BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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Duane Brodnick
Duane Brodnick - 9 giờ trước
I have a book on my Kindle about a black police man who 'joined' the KKK, using a white officer who pretended to be him. I wonder if this is supposed to be based on that book. Does the officer who wrote the book know about this movie? Did Lee come up with the concept on his own? I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.
Not Named
Not Named - 9 giờ trước
Learn the real david duke monday through Friday on rense radio
fabry gass
fabry gass - 9 giờ trước
That's Denzel's son
Carleon King
Carleon King - 9 giờ trước
Saad Salman
Saad Salman - 10 giờ trước
Holy shit I need to see this movie
Jason Kaiser
Jason Kaiser - 10 giờ trước
So...Dave Chappelle did a bit about black Klansman years ago! And it was fantastic!
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez - 10 giờ trước
Anyone else get a bit of undercover brother
Tim Qualls
Tim Qualls - 10 giờ trước
Only Hollywood in 2018... This is the race-baiting garbage that fuels the resurgence of racial identitarians.
JumperWC - 11 giờ trước
White people suck...
C.R. E.
C.R. E. - 11 giờ trước
oh so if a country is about there own selfs first, like every country should be, they are now kkk? as if. funny phone call thou.
Gerko - 11 giờ trước
Don't scroll down. The comment section is filled with angry crackers and niggers.
B-leechBaboon - 11 giờ trước
dont beg it
slowpudda - 12 giờ trước
Jasper Pääkkönen Finland is on the map. Torilla tavataan
PeachFuzz - 12 giờ trước
I wish the saying America first wasn’t considered racist
d campbell
d campbell - 12 giờ trước
Racists are a seed of satan.
Leilane Sousa
Leilane Sousa - 13 giờ trước
this is going to be lit
Jo Vee
Jo Vee - 13 giờ trước
Just make a movie without trying to politicize. "America First" is not a KKK slogan. It's a surreptitious ploy to equate the POTUS with the racism of the KKK. The real racists are Spike Lee and the BLM movement. You want to make a movie to help your race, then make one on staying at home and raising your own children, getting a good education, and raising law abiding citizens, etc. Can't watch an effing movie anymore without indoctrinating politics.
The Happy Madman
The Happy Madman - 13 giờ trước
Would've been better if it was about Uncle Ruckus.
Paris Campos
Paris Campos - 13 giờ trước
more race baiting trash from these clowns.
Three60Crusader - 14 giờ trước
So the Black Panthers who talk about killing white babies are the good guys? Can’t them and the KKK wipe each other out? LoL
Kyle Biggs
Kyle Biggs - 13 giờ trước
Three60Crusader where does it say they're the good guys? You just assumed so
Mister Tumnus
Mister Tumnus - 14 giờ trước
So can someone tell me what's wrong with saying America first?
Mister Tumnus
Mister Tumnus - 13 giờ trước
Kyle Biggs did you watch the trailer?
Kyle Biggs
Kyle Biggs - 13 giờ trước
Mister Tumnus if you tell me what that has to do with the movie
Ana D-Gonzalez
Ana D-Gonzalez - 14 giờ trước
Neal X
Neal X - 14 giờ trước
"With the right hhhwite man, we can do anything!"
- Trump 2020 Re-election Slogan
doran stewart stewart
doran stewart stewart - 14 giờ trước
First 10 seconds got me moist and ready
Nika Harmony
Nika Harmony - 15 giờ trước
Colorado Springs Native! Way before my time but can't wait to check out the movie! See if things have changed.
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa - 16 giờ trước
Yet more race baiting bullshit.
michelle juarez
michelle juarez - 16 giờ trước
I haven't even seen the whole movie and i already love it. 10/10!!!!!
KP2003 - 16 giờ trước
People say we should get over the past, I find the best way to do that is to laugh at it.
Anni Vuohensilta
Anni Vuohensilta - 16 giờ trước
Torilla tavataan!
Jacob Duncan
Jacob Duncan - 16 giờ trước
Looks Guud.
winebox - 16 giờ trước
It looks like 2.7k stands for Klansmen :0
winebox - 15 giờ trước
Movie looks good btw, also I think I heard this guy's story on an NPR show one weekend.
Gavin Kendo
Gavin Kendo - 16 giờ trước
Eric , you dumbass.
The Internet Commentator
The Internet Commentator - 16 giờ trước
Harlem. - 16 giờ trước
kul kidz klan
Luke Stakelbeck
Luke Stakelbeck - 16 giờ trước
GFM Nothing Else Matters
GFM Nothing Else Matters - 16 giờ trước
What makes this so HILARIOUS is the fact that it's a true story!! Heard the real black officer in an interview...he sounded jus like an white man!!! 😂😂Gotta see this!!!!😁😁✊✊
Twin Born
Twin Born - 17 giờ trước
If I would have known this was a klan meeting....ok you know how many racist people I’ve encountered at jobs and some were bosses
Bin Child
Bin Child - 17 giờ trước
Did Robert Yeoman do the cinematography for this?
Fin Bom
Fin Bom - 17 giờ trước
Sub me Or die
Lil Kurkku
Lil Kurkku - 18 giờ trước
Who clicked because Adam Driver
Slushdog 101
Slushdog 101 - 18 giờ trước
A wahite officer.
Shoomp - 18 giờ trước
AngeIofJustize - 18 giờ trước
Leftist propaganda thinly disguised as 'comedy'.
Fxck Spike Lee. Fxck Hollywood.
Sarah S
Sarah S - 19 giờ trước
I'm interested to see how they tie the Black Power movement into this.
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson - 19 giờ trước
Don’t get excited, the movie is canceled.
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom - 19 giờ trước
Racist bullshit Spike Lee is a racist bitch.
Bossman Jenkins
Bossman Jenkins - 19 giờ trước
Wow more racially fueled bullshit...
AngeIofJustize - 19 giờ trước
1:01 The KKK is planning an attack?
I guarantee you if the attack was successful, the Klan still wouldn't have killed more black people than black people kill each other during one weekend in Chicago. But yeah be very afraid of 'da evil whyte man'. He be holdin us down yo !!
Cosmic Baby Demon Otaku
Cosmic Baby Demon Otaku - 19 giờ trước
That Is Very Insane That They Would infiltrate the KKK knowing what they’ve done
Jeffrey Gibson
Jeffrey Gibson - 19 giờ trước
Denzel Washington's son making a name for himself
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