think of them to persue their streaks of living life like we're suppose to.
countrygirl countrymusiclover
countrygirl countrymusiclover - 10 tháng trước
CHINCHILLA!! hi what the FUCKING HELL is PEAPOL?????? That is literally not even a word
i'm sleep deprived
i'm sleep deprived - 2 năm trước
charlie marshall Lmao, your English is meme material
bella rose
bella rose - 2 năm trước
4/5/14 -8/9/15
Brenduchi - 2 năm trước
I thing this song is about Jordan :'(
Dahiana Morales
Dahiana Morales - 2 năm trước
this song is so fucking perfect
Isabela Guimarães
Isabela Guimarães - 2 năm trước
Nós descobrimos que nossas vidas mudaram. Querido, você me perdeu...
kentina regino
kentina regino - 2 năm trước
you lost me
Johna Bance
Johna Bance - 2 năm trước
This song really touched my heart. There's this certain emotion going on with this song. so full, so perfect.
Ferdaus A
Ferdaus A - 2 năm trước
And he did...
pracli007 - 2 năm trước
She the best one
Kristiana Mihaylova
Kristiana Mihaylova - 2 năm trước
Christina i love you
Annett Vanessa
Annett Vanessa - 2 năm trước
Sia wrote this song? Wow nice
Mari CA
Mari CA - 4 tháng trước
Sia and Christina
countrygirl countrymusiclover
countrygirl countrymusiclover - 10 tháng trước
¿Me estás mirando Elizabeth? What the fuck is sia
Pamela Guerrero
Pamela Guerrero - Năm trước
Luis Calderon
Luis Calderon - 2 năm trước
perfect song
Sarah Alfonso
Sarah Alfonso - 2 năm trước
Aimy Truong
Aimy Truong - 2 năm trước
Hello xtina. That's all. No further comments. ❤️Aimy James 2016. Btw, you're hardly talented at all, whatsoever!!!!! 😃🌺🌺🌺🌺🍻🍻🌶🌶
Tonai Davis
Tonai Davis - 2 năm trước
Did you word that right?
sophia rose
sophia rose - 2 năm trước
Hardly talented?
selah. is number 1. iam. Beautiful huh
my friend and I have been talking to eather in long and. he just shud me out I said to my seif you lose me
Lubel Mendoria
Lubel Mendoria - 2 năm trước
you lost me! forever :(
Leslie Hernandez
Leslie Hernandez - 2 năm trước
No me sale el jodido "changed" 😭♡
Giulia S
Giulia S - 2 năm trước
"the love is die"
lione soma
lione soma - 2 năm trước
i didnt cry u know what song did make me cry never forget you by zara larsson and MNEK idk y but it does make me cry
mano a mano
mano a mano - 2 năm trước
When you punctuate, a mess like that can begin to make sense!
Evett Jackson
Evett Jackson - 2 năm trước
this song reminds me so much of someone
Raf - 2 năm trước
Holy crap her voice ♥♥
cyn - 2 năm trước
Got me so emotional....
AmbarPollito - 2 năm trước
It's Sia's soul in that song... Beautiful!!!
Miss Ward
Miss Ward - Tháng trước
It's Kristina soul . thank u very much
Felipe furler
Felipe furler - 4 tháng trước
AmbarPollito Sia wrote that song
countrygirl countrymusiclover
countrygirl countrymusiclover - 10 tháng trước
AmbarPollito what the fuck is sia
Nicole Arredondo
Nicole Arredondo - Năm trước
Suzan Jean
Suzan Jean - Năm trước
AmbarPollito no, is Xtina Powerfull in That's song dear 👌💖
itsDestiny xoxo
itsDestiny xoxo - 2 năm trước
did anybody else get all up in there feelings listening to this song
selah. is number 1. iam. Beautiful huh
this song that's my beater way
Brenda García
Brenda García - 2 năm trước
Brenda García
Brenda García - 2 năm trước
+KandyKannibal jajajaja :) saludos!
KandyKannibal - 2 năm trước
+Brenda García i have a sister named brenda
Mark Birkes
Mark Birkes - 2 năm trước
Love it, should have been huge !..
Z P - 2 năm trước
I love this song so much!
Ricardo Julio
Ricardo Julio - 3 năm trước
she has won :(
Monica Alves
Monica Alves - 3 năm trước
12AguileraChristina - 3 năm trước
one of the most beautiful and sad songs i know
Sarah Klinger
Sarah Klinger - 3 năm trước
she's so amazing.
Caro Carp
Caro Carp - 3 năm trước
ss Unaa Geniia Tee Amo ♥♥♥
Caro Carp
Caro Carp - 3 năm trước
ss Unaa Geniia Tee Amo ♥♥♥
Vikki Wood
Vikki Wood - 3 năm trước
Ashley De Leon
Ashley De Leon - 2 năm trước
5 days...? really?? you have to be kidding right???
Daniel Ballew
Daniel Ballew - 2 năm trước
Please don't tell me you were datin someone for 5 days and then they left you. Please tell me these dates are entirely for somethin else?
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