$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries

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Never_ W1Ns
Never_ W1Ns - Giờ trước
BuzzFeedVideo w
Sarimasu - 2 giờ trước
Matt Stonie would literally destroy this in 5 minutes.
Md Miraz
Md Miraz - 2 giờ trước
BuzzFeedVideo p
Luthfi Antarestu
Luthfi Antarestu - 3 giờ trước
BuzzFeedVideo do onion ring
MrSleeps - 54 phút trước
There's nothing like bored as hell super rich people on youtube.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 54 phút trước
Hello, Humans. Earth is the worst planet in the universe. However, French fries are good.
Robbie Walters
Robbie Walters - 54 phút trước
Worth It DUMPLINGS $2 Vs.$82
Worth It Sandwiches $6.50 Vs. $245
DarkSided - 54 phút trước
I’m dutch and kinda get mad because its called “French” fries but belgium made fries...
Luke A. Jackson-Gopie
Luke A. Jackson-Gopie - 55 phút trước
Every single Worth It episode tops the trending list
Saerob 2000
Saerob 2000 - 55 phút trước
Belgium has the best fries
jasmine shadowhunter
jasmine shadowhunter - 55 phút trước
no chicken salt??
phillip gianto
phillip gianto - 55 phút trước
Next time do fried lettuce
Fish and cat Lover 28
Fish and cat Lover 28 - 55 phút trước
I love french fries
MANIAC 77 - 55 phút trước
Well Matt stonie can eat in 10
Minutes 😂😂 trust me
Dani Lin
Dani Lin - 56 phút trước
How Not to Play
How Not to Play - 56 phút trước
For 100 dollars i thought it would be fries with gold and trouffle. But That is a lot of food for 100 bucks now that is WORTH IT.
love me baby
love me baby - 57 phút trước
Matt Stonie...beat that in 22 minutes
Johnathan Aggrey
Johnathan Aggrey - 57 phút trước
*Monsieur Madame tout le monde*
Richard Liu
Richard Liu - 57 phút trước
thank god you guys did not go all the way to France, would have been a waste, as Belgium invented them and still makes the best fries!
Jasmine JJ
Jasmine JJ - 57 phút trước
Just noticed the word Chinese instead of champion on steven’s sweater 🤣🤣🤣
Kyo555 - 57 phút trước
Not sure if it is still Kimchi if it doesn't have fish in it.
love me baby
love me baby - 58 phút trước
The 100 dollar fries is quantity not quality...
Gabe Trahs
Gabe Trahs - 58 phút trước
chinesebaloni - 59 phút trước
Belgium Fries LUL
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] - 59 phút trước
Trazy Boii
Trazy Boii - 59 phút trước
The guy on the left looks like Curtis Candis from Britain got talent
Mr Traumatik
Mr Traumatik - Giờ trước
Putting fries in ice cream? Only in America lol
raphaël mugenzi
raphaël mugenzi - Giờ trước
Do you guys really think France is the best place for french fries??? Just come to Belgium for really good (and cheap) fries
iTacHi uChiHa442
iTacHi uChiHa442 - Giờ trước
Hahaha when adam was eating they played the last soundtrack of unsolved
GamingLIFE - Giờ trước
Matt Stonie could easily solo the heart attack
Ericka Silo
Ericka Silo - Giờ trước
I don't know why but Andrew reminds me of Sebastian Stan
Sponsxr - Giờ trước
#1 on trending is how i got here
LeoBun - Giờ trước
Why were they so cute in this episode my heart is-
Josephus Asilo
Josephus Asilo - Giờ trước
Do wings next
Ashri GC
Ashri GC - Giờ trước
Looks like a challenge for Matt Stonie
Arrad - Giờ trước
Don’t watch while fasting in Ramadan 😕
Abdullah Mustafa
Abdullah Mustafa - Giờ trước
Adicii Build's
Adicii Build's - Giờ trước
Matt stonie should eat the heart attack haha
calvin truong
calvin truong - Giờ trước
Matt stonie can !!!
Mavik Singson
Mavik Singson - Giờ trước
let's be honest, we really need and WANT an Unsolved and Worth It cross over episode.
Maxou Van Lauwe
Maxou Van Lauwe - Giờ trước
French fries are actually from Belgium, the more you know...
availingtuna - Giờ trước
Jay 111
Jay 111 - Giờ trước
They should do worthit cheese
Twenie Rose Yanson Briones
Twenie Rose Yanson Briones - Giờ trước
Thank you for featuring french fries guys ❤️ Love love love from the Philippines! More power to you! 👏👏👏👏
Moamen Waleed
Moamen Waleed - Giờ trước
Waw im watching this while fasting💔
Gene Marquez
Gene Marquez - Giờ trước
Ryan and Shane impersonation is on point!!
Gamers Lair
Gamers Lair - Giờ trước
How can French fries be so much it’s just a fuckin potato 😂
Linda and Alex
Linda and Alex - Giờ trước
Watching this while eating Maccas fries. Simply satisfying.
DJEmonTV - Giờ trước
Best fries ever - Las Vegas Gordon Ramsay Brgr
Yu Yu
Yu Yu - Giờ trước
11:14 oh look it's breakfast, lunch and dinner
Haze - Giờ trước
nothing beats mcdonalds fries sorry....
Randytaylor69 - Giờ trước
Azmirul - Giờ trước
Nice champion!! Hahaha
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