BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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Shazwan Mustaffa
Shazwan Mustaffa - Ngày trước
Just saw the movie. Not American. But god this is so sad. There's still people who see people through colours.
Seb's BROlogna Journals
Seb's BROlogna Journals - 2 ngày trước
Excellent movie from beginning to end and very strong message! Well done, Spike Lee! As a white man, I´m ashamed it sometimes takes movies like this to re-open my eyes to the plight of black people in western society.
RovagangQ - 3 ngày trước
Undercover Brother 2
Paul Colson
Paul Colson - 6 ngày trước
I liked this movie a lot , But I think most of you took it the wrong way entirely...
The way it should have been taken is this

Look how easy it is for powers ( people in power) to manipulate politically. And we fall for it single every time.

The ending is the only part I didn't like , Not because it was showing Trump bashing But rather how people still in this time being manipulated by standing in the streets divided fighting something that doesn't exist in our own Country today , The only persons who believe there is still racism out there are racists themselves , America is made up of ALL races of Citizens and if that Citizenship is done right legally we all prosper. We have had our problems and it has been a long fight for Brotha's and Sista's But we have evolved I can tell you that. I was born 1962 and I was 2 years old when the Civil Rights act of 1964 went into affect and until I was old enough to know what it meant I can tell you It is NOTHING like it was back then.

I also went to school with South Vietnam refugees 1973 and 1974 made good friends with quite a few of them as well.

I have always respected my friendships with black friends growing up and I miss them dearly , It was some of the most memorable fun times in my life growing up. I still have black friends today and we talk often about racism very openly and how things are today and I can tell you that we are all on the same page , We help one another on a regular basis , mow each other lawns help with house repairs etc etc and all I can think about when I see things on YouTube about how bad it is out there like what you see at the end of this movie , Is how can that be ? I don't see it ... I mean I see it but I can't believe it in the sense that how can this be happening , Why are these people white and black motivated to do this ? Could it be once again they are being manipulated to not evolve , Is this happening is a selective few states ? and if so why ? I born and raised and live in Florida and have never ever seen this kind of behavior from our Citizens not ever. When will people let go of past and move on and just simply learn not to repeat our past ? Taking down statues and burning flags erases our history and if we have no history how can we learn from our past of failures ? I tell you the whole thing makes me sick.

Kids in school today are the most dumbest kids , Oh sure they can master a computer and have their technology toys but is that really better then actually learning ? To hold and use devices that think for you , To obsessively use social media de-socializing tools to make a fake meaningless life , to be force fed media on a constant basis to where you don't know what is real or truth anymore... Just touch screens and touch buttons , Doesn't anyone just help an old lady across the street anymore ? Do they even notice them ? and how can they because everywhere I go now all I see is people looking down at their phones fixed and vacantly looking at it while the real world passes them by. I am telling you now , people need to get back to basic skills and socializing , and I don't mean on a damn iphone or android , I have never in 57 years of life owned any of those things and never will own one because I see what it does to people... Those things are ruining you , if you are older Get in touch with your human self again , And if you are a young person learn to socialize with human beings (not google) and make talk ,engage , Talk to people it might surprise you. Stop looking at your fellow human being as a threat... Think for yourself , don't let media and technology segregate you from a life, This my friends is what they want. They want chaos , segregation , us fighting among ourselves on things they tell you exists but doesn't. It only exists if you let it exist... Please don't let it exist. Peace to you all. and I don't care how much you don't like it I will say it anyway lol Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.
elfoxy - 6 ngày trước
"All power to all the people"
I'm sure the #blacklivesmatter people wouldn't be too happy with that? Well, they don't like #AllLivesMatter, so this film seems a bit contradictory to reality.
Hood Rabbit
Hood Rabbit - 7 ngày trước
Man got that Steve Harvey pronounciation
No Brain
No Brain - 9 ngày trước
Im really sorry i need to ask i thought this was a comedy?? then i found it it's a true story so i thought brilliant then i heard it's a black buy killing KKK thought fuck me this will be class cant wait, then i watched it, is it becaise i'm so fucking white i look like a battle of milk ffs or am i just dull as fuck?? did anyone find it a comedy???? please let me know i was boarn with black muslim and chineese so i still think like humanity exept they look better tanned than me the buggers :)
lol okay
lol okay - 9 ngày trước
I didn’t understand a bit 😂
Sonny Luka
Sonny Luka - 10 ngày trước
this is crap stupid movie..this is really having a go at trump..a protest movie..spike Lee grabbed this opportunity..I'm not black..but I'm brown skinned..
David Lungu
David Lungu - 10 ngày trước
My wife picked this up thinking from the Trailer she saw on TV was gonna be a comedy. It is so anti-Trump filled and laced with the N word and we had to turn it off. The trailer was deceiving even to me when I saw it. It does show how bad things was in the 60s/70s and to some extent still happening today but it has a bias too.
Hamed Hosseini
Hamed Hosseini - 10 ngày trước
Not an American never been there but damn strong ending got me emotional.
XO - 10 ngày trước
This movie was surprisingly good
engrade 90
engrade 90 - 11 ngày trước
Seems boring lol
CrazyMikeGr - 11 ngày trước
nowadays is firth black,second white
RiFFxxx - 11 ngày trước
Wait.. the KKK hate the Irish too? Guess they're jealous of our pale corpse-like complexions.
Valaha - 11 ngày trước
Matt Tolentino
Matt Tolentino - 11 ngày trước
When Ron first meets Patrice, was he just lucky or does he knew her already?
Phantaree Jermpak
Phantaree Jermpak - 12 ngày trước
American first 😄😄😄😄😄 that's crazy
Christine Bolingbroke
Christine Bolingbroke - 12 ngày trước
I hope they win every one of their Golden Globe Nominations, best film of the year!
Jenjen 100000
Jenjen 100000 - 12 ngày trước
Racists should have the swastika carved into their foreheads.
Jenjen 100000
Jenjen 100000 - 12 ngày trước
The same David Duke that Trump winks at, on another note I can not wait to see this film on dvd.
varina von stefan
varina von stefan - 12 ngày trước
Same voice as his dad
supermariofan03 - 12 ngày trước
Is it possible that a Trump supporter love this movie? I don’t know but I love the hell out of it!
The Jordanian Philosopher
The Jordanian Philosopher - 13 ngày trước
Spike Lee is talented and the movie was very good with many talented actors . As someone from different culture I learned about race Dynamics in the states and about the ideology of the KKK. The irony is that the ideology of the KKK is the same as Jewish Settlers in the west bank about pure state and ethnic cleansing . I guess humans are capable of hate regardless of their religion or background .
Sonny Luka
Sonny Luka - 10 ngày trước
spike Lee is a cunning barstard..he took this opportunity as protest..and point it at trump
junekid629 - 14 ngày trước
another film i will never see...
Ramon Az
Ramon Az - 14 ngày trước
Spike Lee Power...
Kristian Brandt
Kristian Brandt - 16 ngày trước
Why do you Yanks still continue to insist Jews are a race. It's a religion, anybody can be Jewish.
Jeswaz Wadi
Jeswaz Wadi - 16 ngày trước
I loved this movie soo much to all the racist whites on the comment section take heart, history is beautiful
DenzBi - 17 ngày trước
6.4k rednecks TTTTTRiGGERED
Billy Reddington
Billy Reddington - 19 ngày trước
Good movie. I thought it was a comedy... it is NOT. My eyes were glued to the screen. It may be based on a true story or events or the entire thing may be nothing but a fabricated story. Either way it's a good movie and very real. 2 hard working men put their time and lives on the line to try and stop hatred only in the end told to stop , let it go, forget it ever happened, destroy all records/evidence. That's the REAL part of the movie and the problem in this world. It only takes 1 person with power money, someone that can destroy your life or make it very tell you to stop...get back in line sheep ...the slaughter house is this way....and you do it. Sad but true.
Ian Drago
Ian Drago - 20 ngày trước
Asshole used race and religion to push his retarded liberal ideas.
Stupid movie.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 14 ngày trước
Sure kid
ruboyhsv - 21 ngày trước
ricky from ballers
Raj Pillai
Raj Pillai - 22 ngày trước
Strong, powerful message- "All power to all people". John David and Adam Driver were brilliant. Spike Lee may have immortalized "It is too late to turn back now".
kamov123 - 23 ngày trước
The director is trying too hard to create fake parallelisms between the past and the present.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 14 ngày trước
canned soup
canned soup - 23 ngày trước
Spike Lee has beef with free masonary or something?
starving student
starving student - 23 ngày trước
I thought this movie was going to get international release or something. America first...sounds familiar?
jwst - 24 ngày trước
lol.. will blacks ever EVER make a non-racist movie? jeez.. explore some other topics and aspects of life
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 14 ngày trước
Plenty it's just you guys tend to complain about everything making it where no one can enjoy any movie without some snowflake bashing on it
El Guapo Ben
El Guapo Ben - 24 ngày trước
1:05 Reminds me of that cool whip bit
Ella Grace
Ella Grace - 24 ngày trước
Topher Grace tho 😍
Og Triple Og
Og Triple Og - 24 ngày trước
This movie is so racist
Pyrrus - 25 ngày trước
America First? Where did I hear this before.... D;
Frankie Woodson
Frankie Woodson - 25 ngày trước
Proof that KKK are white privileged and not white supremacy
hf84f409fuj fmru4uihg499
hf84f409fuj fmru4uihg499 - 25 ngày trước
Duke is an American hero and patriot.
Daniel Bejbl
Daniel Bejbl - 27 ngày trước
"With the right KHWHITE man..."
humanmoron - 27 ngày trước
decent film from spike lee. has nothing on clockers though
pas mater
pas mater - 28 ngày trước
God bless WHITE America
Joshua Breault
Joshua Breault - 28 ngày trước
The front runner
Great Kurdistan
Great Kurdistan - 29 ngày trước
When i started to watch this movie and listened to Ron's voice, i noticed that his voice was so much like Denzel's voice. I was like what? This guy sounds like Denzel. I didnt know it was his son, so i went to checkout his real name and saw John David
He is just a copy of his dad.
Deborah Johnson
Deborah Johnson - Tháng trước
With all due respect but, Denzel who!
André Lucas
André Lucas - Tháng trước
Lmao white people are trash
john thang
john thang - Tháng trước
This movie was funny and good but fuck the SJWs on here calling conservatives white hillbillies. Im fucking asian and Im not a liberal marxist faggot. Not every conservative is white, or fat, or lives in a trailer park now for liberals I can definitely say most are on welfare, bunch of fucking urbanities living in the hood or a rich white snobby fuckin liberal living in a high class neighborhood.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 10 ngày trước
+john thang Exactly. Both sides are just complete idiots proving that neither of them are capable of having a coherent thought
john thang
john thang - 10 ngày trước
I Identify as a Dragon I can say the same for liberals who call everything racist and sexist *copy and paste*
canned soup
canned soup - 23 ngày trước
lmao you're mad over a movie xD
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 27 ngày trước
It's kinda hard to take either side seriously Most conservatives on here are equally idiotic with their "THIS IS LIBERAL PROPAGANDA" copy and paste.
Jesus is Muslim
Jesus is Muslim - Tháng trước
Trump is responsible for the insanity
Alt Right Bones
Alt Right Bones - Tháng trước
The Klan are heroes.
narghora - Tháng trước
A Spike Jonze Joint. 😅😅
1socalshocker - Tháng trước
Looks good, spike lee is a racist to the 10th degree but this still looks good.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 29 ngày trước
1socalshocker Saying “it’s true” doesn’t really tell me anything. Like I can say it’s true that Hilary Clinton is a mole person, but that doesn’t really mean anything
1socalshocker - 29 ngày trước
+I Identify as a Dragon " I feel like everyone is a racist in the eyes of snowflakes these days" Maybe so but in Spike Lee's case, it's true. I still like some of his stuff though, Like Clockers and Summer of Sam.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
I feel like everyone is a racist in the eyes of snowflakes these days
Mathew Azaria
Mathew Azaria - Tháng trước
I personally feel that this is just another controversial matter and that people should note the knowledge that this topic leaves no one feeling neutral. Personally I prefer American History X as a film on bigotry because it shows bigots as they are but without taking the message and dropping it on your head as an anvil. Some people may argue that some anvils need to be dropped and this is one of those. However with our society becoming increasingly comfortable with the taboo cinematic audiences root for the bad people and overt admonishments of do not do this thing that seems so cool do not work. That is why I prefer the more subtle approach to this kind of subject matter.
The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow - Tháng trước
fuck charlosttesville , fuck the kkk , fuck white power
Gunnerrich - Tháng trước
this movie was very good and raw! i almost thought it was denzel after awhile. his son looks and sounds just like him!
Bebe4 Usa
Bebe4 Usa - Tháng trước
Brainwashing trash film
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
What isnt brainwashing to you guys these days?
Milton Monnin
Milton Monnin - Tháng trước
Like it or not the Klan (KKK) has always been a religious Christian organization this is their religion LONG, Long before hate crime laws etc ... This is a Hater movie , same as it would be if it were about Muslims who the Klan loves , Jews , Sikhs, Hindus , gays , transgender people ...Spike lee is officially a HATER it is what it is , now you have become what you hate ... But hey that makes you EQUAL ! jajajaja
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Its like you attempted to make a point, and then you dived into too many different branches
Mike Littlejohn
Mike Littlejohn - Tháng trước
It would be more accurate if Lee the racebaiting brainwashed liberal would have portrayed it accurately with the Democrats who are/were the kkk instead of trying to start a race war with the Republicans who actually passed the laws letting blacks vote, who passed the civil rights laws and actually fought against the Democrat South who wanted to continue slavery. Typical of a Racebaiting brainwashed hater like "Hollyweird" Spike to not even tell the real story out of the book but made this crap up in his demented head. Nice try.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Nice try on making conservatives look like a bunch of snowflakes you lib
CELL Soldier
CELL Soldier - Tháng trước
0:39 Best Part :} i hate jews.
Adam Ferry
Adam Ferry - 25 ngày trước
Hahahahaha yeah Jews. They just ruin everything don’t they
De smid
De smid - Tháng trước
This is just another propaganda movie, especially in the beginning with Alec Baldwin ''Calibrator''. Every race/culture preserve's itself except we are being flooded to extermination....Open borders for Israel!
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
De smid Sure
Karen Swain
Karen Swain - Tháng trước
an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind
Ron nono
Ron nono - Tháng trước
love race baiting movies...
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong - Tháng trước
+Johan Johansson I'm impressed, Johan. Not only have you attempted to put words in my mouth, you've answered questions I haven't asked. Personally, I couldn't care less about Lee's political stance. I'm under no illusion that when I see a movie that states "Based on a true story", a common theme these days, then I have to view it as a work of fiction, not a documentary. If this is the amount of angst a simple film brings out in you, God help us when people like you and the OP address the real race baiters in American society. Like the current Administration, for example. Steam must be coming out your ears.
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson - Tháng trước
+Pete is never wrong Explain Spike Lee's own support for Nation of Islam and the five percenters then? If you r answer is "But look at those racist KKK!", then that only proves the convenient trick of having the KKK in your white guilt brainwashing propaganda piece. Of course Spike Lee made a movie about the KKK so you can't point out his own black nationalism when there are those horrible racists in the KKK.
Pete is never wrong
Pete is never wrong - Tháng trước
Thank god this wasn't one.
Ana Marin
Ana Marin - Tháng trước
Since spike lee has no issues with lying, manipulating, deceiving and promoting RACISM
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
+Johan Johansson You do know that the black dude is undercover pretending to be white so he could take down the KKK, right? It sounded like you dont even know the story
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson - Tháng trước
+I Identify as a Dragon Explain why he is supporting the Nation of Islam and the Five Percent Nation then? They would build a wall to shut out white people in their black ethnostate if they could. That the KKK are racists is not an argument.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Cool story bro
Ron nono
Ron nono - Tháng trước
love race baiting movies...
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Ron nono Did you type that whole thing up to demonstrate the stupidity of the left or are you just really.....that kind of guy? Sometimes I can’t tell anymore online
Ron nono
Ron nono - Tháng trước
+I Identify as a Dragon "I identify as..." are you not mocking trannys in your profile name anyway? go back to reddit and stop using our terms 'snowflake'. The left truly can't meme. Kys.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Love your guy's snowflake comments
thepoppunx - Tháng trước
finaly after years of critics, spike lee its traing to do a tarantino like movie....
Robert Saxon
Robert Saxon - Tháng trước
I think I'm going to pass on this one....spike Lee is a racist
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Dd Khodijah
Dd Khodijah - Tháng trước
tony marcuzzo
tony marcuzzo - Tháng trước
Screw black power
Kenshin Yang
Kenshin Yang - Tháng trước
wait in the trailer they did not use the N word what in the movie they did
Minimoi Moimoi
Minimoi Moimoi - Tháng trước
Black ...JEWISH ... non muslim... your movie is jocke... no fascisme?.. or you explained muslim on history because for GOOD people AMERICAN SIONIST .BLACK WHITE OR NOT ..muslim is your enemy yes?... kill MUSLIM its GOOD for you... i am muslim... i choked with that's movies.... POEPEL LIKE THAT'S MOVIE ... YOU ARE RACIST... NOT MUSLIM POEPEL NOT CHINESE NOT INDIA.... JUSTE BLACK END JEWISH.... YOUR HUMANITY IT'S... SMALL.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Is English not your first language?
Lima Biel
Lima Biel - Tháng trước
Hey foreskin
DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans
DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans - Tháng trước
The movie probably failed to mention that the KKK was created by the democratic party.
DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans
DeportAllIllegals ByAllMeans - Tháng trước
I Identify as a Dragon The democratic party has always been the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws and black codes.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Yeah, it was invented at a time the Republican party were a bunch of liberals
keltin Mendoza
keltin Mendoza - Tháng trước
Jesus fucking Christ. I'm gonna explain a few things about this movie. First of all, the female romantic interest never existed. Ron Stallworth was never beat up by other white cops, and no one planted a bomb on the romantic interest's car. Those thing are purely embellishment for the movie. Although, Ron did prevent bombings of two separate gay bars. Prevented 3 cross burnings in his intelligence investigation. And exposed two members of the military who worked at NORAD and had top level security clearance. Which prevented even more weapons from being stolen. Yes, the movie was embellished. That's why it's "based on a true story" not a documentary. If you look up any interview with Ron Stallworth he explains what was real and what was fake in the movie. I suggest before watching the movie to read the book first.
GothsAndLangobardsWillSlayYou - Tháng trước
Anyone else is GOYM to see this awesome movie? Me and Schlomo will have such a great time
Giah Sokoguru
Giah Sokoguru - Tháng trước
this movie deserve an oscar
El Mestizo gObLiNo
El Mestizo gObLiNo - Tháng trước
DK 429
DK 429 - Tháng trước
Just Redbox rented & watched -
loved it !
errecappa - Tháng trước
The end of the movie is strong as fk, no words
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
So...can a white man do a movie called " Whitepanther" and paint his face black? It would be fair.

After all . " White Girls" was allowed to take place and I didn't hear or see many white people protesting or illustrating any form of disgust towards it.

This is why any intelligent white person CANNOT or WON'T respect the tears a black person would shed about the kkk against their grand father or great grand fathers who POSSIBLY could have been victims of real hate violent crimes back then.

You all bitch about someone calling you a nigger...yet you call EACH OTHER the same damn word and also a variant of it " nigga' or " nig"
And this is a word that came FROm the white man allegedly. WTF would you bitch about a white man calling you that if your'e going to call EACH OTHER that hated word anyways? It's this hypocritical asinine mindset that leaves white people looking at you with such facepalming laughing and disappointment.

I'm sure al sharpton, jessie jackson, and louis farrakhan are proud of this situation and are applauding ( these are in fact very huge radical racists against not just white people but ANYONE who isn't black). What a fucking disgrace of a movie idea.

Now..SINCERELY....I couldn't care any less if the kkk ended 100% as well as ANY organization that puts its own race ABOVE others in the context of benefits and more freedoms in the usa. Black panthers AND kkk alike. fuck them both equally.

But my point still stands and things are supposed to be " equal" these days? Bullshit. When this type of movie is allowed to be made, harassment-free, then I want my " White panther" movie too. comedy is comedy...fair is fair.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
Theres so much stupidity in this comments that not only do I think you didnt bother watching the movie, I dont think you passed high school Hopefully you are just trolling cause if you guys really existed then America is doomed
Nibba - Tháng trước
(((censored))) divide people in Left and Right.
We NATSOC, fight your cancer every day and the more you do not recognize the enemy, the more you take us back. Be united against (((them))) end debt, end slavery, end media brainwash
Paul Denino
Paul Denino - Tháng trước
Jasper PääKKKönen
pokerphil1st - Tháng trước
I thought it was a comedy?
Kao Kakao
Kao Kakao - Tháng trước
extremism doesn't know race. it is present in all races. this movie clearly shows it.
Ashoikie Saunders
Ashoikie Saunders - Tháng trước
Shows the ignorance on both sides . Hating someone only because of their skin and/or religion and we cant leave out the fact African Americans dont believe their own should be police officers etc . Great movie though !
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
1st. Ask ANY black person " would you visit or live in africa and pay close attention to the answer AND how he or she answers. I am willing ot bet you anything he or she will say something to the effect of " hell naaaa..them somalian niggas are CRAAAZEEEE". I know because I've asked at least 18 black people this exact question across the past 20 years straight ...just to see the answer I will get. My point is. How the hell can you call yourself " african american" if you're not even willing to VISIT let alone LIVE in your " motherland" country? I'd love to visit Ireland and Scottland and perhaps live at either place for a good while, but my inner ear disease prevents me from flying or even going up into the mountains. But regardless, ya don't see me callign my self a irish or scottish american, do ya? Nope. I'm simply...american 2. Of course they don't often support their own " brothas" becoming cops. ...Unless it's a city that is black majority like Jackson MS, Chicago IL, Detroit Michigan, Atlanta GA...Memphis TN and the list goes on. Otherwise, they know that their black cop cousins and brothers would ACTUALLy have to do their job and bust the family member who's dealing crack, robbing gas stations, car jacking and commiting most of the violent crimes that they have for the past 40+ years nation wide ( btw that IS a historical fact). I'll give this movie a chance when " White panther" gets made and the main character(s) paints his face black. Fair is fair.
ARTURO VIDAL - Tháng trước
left propagan
hari alli
hari alli - Tháng trước
6.3k kkk members disliked this trailer 🖕🏿
hari alli
hari alli - Tháng trước
+Motoryzen I will guarantee you that you are a KKK sympathiser
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
I doubt that even half of them were kkk. Where's the " White Panther" movie Fair is fair. I won't hold my breath though. After all, it's not like White people have a white version of the NAACP to back them up in social termoil, it's n ot like we have a WHITE united college fund. Get the point yet? Try thinking outside your skin color.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo - Tháng trước
We will be getting the positions of power soon enough, and we should give white kids and their parents absolutely nothing. Throw them out of schools, don't hire them, lock them up, you name it. Risin stronger!
T. D.
T. D. - Tháng trước
Another liberal bias, lying, bleeding heart, propaganda bullshit movie. ANTIFA are terrorists. Liberals are the violent crazy pos. Black lives matter is a lie, blacks keep murdering blacks more than anyone else. All liberals should be shot in the head for treason. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
+Motoryzen That's pretty much college students in general. I dont think a typical "gang" is able to afford to travel like that You sound like a nice guy, so I'm gonna ask you to probably be careful of these snowflakes. They kinda give conservatives a bad name yknow?
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
I don't agree with the shot in the head part, but I'd sleep just fine if someone gathered all of these black thugs up across the nation and drop shipped them in africa where they CLAIM their beloved motherland involving yet refuse to want to visit much less LIVE there. Ya CAN'T call yourself an african american if you won't visit or live in your motherland country. It's common sense, but good luck getting that out of the dime of a dozen black people.
DancinJim - Tháng trước
Pathetic ending, trying to pin this on Trump.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
No all it did was show that a Klansman is very much alive and thriving in this day of age.
DIRTBIKER SWE - Tháng trước
This movie is anti-white movie, racism against white people.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
SSG Squidward
SSG Squidward - Tháng trước
*Holy Shit that's KKKylo Ren*
Andreas Andreas
Andreas Andreas - Tháng trước
started watching this , 5 minutes in the movie , saw alec balwdin , Hilary Clinton's supporter back in the day. so i closed it . would had been a good movie if alec bald"fucking"win , was not in it. not worth watching.
Andreas Andreas
Andreas Andreas - Tháng trước
tpcs black guy joining the kkk was ok as long as they say , this movie is based on a real story. its just that alec baldwin guy i dont stand , thats all :)
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
Well hell, the black guy on the cover with the obvious tone of " black guy tries to join kkk" should have been enough of a redlight for ya man. Seriously.
Wayne Holmes
Wayne Holmes - Tháng trước
You can definitely tell that is Denzil Washington son. Looks and sound of the voice wow...
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - Tháng trước
White people are so bad!1
Thats why black men jump at the chance of dating a white woman even if she looks like honet boo boo's mom!
It comes down to black being mad cause they hate themselves!
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
+Motoryzen Yeah it was kinda obvious the dude was being sarcastic. This is what I mean by "conservative snowflake" Guys get triggered to easily and are ready to write a whole essay on how you're right. Lighten up
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - Tháng trước
+Motoryzen UH? I am not black! I agree with you, you fucking idiot!
Motoryzen - Tháng trước
You are as clueless as the rest of the dime a dozen black thugs. Look at the trash you just typed around 4 days ago kid. "Thats why black men jump at the chance of dating a white woman even if she looks like honet boo boo's mom!"'s the fact that most black males will hump ANYTHING they can at any time and don't care " who DA baby daddy is". (facepalm) And you all WONDER why most intelligent white people can't stand you? Oh about the fact that for the past 40+ years, black males between 14 and 45 have committed MOST of all violent crimes across the 48 continuous united states? Chicago IL, Jackson MS, Atlanta GA, Memphis TN are all perfect examples of majority black populated areas in which the year it became even HALF ...crime rates sky rockets..and property values began dropping and you all WONDER why we don't befriend you easily ( well the INTELLIGENT in the know white people anyways..there will always be idiots trying to be like the worst of you all flapping your arms around like you have cerebal palsy trying to be another eminem) Perhaps if you all conducted yourselves in a more intelligent manner ( and PEACEFUL I should add), there would be far LESS hatred going around on both sides. But nooooo. God forbid if things are EQUAL in any way. I"ll leave it at that and let you go back to wacking off while watching B.E.T.
Iósif Stalin
Iósif Stalin - Tháng trước
Why ppl thinks that Trump is racist? all of them are wrong lol.
Horulus Dalius
Horulus Dalius - Tháng trước
Dislikes 99,9999% from Trump and his fans within the Organisation:D
Horulus Dalius
Horulus Dalius - Tháng trước
Guys, i recommend you to watch this movie. You wont regret!!!!
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