Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

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Evelynn Lammlin
Evelynn Lammlin - 54 phút trước
Faizan MD
Faizan MD - 54 phút trước
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Popi Mason
Popi Mason - 54 phút trước
I literally have nothing to look forward to in life
Beatrice Donkoh
Beatrice Donkoh - 54 phút trước
Shane is a legend for this
This series was amazing ❤️
Saxon Stuart
Saxon Stuart - 54 phút trước
I love you Shane!!! Honestly soooo good at what you do
molly stratemann
molly stratemann - 54 phút trước
this is it chief
One Treat A Day
One Treat A Day - 54 phút trước
Still looking for the part where their mom's behavior will "make sense by the end of the series" 🧐
Rebbie Bby
Rebbie Bby - 54 phút trước
I hope Logan can see what his actions have done to his little brother... After watching this series, I can confirm that I do not believe Logan/Alissa are truthful with anything. TO ME, they're literally just toxic AF. Jake made mistakes, and probably will continue. However, he's clearly not as messed up as them... I've been in a VERY similar situation as Jake with my SO/Family Member, and let me tell you... I lost ALL respect for that person, and they know they're forever dented our relationship.
Lanique Bandura
Lanique Bandura - 54 phút trước
that was amazing !!
ruby - 54 phút trước
Ok Shane is making even a bigger deal out of Logan and whats her name
Madeline F
Madeline F - 55 phút trước
shane straight up went full therapist on jake's ass, i love him so much holy shit
Camilla Meghan
Camilla Meghan - 55 phút trước
what song is at the end
Victoria Hb
Victoria Hb - 55 phút trước
Good Lord, he a dum-dum :/
Hannah Espinoza
Hannah Espinoza - 55 phút trước
Tiffany Kim Seokjin
Tiffany Kim Seokjin - 55 phút trước
Jake has alot of faith in his brother it's making him a tad delusional.
Luna Al Kubaitary
Luna Al Kubaitary - 55 phút trước
OMFG I am only 5 mins through the video and I feel like I've been sitting and watching forever.
Adriana Romo
Adriana Romo - 55 phút trước
Still.wont let my kids watch him or I won't be buying any merch from them but I like how he actually asked hard questions to ask at the first I was so against this but now I'm glad I watched
Finnlay Pearson
Finnlay Pearson - 55 phút trước
Well....... That was a lot of spilled tea for me to handle! 😂❤️
Destiney Cota
Destiney Cota - 55 phút trước
Yo Shane Dawson should do Donald trump next “the mind of Donald trump” omfg
Katie - 55 phút trước
I think some people are v confused about the order of this video and the last with Alissa. Literally in the Alissa video he mentions that he had heard about some stuff from Jake from the *'big talk'* but still wanted to hear from _Alissa_. Definitely they should've been switched so he could've brought that _(the girls he would be with)_ up to Jake, if anything it's just an extra 'truth' that Jake *may or may not speak about*.
Anyway, loved this series ! Definitely a whole bunch of different perspectives that I never expected to see. A masterpiece once again.
M3g4 M4st3r
M3g4 M4st3r - 55 phút trước
Lol shane didn't get half the shit Jake paul was saying lmao
Leah Koski
Leah Koski - 55 phút trước
I don’t think a lot of people realize how *long* this must’ve taken. a lot of thinking and hard work had to have gone into this series. Yes it’s not perfect, but of course it’s not. People can’t make everyone happy. This is amazing Shane.
tea bitch
tea bitch - 55 phút trước
the pregnant woman is obvi colleen
Boo Boo Beat
Boo Boo Beat - 55 phút trước
Shane having a mental breakdown is just me on the internet always just confusion level 10,000 😁😂
Jienho W
Jienho W - 55 phút trước
Shane, Thank you for your work with these series, please take your rest now we'll wait for your return :)
This series made me understand Jake Paul, i can relate to some of his problems but i still disliked his content. I don't view him as a bad person now.
Jaytiara Benton
Jaytiara Benton - 55 phút trước
I need a series about bella thorne about her disney career like now
Kelsey Richen
Kelsey Richen - 55 phút trước
crystal, the bean
crystal, the bean - 55 phút trước
that would be... interesting
K Dud
K Dud - 55 phút trước
I think Jake Paul grew up some. Logan is a lost cause. It all makes sense now. It's hard to feel anything when you haven't been allowed to. JP needs real friends in his life that have nothing to gain.
alexi thompson
alexi thompson - 55 phút trước
23 hours online and 10 million views!!
Mastermaw Jordan
Mastermaw Jordan - 55 phút trước
Omg gawd I saw this hole thing and it is interesting well I mean the whole thing was interesting thank you for making this
Warisha Adnan
Warisha Adnan - 55 phút trước
What do i do with my life now
tea pot
tea pot - 55 phút trước
ok now i dont like alissa
3 Dollar Chain
3 Dollar Chain - 55 phút trước
The thing is 'Everything affects Everything'
Sadichchha Sharma
Sadichchha Sharma - 55 phút trước
Shane ur so ❤️💜💞💝🧡💓💛💗💚❣️💖💙💕💘
Just Saveeba
Just Saveeba - 55 phút trước
love how he called banks 'faze' Loooool
LeahMarie Reynolds
LeahMarie Reynolds - 55 phút trước
holy shit.. the ending made me wanna cry.. like shane this is amazing. even if not purposefully, you’re giving this obviously nice man a chance to start over and change. this is. amazing.
Hello Sir
Hello Sir - 55 phút trước
Congrats on #1 on trending
waasqoodd - 55 phút trước
noooooo oneeee giveeeesssss aaaa fuuuuccckkkkkkk
Ana Kucekovic
Ana Kucekovic - 55 phút trước
you should make mind of Logan Paul
Samira. Darina Samira. Darina
Samira. Darina Samira. Darina - 55 phút trước
Why is the category on this video comedy
Jacky Bernier
Jacky Bernier - 56 phút trước
so good
sister scandalous
sister scandalous - 56 phút trước
i’m honestly so proud of Shane for making this series even though of how much hate he was getting, and actually continue without changing what he was doing. I LOVE YOU SHANE❤️
R A Y E - 56 phút trước
Everyone is like “I feel bad for Jake” first off, he’s a grown man and knows right from wrong. We can’t blame how he grew up. Everyone got brainwashed, that’s my final thought. I still hate Jake and maybe I might hate Shane for what he did...
Natalia Chavez
Natalia Chavez - 56 phút trước
@co.trees go support !!
Nana Banana
Nana Banana - 56 phút trước
Audio Out
Audio Out - 56 phút trước
He might have done the things they say he has done but he is not who they say he is.
Mike Mason
Mike Mason - 56 phút trước
I had to watch all of these because of my teen daughter. All I can get out of it is that everyone still lies about everything. It's a train wreck that I don't want to watch.
Gabby S.
Gabby S. - 54 phút trước
Mike Mason then don’t watch it lmao
Felix Millenianto
Felix Millenianto - 56 phút trước
I feel sorry for him now tbh 😂
Galika Fro
Galika Fro - 56 phút trước
Thank you shane for revealing the true logan paul. i had no idea-he’s a completely different person than what he seems and i view him in a totally different way. thank you for opening up Logan❤️
Trisha PayYus
Trisha PayYus - 56 phút trước
#1 on trending❤️
Sam Asher
Sam Asher - 56 phút trước
giant double standard for Jake to be hooking up with so many girls and she hooks up with one person and he freaks the fuck out... Like I get that it's his brother but come on dude.
lena morales
lena morales - 56 phút trước
Luv Shane for the content but this series should've been about Logan because FUCKKK
luis contreras
luis contreras - 56 phút trước
The nexts one haves to be Logan paul or the dad and mother you pick let's go your about to fix's the whole family.. I feel so sad when u see a other person living some what the same life as u did but with out all the money lol
Chynaa J
Chynaa J - 56 phút trước
Take a shot everytime Jake says “like”
Darcy Watt
Darcy Watt - 56 phút trước
Michael Mike
Michael Mike - 56 phút trước
Me and my friends thought about playing a drinking game
every time jake says the word "like" we drink a shot ✌
Logan theguy1
Logan theguy1 - 56 phút trước
This was posted on my birthday! Yeah I know you don't care.........
Nikita's Vids
Nikita's Vids - 56 phút trước
The thing about school is something i kind of get. My middleschool really didn't have any faith in me academically. They gave me the lowest highschool advice possible. Because my parents didn't believe that and my highschool seeing my full potential i got my diploma and am currently going to college.
C.J The Subscriber
C.J The Subscriber - 56 phút trước
He says like a lot
Mia August
Mia August - 56 phút trước
Shane's videos are fucking owesome
princess vanity
princess vanity - 56 phút trước
Shane is the daddy of youtube 😂 the fact that Jake owned up to His shit and some others didn't says a lot about Jake being more real and actually giving a shit. I subscribed to Jake he deserves to be happy
catherinemay - 56 phút trước
Wow Shane. You should be proud of yourself, this series has been so fascinating to watch! It’s been so interesting to hear what Jake has had to say.
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - 56 phút trước
This video showed me how human Jake Paul is.
Mathew - 56 phút trước
how many times does jake paul have to say like
Queeny Lewis
Queeny Lewis - 56 phút trước
I have literally been binge watching this. Thanks shane lol.
Sapphire ROBLOX
Sapphire ROBLOX - 57 phút trước
i am wondering where was erika during the whole talk with shane and jake?
Aaron Johnsen
Aaron Johnsen - 57 phút trước
WOW.....well done Shane. I wouldn't be surprised if I see you on TV one day doing interviews for 20/20 or something. I couldn't stop watching!
Jen Høød
Jen Høød - 57 phút trước
Never really hated him ,I actually liked him a few years back.I just thought he turned into another cocky rich kid
Ailani Vega
Ailani Vega - 57 phút trước
I have nothing else to watch now since it’s over 😢😭😭
Hannah Franz
Hannah Franz - 57 phút trước
I genuinely think Shane just changed Jake’s whole perspective on the world. You could tell he truly went deep and told his truth. I wasn’t a fan of Jake, or Alissa, or anyone other than Shane. In fact I hated Jake for the same reasons I’m sure we all did, so coming out of this in support of Jake was definitely not what I expected. Watching Alissa’s part made me uncomfortable. I don’t think she was fully telling the truth. You could tell how emotional Jake got and how nervous he was. I don’t think he fully accepted that a lot of this was his fault, but he’s also a child. I’m 20 myself and I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes! Rich, famous with a famous brother who had sex with my kinda-girlfriend? Like that would mentally fuck anyone up. He kept deflecting on Alissa about “her wanting revenge” and didn’t completely take full responsibility for the fact that he was at fault for that as well, but I do agree she definitely seemed motivated by revenge, even now. Though, I’m glad she clarified he wasn’t “physically abusive” and all.
As for who the sociopath is? Definitely see it a bit in Logan and 100% in Greg Paul. I think Jake has just lived a life of “man up, push back” and it’s got to him. His dad is honestly terrifying.

That’s just a 3rd year Psych students opinion though!
Anyways, Shane, I loved the videos. You put so much of your heart into this and I think I speak for everyone when I say, TAKE A BREAK. You’ve done so much good with your Docu-series and you’ve more than earned a vacation. Remember, you mental and physical health is more important than making your fans happy. We all love you and want you to be around for a long time , so please take care of yourself. 💕💕
Gizmo The pup
Gizmo The pup - 57 phút trước
whoa mi
whoa mi - 57 phút trước
Whats the song at the end?
Perf Marano
Perf Marano - 57 phút trước
Can we get a vlog of Ryland, Morgan, & Erika getting ice cream?
Poplonic - 57 phút trước
Shane made me feel bad for him and now I like him
AnchorArm - 57 phút trước
I wouldn't want to be Logan watching this
Mariana Quezada
Mariana Quezada - 57 phút trước
Thank you Shane Dawson for defending teachers
Zelda ._.
Zelda ._. - 57 phút trước
#1 on trending OMG
CARLEY SEDLAR - 57 phút trước
Yes Shane I love you so much keep up the amazing work!!!
Inês Tavares
Inês Tavares - 57 phút trước
Someone needs to count how many times Jake uses the word “like” while he’s speaking 😅 great series Shane, I’m loving this type of content
Saleah Duke
Saleah Duke - 57 phút trước
I actually like Jake as a genuine person. I don't like his channel the way that it is currently, or at least the way that it was, but Jake is only 3 years older than me and I understand what it's like to be young, dumb, and impulsive. I in no way condone his behaviour in some of his videos but he will grow up eventually. Shane did a lot of dumb shit in his earlier videos and he is doing amazing things now. People have a right to change and be forgiven.
Priscilla Sanchez
Priscilla Sanchez - 57 phút trước
when shane talks while rubbing his chest hair
Jodi Lourens
Jodi Lourens - 57 phút trước
Someone please count how many times they say like 😂
Ryan Allen
Ryan Allen - 57 phút trước
Where is jake pauls body
The Knock-Off Ziegler Sisters
The Knock-Off Ziegler Sisters - 57 phút trước
I’m sorry but this NEEDS TO BE ON NETFLIX. this is too good and too high quality to not be on a major movie platform
m i a
m i a - 57 phút trước
K shane I love you man but you're pushing the time limit here dude
Val White
Val White - 57 phút trước
I love seeing Shane being #1 on trending. 😭💕
Mingli Tok
Mingli Tok - 57 phút trước
Watch and never skip the ads to support his video. Great work Shane! ♥️🙆🏻‍♀️🇸🇬
Kim - 57 phút trước
Thanks Shane now I’m going to buy jake merch
Summer Switzer
Summer Switzer - 57 phút trước
Wow 😢
nerdzzmeooww - 58 phút trước
I want to see the uncut version!
Dave Grohl The Cinnamon Roll
Dave Grohl The Cinnamon Roll - 58 phút trước
Stevie Petersen
Stevie Petersen - 58 phút trước
It doesnt even seem like he cared about the pregnant lady like he doesnt ask about her at all and just say blah that was the old me not showing any remorse
Paola Vargas
Paola Vargas - 58 phút trước
Ma Cy
Ma Cy - 58 phút trước
No one is 100% bad or 100% good. We all have flaws and make mistakes. It depends on what we do afterwards, what we learn from it all and how we improve. If that is our aim and our true intention then the we're following a great path. I can't wait to see how things develop for the better for all of them. It's great to have someone like Shane on YouTube. He and Andrew really deserve a break now at least 2 months if not more. Quality over quantity and for this series we got both👍
Irina LenBane
Irina LenBane - 58 phút trước
Why does Erica remind me of margaery tyrell even after this
Samira. Darina Samira. Darina
Samira. Darina Samira. Darina - 58 phút trước
What song did you use at the end of the episode ?? It's my bedtime song
hailey jackson vlogs
hailey jackson vlogs - 58 phút trước
#1 on trending! nice Shane!
Kristina Lokianskaite
Kristina Lokianskaite - 58 phút trước
Totally totally Jakes fault..
NotYourFather63 - 58 phút trước
Does anyone else see a huge similarity in jake paul and jojo siwa? Lol no? Just me? Kay.
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