Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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Ashane's vid's
Ashane's vid's - 53 phút trước
I got scared at 5:21
Roula Hasan
Roula Hasan - 54 phút trước
clicked just to dislike, next.
Ameliah Gacha
Ameliah Gacha - 54 phút trước
Who is better?

Ariana Grande=like
Taylor swift=reply
Let’s see who wins!
Rama Alothman
Rama Alothman - 54 phút trước
The song isn't cool and Ariana Grande's isn't cool as well
Sandra Orellana
Sandra Orellana - 54 phút trước
I just remembered that jade from victorious is there and ariana was in there too
Akif Norsh
Akif Norsh - 56 phút trước
308K must be fifth harmony
Álvaro Hernández
Álvaro Hernández - 56 phút trước
Christian avila
Christian avila - 57 phút trước
7 rings?? Cooming soon ❤❤❤
joji Ceballos
joji Ceballos - 58 phút trước
Any one................. Ok :'(
Wally West
Wally West - 58 phút trước
this was based of on bring it on
Tremese Youngsam
Tremese Youngsam - 58 phút trước
I love u ari!!!!
Shay Savge
Shay Savge - 58 phút trước
The pregnant girl at the beggining is a dumbass xD
Tarsinah Acih
Tarsinah Acih - 59 phút trước
ITS from legally blonde movieeee
Paige Tindall
Paige Tindall - 59 phút trước
She’s so pretty!!!!
xxw spinner
xxw spinner - Giờ trước
Nice video
I love it😘
Adonnis - Giờ trước
Wheres Mac? Lol
Zappi_1117 - Giờ trước
Taylor Swift’s wig is floating in outer space.
Elizabeth Vigil
Elizabeth Vigil - Giờ trước
Gabi colleen and Ariana grande are my fav
Slimey Hits
Slimey Hits - Giờ trước
omg I'm shook colleen is in this
Franco Insaurralde
Franco Insaurralde - Giờ trước
No entendí un choto pero pásame tu número Ariana es para un trabajo práctico, saluditos de Argentina
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia - Giờ trước
Thank you soon
Kaylee Vega
Kaylee Vega - Giờ trước
One time on Twitter I heard Colleen had her baby turns out it wasn’t a rumor
Sujie MA
Sujie MA - Giờ trước
Thank you next bitch at the end tho lmao
Karen Alvarez
Karen Alvarez - Giờ trước
I can't. Believe I lost 500 subs
Bright Oduti
Bright Oduti - Giờ trước
I’m so fucking grateful for my
Bacon, eggs
Bacon, eggs
Bacon, eggs
*Let's people here go to the channel to Look like I'm fed giant spiders Preciado magadanskij Large sobashima cockroaches!*
Aaliyah Flores
Aaliyah Flores - Giờ trước
177MILLION VEIWS dangggg
Michelle glyzel Vergara
Michelle glyzel Vergara - Giờ trước
Omg i hear bacon eggsss and breaking eggs, breaking ex,
lovingyou77 with steve
lovingyou77 with steve - Giờ trước
You're so pretty with out expensive things and wearing normal clothes
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia - Giờ trước
Nick Simmons
Nick Simmons - Giờ trước
Yo, half the mother fuckers don’t know bring it on.
Brooklynn Suggs
Brooklynn Suggs - Giờ trước
June Twenty
June Twenty - Giờ trước
I frickin knew it
Ariana Grande is Regina George and a Kardashian
emicorno N.P
emicorno N.P - Giờ trước
1:52 OMG it’s Robbie from victorious :o
SuperHurricane75 - Giờ trước
I am hooked!
《•night gloria•》
《•night gloria•》 - Giờ trước
lovingyou77 with steve
lovingyou77 with steve - Giờ trước
Is Miranda there
Jasmine Pandini
Jasmine Pandini - Giờ trước
Legally blonde 2018 😂
Nicklas Childs
Nicklas Childs - Giờ trước
Has the same views as giaw
Isaiah Matthews
Isaiah Matthews - Giờ trước
"Wish I could say thank you to Malcom, because he was an angel" went over my head that she was talking about Mac Miller RIP
JJ ASMR eating sound
JJ ASMR eating sound - Giờ trước
I love this song
Denny Pratrama
Denny Pratrama - Giờ trước
Who's love this song???
Megatru - Giờ trước
Bacon and eggs
bryan contreras
bryan contreras - Giờ trước
Whtos alsor slsie soe what ta fack esta cancion esta Genial 😍😍 xD
amano marina
amano marina - Giờ trước
I was killed by thank u next
Love ArianaGrande
laylo Kasper
laylo Kasper - Giờ trước
Is she lesbian cause Uhm ....the concert parts
Dina Kim
Dina Kim - Giờ trước
Legally blonde is fav movie
Chelsea Ozanic
Chelsea Ozanic - Giờ trước
I love that Gabi is in this video. 😂 That was the perfect line, too. Sooooo great.
Water Melon
Water Melon - Giờ trước
What a hoe
pastel meoww
pastel meoww - Giờ trước
OMG THERES A KARDASHIAN HERE!( did ariana grande swear?)
Kyle Dimetri
Kyle Dimetri - Giờ trước
Am I the only one who thinks this song just shows she is a cold hearted and VERY shallow person who is only there for the moment?
Serenity Rodriguez
Serenity Rodriguez - Giờ trước
“Thank u, Brent” 😏
Samara Redway’s biggest fan
Did this video make anyone wanna watch mean girls
Geovaughni Manderson
Geovaughni Manderson - Giờ trước
2 weeks now and still on trending 😁 love you Ari😘
Trey Clegg
Trey Clegg - Giờ trước if anyone read this tell me how my music I'm just a young white boy tryna make it
kevin Bohannon
kevin Bohannon - Giờ trước
who ever dont like this song *thank you next bitch*
smile Billy
smile Billy - Giờ trước
This is interesting yeah
0hEllie - Giờ trước
This reminds me of the Netflix movie, “Mean Girls”
zahra mirza
zahra mirza - Giờ trước
Who's better
Like: bts
Comments: Ariana Grande
azure bluet
azure bluet - 58 phút trước
paulo asmr
paulo asmr - Giờ trước
Leony Garinda
Leony Garinda - Giờ trước
Lagune Wenak mbak ari haha
tui la baa
tui la baa - Giờ trước
Galaxy Sloth
Galaxy Sloth - Giờ trước
Ariana is copy cating mean girls and more movies
paulo asmr
paulo asmr - Giờ trước
Layla W.
Layla W. - Giờ trước
who's here after Colleen had her babyyyy!💕✨
Shadow_SlayeR_33 - Giờ trước
The 13 going on 30 reference XD
laylo Kasper
laylo Kasper - Giờ trước
Oml Ariana seriously grew up
Dubs Gaming
Dubs Gaming - Giờ trước
Yoo I never realized how fucking hot she is🥜🥜🥜
Peyton Humphries
Peyton Humphries - Giờ trước
Yes Ariana
_*nuggetlife *_
_*nuggetlife *_ - Giờ trước
Bacon eggs~
Bacon eggs~
I'm so fucking grateful for my eggs~
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez - Giờ trước
Who’s better
Like = Ariana Grande
Comment = Kris Jenner
Jᴀɴᴇʟʟᴇ SAIRUD
Jᴀɴᴇʟʟᴇ SAIRUD - Giờ trước
Who's better Selena Gomez or Ariana grande
paulo asmr
paulo asmr - Giờ trước
Cookie Boss
Cookie Boss - Giờ trước
Thank you, Brent 😂
Rechel Santander
Rechel Santander - Giờ trước
Was that niki who was wearing the babygirl shirt
Vrunda Bhakare
Vrunda Bhakare - Giờ trước
This is so inspiring in a way! 💔Thank you, Ari
Julissa monge
Julissa monge - Giờ trước
la ameeee
Ya boy James
Ya boy James - Giờ trước
imma go home and lick my thundercunt
Sarah Sood
Sarah Sood - Giờ trước
This vid has like 3 movies in 1 like OMG
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller - Giờ trước
Hi Colleen had her baby

The more likes I get I add an emoji 😂😂
Naomics - Giờ trước
Ariana grande killed Troy Sivan
Lillyiscool :3
Lillyiscool :3 - Giờ trước
I love it in a werid way
Spencer Margolis
Spencer Margolis - Giờ trước
Mean girls, legally blond, bring it on?!!! My best dreams combined into one music video!!! My wig flew all the way off to Korea!
Lee Yeol
Lee Yeol - Giờ trước
Ariana Grande is a bitch.
Old Chingu
Old Chingu - Giờ trước
You think victoria justice was asked to be in the music video or nah
KawaiiKookie - Giờ trước
_487 M views!_
That one meme
Bambii Toni
Bambii Toni - Giờ trước
Antonio Da Silva
Antonio Da Silva - Giờ trước
Who else here is a Cancer too just like Ari?? 🦀♋️🦀♋️🦀♋️🦀♋️🦀♋️🦀♋️
Teresa Esparza
Teresa Esparza - Giờ trước
Hey i love this song thx
Rahbot Rezene
Rahbot Rezene - Giờ trước
Was part of this from mean girls
madyson williams
madyson williams - Giờ trước
Thank u, Next

Through I end with an A but I f%#! that s%!# up.didn’t do my own homework didn’t study that much now I’m stuck with an 90. and with only the finale I don’t think I’m gonna pass it. Because I don’t s%!# I done f upped. I lost all my patience I cry late at night why did I do this. I f%#!ed my life up continues to do this guess. I ain’t getting my degree
It’s time for plan B guess I have to sTrIP OpEn Up WiDe DrOp iT DoWn lOw uP AnD tHe pOlE. gUeSs I hAvE tO gEt A sUgAR dAdDy

If you where wondering I did not make this beautiful parody mr.diegolanza did just want to spread it around Thank u,next
Ariella LollipopUnicorn
Ariella LollipopUnicorn - Giờ trước
I’m so fricken great full for my eggs and bacon
Togi4me - Giờ trước
The baby is here now!!!!!! :)))))
BeautifullyAmazing - Giờ trước
She paid homage to so many movies in this. I love it.
Nesha Smitherman
Nesha Smitherman - Giờ trước
Ariana Grande 💗
KAYLEE CRAFT - Giờ trước
Huh idk what to say about that
Anthony Lairson
Anthony Lairson - Giờ trước
Pretty awesome!
Stefany Raquel
Stefany Raquel - Giờ trước
? ?
? ? - Giờ trước
i'm so fuckin grateful for my eggs
? ?
? ? - Giờ trước
thank u, eggs
Ronaldo Godinez
Ronaldo Godinez - Giờ trước
What about mac Miller huh 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
smile Billy
smile Billy - Giờ trước
Don't you even know Mac Miller's real name?
agustin ku
agustin ku - Giờ trước
Ronaldo Godinez she said... "wish i could say thank u to Malcolm (mc miller name) cause he was an angel.
Matt Nielsen
Matt Nielsen - Giờ trước
Promiscuity in the female gender runs rampant.
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