BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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Alchemica Blackwood
Alchemica Blackwood - Giờ trước
Ah, yes, the good ol' days...Hail Victory!
Vegtam - Giờ trước
More race baiting JEWISH propaganda
Moto R6
Moto R6 - 4 giờ trước
Kylo ren
Gerald N.
Gerald N. - 8 giờ trước
Why? Isn't there enough racists - from the KKK to the BLM to cause further social divide? Why?
Okur r
Okur r - 10 giờ trước
Seems interesting I might go see it 🤔
Tamiko Walker
Tamiko Walker - 11 giờ trước
He sounds just like his dad wow ... but I don’t wanna see a KKK movie ... no parts of those bastards
cgross411 - 13 giờ trước
Wait a muthaphucking minute, who hidden my lightsaber?
gay lord
gay lord - 14 giờ trước
i actually got the chance to meet the guy that this movie is based on a few years ago, the story is such a wild ride i cant wait for this movie
spikez97 - 15 giờ trước
Don’t let Hollywood get you down lads.
Save the Boer.
Hugh Jaynuss
Hugh Jaynuss - 16 giờ trước
Of course they toss in the Trump slogan "America first" to make it seem like Trump is racist
Evan Wagner
Evan Wagner - 16 giờ trước
Thought there would be more Kylo Ren jokes in this comment section...Oh well.
Moronica - 16 giờ trước
spike lee is a disgusting little pee wee racist pig, hates himself for being so small and hates the world.
Remember what Deion Sanders said about him years ago, "this little guy ain't big enough to play putt putt golf".
nebular - 17 giờ trước
why they gotta do eric foreman dirty like this
Clara Powell
Clara Powell - 19 giờ trước
I saw Adam so I clicked looks like an amazing movie!
Shiitake Happens
Shiitake Happens - 19 giờ trước
This movie is going to cause even more black on white violence.
Bossesbaitshop - 19 giờ trước
This looked really funny when I saw it on TV this morning.Then the very last line in the trailer, with the Klan meeting:" America First"....Way to go, you just called half the country the Klan cause of there voting choice, including me and my family. Another biased Hollywood joint I won't go to, and pay for them to tell me how wrong and bad I am. Note: Spike, collect the money first, then insult all non-colored people after you have the money.
nick butter
nick butter - 20 giờ trước
If I would have Know This Was A Fuckin' Klan Meeting I wouldn't Have Taken This Mutha Fuka.... bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
CodyTheDoggo - 21 giờ trước
Ben Swolo
Jaden Kaiser
Jaden Kaiser - 22 giờ trước
This seems like such a weird fucking movie
JokerzPrincezz - 23 giờ trước
I seriously cannot WAIT to see this
*laughs sarcastically*
*laughs sarcastically* - 23 giờ trước
GOwFrEak360 - 23 giờ trước
Stupid ass unoriginal race baiting bullshit
sermike16 - Ngày trước
Liberal propaganda
Elie Rizk
Elie Rizk - Ngày trước
How is "black power" any different than the ku klux klan? Same racism
Nutty puddlez deep in yur gutz !!
Nutty puddlez deep in yur gutz !! - 12 giờ trước
Big difference one is abusing their power the other is just protecting themselves
Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson - Ngày trước
Oh hey, it’s Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII.
PilsPlease - Ngày trước
this shit is too funny
crusted tears drinking beers
crusted tears drinking beers - Ngày trước
1:06 i love the way he hit the "h" in "white"
O.T.R T.B.A - Ngày trước
Anti white the movie making black people feel a bit better about themselves
Ignacio Couce
Ignacio Couce - Ngày trước
Daryl Davis is a blues musician, but he also has what some might call an interesting hobby. For the past 30 years, Davis, a black man, has spent time befriending members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Maybe not a better movie, but certainly a better story.
Ignacio Couce
Ignacio Couce - Ngày trước - Ngày trước
Last line in trailer is hilarious!
kevin willems
kevin willems - Ngày trước
I'm down
NSW BLUES - Ngày trước
Fun fact the black guy is Denzel Washington's son 😁
BLACKBIRD 1767 - Ngày trước
He’s Denzel Washington’s son!
Ajesh Benny
Ajesh Benny - 2 ngày trước
John David Washington fantastic
Craig Davis
Craig Davis - 2 ngày trước
He sounds just like his dad
2021 - 2 ngày trước
Spike Lee damn well better have given points or paid rights to Dave Chappelle. If not, there is no damn way I will watch.
Riddgelan - 2 ngày trước
Sooo excited! Extra o’s added for effect.
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
Remember kid's the kkk was founded by democrats.
OGdollabills - 2 ngày trước
Hoooowhite man
Nicholas Eickman
Nicholas Eickman - 2 ngày trước
If David Duke and his buddies actually shouted “America First”, it’s likely referring to white America, not it’s values and principles, but rather the belief that a person’s race determines their values and character (which is asinine), and since the trailer shows them believing the alienation of minorities is “American”, it is likely this is true. If they didn’t say this, then it is a blatant attack on the Trump administration and his supporters in order to draw a false line between them and the Klan.
It is very possible that both are true at the same time.
Just Anthony Here!
Just Anthony Here! - 2 ngày trước
The way he said white is like the way stewy says whip
Samantha Vlogs
Samantha Vlogs - 2 ngày trước
Omg it’s Adam driver 🙈❤️😍
joe bob
joe bob - 2 ngày trước
I hate being a minority....

Any other white people with me!!!!?
joe bob
joe bob - 2 ngày trước
but I don't like movies with black people
l r
l r - 2 ngày trước
WHite..Cool WHip..excuse me,did you say Cool WHip?
BIZZY Mc - 2 ngày trước
I hate racism movies cause it stays the same or worse after the time of the dated historical event ...yea the took down duke...but another mf slide right in after...and what we gain...??!!some feel good shit on how we got one up on whitey in 76!!?? lol...pass
Peter Kazavis
Peter Kazavis - 2 ngày trước
Shean Don
Shean Don - 2 ngày trước
why does the black cop sound like denzel Washington
Brett Maddox-Stroud
Brett Maddox-Stroud - 2 ngày trước
Thank GOD they keep making all this racist propaganda so we can keep the hate alive and well. 😋
Halo Movie Music
Halo Movie Music - 2 ngày trước
Racial Tensions are High as Hell in America and you come out with this ignorant Movie. Hollywood and the media are at fault for the Racism in America.
CHIEF_ T - 2 ngày trước
I don't like spike Lee but this is gonna be a good movie (I think)
Arella17 - 2 ngày trước
This may be an interesting movie, but what the fuck is that Hank Hill-esque pronunciation of white?
Melvin Brown
Melvin Brown - 2 ngày trước
Bullshit movie black people not watch it please!
Aja Wilson
Aja Wilson - 2 ngày trước
God bless white America lmao gets me every time i watch this trailer
Rem Jontae
Rem Jontae - 2 ngày trước
I swear that dude looks like Denzel Washington.
JacketFoster - 2 ngày trước
@0:36 So, can we all agree that this is at least in the top 3 things that literally nobody would expect to hear come out of the mouth of a black man that was not called Uncle Ruckus?
JacketFoster - 2 ngày trước
Also, Sorry to Bother You called. They want their plot of pretending to be white people back. Yes, I know this was based on something that actually happened, but still.
PhillyFly1039 - 2 ngày trước
What if I told you Democrats were the most racist party in the United States' history? It's all about suppression, gaining more votes, and keeping people under control of the government.
Pilar Ponceano
Pilar Ponceano - 2 ngày trước
He sounds just like his father!!
Mr.DaMan 322
Mr.DaMan 322 - 2 ngày trước
ken131 - 2 ngày trước
I am so hyped for this movie! Love Adam Driver
John Saxer
John Saxer - 3 ngày trước
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BlueBell - 3 ngày trước
clicked for Adam but I actually might go see this
Becs Marlowe
Becs Marlowe - 3 ngày trước
Definitely going to see this movie when it comes out.
Erick M
Erick M - 3 ngày trước
Hwhite man
Jim Haney
Jim Haney - 3 ngày trước
Adam Driver's character wasn't actually Jewish.
Stallwarth's Black Panther girlfriend didn't exist.
No arrests were actually made by the end of the 9 month investigation.
I'm a bit disappointed.
skyym3 - 3 ngày trước
I love how they take the slogan that Pres. Trump says and more than half the country and rewrite history to show the KKK said the same thing and of course it's racist if the KKK said it, lol. My God people are blind and deaf if they continue to believe and buy into the propaganda that is being spewed into all the media channels. God help everyone because the majority are deaf, dumb and blind.
God Bless
Cisumeht Esresre
Cisumeht Esresre - Ngày trước
Nadia Jones You're on the wrong side of history.
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
skyym3 Dude conservative sjw’s have been a thing for a long time. You can say “I hate feminists and liberals” all you want, if you reach to the point that you are just complaining about every little thing, you are a sjw. The other day I watched a conservative complain how Infinity War was a liberal piece because Spider-Man referenced Aliens and he hated how there were women fighting. Most of the comments section were a bunch of conservatives and Republicans trying to figure out why this conservative sounded like a sjw Even now that whole reply of yours was so cringy I figured you either are a sjw or you are a liberal troll trying to make conservatives look dumb. It’s happened plenty of times. You need to accept there are conservative sjw’s and they are as annoying as the liberal ones. Otherwise, no one takes you seriously
skyym3 - 2 ngày trước
Nadia Jones .... You realize there is no such thing as a sjw conservative. You realize how ignorant that is to put conservatism in with social justice warriors, don't you? I guess you don't and all I can think about now is, what else are you spewing and/or believing that is completely wrong and not possible. You can look up the definition of conservative and then look up the definition of social justice warrior. While you're at it, look up the definition of "snowflake", because it might shed some light on who you are and realize this is how y'all act, (safe spaces or not). lolol God Bless, if you believe in the Lord God, which I doubt, but ya never know now a days.
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
The KKK is known for saying this. Why do you think people compared Trump with Hitler and KKK speeches. Just stop acting like a conservative sjw
raptorjesus101 - 3 ngày trước
Obviously this movie will have some political point to make but regardless Jordan Peele is talented as hell and it's based on a pretty awesome story. Glad this movie is a comedy, it serves the craziness of the story quite well. Hopefully it'll turn out good
Ry - 3 ngày trước
This is anti-white racism
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Yep. Because showing White and Black cops working together to take down a terrorist group is "anti-white"
Dmitri Kosav
Dmitri Kosav - 3 ngày trước
Another white-guilt movie, awesome.
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
You two sjws get just want to complain about everything huh?
FLLLOWNBODR - 3 ngày trước
film a movie depicting blacks stealing and showing they're underwear while walking and all hell will break loose
Brett Ryan
Brett Ryan - 3 ngày trước
Looks like a good film about Democrats. 🤔
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Around this time its would be Republicans. The political party change would've been before this era
Aires Warchild
Aires Warchild - 3 ngày trước
The Fidget Spinner Movie
The Fidget Spinner Movie - 3 ngày trước
Why don't they just have the white man use the phone?
The Fidget Spinner Movie
The Fidget Spinner Movie - 3 ngày trước
The Force Awakkkens
Twilight Star
Twilight Star - 3 ngày trước
I keep rewinding the video to 0:52 where those 3 guys on the right are laughing.
kris mo
kris mo - 3 ngày trước
1ST OF ALL: BLACK IS A 900 YEAR OLD WORD! 2ND, "BLACK" IS AN ADJECTIVE!! PEOPLE ARE NOUNS NOT ADJECTIVES!!!! YOU CAN GRADUATE AND STILL CAN'T READ. 3RD THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MEANING OF THE WORD/CONNOTATIVE MEANING OF THAT WORD: Black (adj.) [1100 A.D. Old English blac] -"bright, shining, glittering, pale. .....Hence a "blacksmith" forging bright, bleach blonde metal!!! Is it starting to make sense? This is how "law" enforcers are murdering people who think they're's like constantly saying you're a chair instead of a human lol
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips - 3 ngày trước
And this is why we still get vandalism in the streets because they wanna keep making movies that are strongly pointed towards racism
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Sure jerry
G_Odu Of the North
G_Odu Of the North - 3 ngày trước
Huh, there's like... three movies coming out right now that are focused on Black people and their position in this country. Cuz like, there's this movie, and there's "Sorry to Bother you," and there's "Blindspotting" and it seems like there are more. This is obviously a good thing, don't get me wrong, but it's always odd how like, 3 or 4 movies will get released around the same time with similar themes. I'm sure it's just because studios catch wind of a movie being made, because Hollywood is a surprisingly small industry, and everyone's trying to compete for box office numbers. Nothing wrong with that. I dunno about "Blindspotting," but I definitely want to go and see this movie and "Sorry to Bother You." I mean, for the first time in a while, it seems like everyone's not pushing out a reboot of something. That's cool.
Alyssa R
Alyssa R - 3 ngày trước
Ok when he said I hate Italians I’m like wtf I’m Italian
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Yeah that was the dumb-logic the KKK went by. You needed to be pure White and Jewish/Italians weren't considered "pure"
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins - 4 ngày trước
this film looks pure quality !!! doesn't look like a cringe Sjw fest ether.
dankmeme croc
dankmeme croc - 4 ngày trước
LOL. LOLL. LOLLLLLLL this film looks fucking AMAZING
Blackjáck Music
Blackjáck Music - 4 ngày trước
What is wrong with saying "America first"? Who is that bad???
Blackjáck Music
Blackjáck Music - 2 ngày trước
Because the KKK said it??? Well man the KKK aren't all of America and maybe only comprise .00001% of the population...Don't let a little piss ant portion of Americans dictate your opinion of what it is to be "America First"
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Because the KKK used it meaning "White America" so basically if you weren't pure white(I say pure cause they had this weird thing of what they considered White) you are out of here
Porcelain Rose
Porcelain Rose - 4 ngày trước
Lol liberals gonna be pissed about this
vistaprime - 4 ngày trước
Doesn't look like a must see.
Abygaelle - 4 ngày trước
Damn Eric your dad was right, you really are a DUMBASS!
Ashley Da Honey Dip
Ashley Da Honey Dip - 4 ngày trước
Julius CaesarII
Julius CaesarII - 4 ngày trước
Nice looks like a shittier version of Blazing saddles.
Angry Goyim
Angry Goyim - 4 ngày trước
More anti-white shit.
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
Yep, a movie about White and Black cops working together to take down a terrorist group is anti-white. This is why Die Hard was considered anti-white too
Ashley Da Honey Dip
Ashley Da Honey Dip - 4 ngày trước
You fuckin right
Alondro77 - 4 ngày trước
Wow... so this is where we are now.
Wxlf ϟϟ
Wxlf ϟϟ - 4 ngày trước
niggers and jews need to stay out the white mans country. you arent the victim. you are an invader
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
That last comment was so Grammarly cringy, its kinda obvious this is a troll comment
Wxlf ϟϟ
Wxlf ϟϟ - 4 ngày trước
Ashley Da Honey Dip war is war. defend whats yours or get fuckin booted out
Ashley Da Honey Dip
Ashley Da Honey Dip - 4 ngày trước
Actually you are sir, Native Americans were here first, you fuckin colonizer
Kieran Allen
Kieran Allen - 4 ngày trước
I'm going to watch it just for how absurd this concept is lol
Chin Man
Chin Man - 4 ngày trước
Kylo Ren gave up and became a cop.
Grand Inquisitor Sug The Dark Clone of Gus
So, Kylo ren was a cop before becoming a Sith wannabe?😆
Valkyrie Ziege
Valkyrie Ziege - 4 ngày trước
; "The Ku Klux Klan" = "Viagra" for race-baiters.
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz - 5 ngày trước
Based on Officer Ron Stallworth
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy - 5 ngày trước
the 'undercover white man' is at least 25% native American. Us white KKK members dont allow anyone like that in. Nice jewish fairy-tale, good luck at the box office!
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones - 2 ngày trước
You tried
Tim Galida
Tim Galida - 5 ngày trước
3300 people that saw this are racists
Premium Fruits
Premium Fruits - 5 ngày trước
Hahaha can't wait for this movie! Fuck all white people I hope they all burn in hell!
Xxpeppa PigxX
Xxpeppa PigxX - 5 ngày trước
I thought it was black dynamite for a sec
Ryan Geoghagan
Ryan Geoghagan - 5 ngày trước
This could be funny. Although I'm scared of the looks the teller might give me.
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