Dennis Deyoung SaveMe Live

Ron Cloninger
Ron Cloninger - 7 năm trước
This song and Rain are just awesome. The whole is album is really good but those two are just crazy good. It's the best Styx album since Paradise Theater even though it's just Dennis.
Jean-François Laplante
Jean-François Laplante - 8 năm trước
The guys on the acoustic guitar is canada's secret weapon guitar player Stephane Dufour, he engennered thta album and is the one who made the arrengements on 100 years from now, all the guitars as well, listen to the guitar solo, very cool, Dennis ask Stephane to DO what he thinks was best on that song, he also made guitars on the last 4 songs to be done on the album. Stephane Dufour just sign a contract with Favored Nation Record (Steve Vai label), he is one crazy guitar player...
brywool - 8 năm trước
kinda goofy video editing there Beav! Otherwise, great performance.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury - 8 năm trước
Pretty crappy.
Aad OntheWeb
Aad OntheWeb - 9 năm trước
Thanks for posting this.

I am a recovering binch eating addict and this is the number that has become the motto of my fight against addiction. Every line he sings is appropiate for me.

Thanks Dennis.
Styxkyd - 9 năm trước
my favorite songs on the album are 100 yfn turn off cnn rain crossing the rubicon and this
Charles Untz III
Charles Untz III - 10 năm trước
Great song..I love the New CD...this is 1 of my favorites from the new CD other than "Turn Off CNN"
SuiteMadameBlue - 11 năm trước
Thanks for posting this, you're a Sweetheart :)
Michael Tifft
Michael Tifft - 11 năm trước
Thanks for posting this. It's nice to get a preview of what's on the new album.
eddiemolmol - 11 năm trước
i agree..great tune ¡¡
Debbie Martin
Debbie Martin - 11 năm trước
Awesome song !!! He still is so great !!!!
B17MIKE - 11 năm trước
AWESOME! tHanks!!
Styxfansite - 11 năm trước
ooops... Video has a little jump in it. Sorry about that.
lbug - 11 năm trước
Great song! Thanks for posting this one!
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