Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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matthew samuels
matthew samuels - 10 phút trước
Whoever dislikes is Woke asf****
JakeHydeNow - 10 phút trước
So much intelligence in this room wow😱
Jen Bermudez
Jen Bermudez - 10 phút trước
her eyes aren’t green
A A.R.W - 10 phút trước
#1 trending
fuck negativity
fuck negativity - 10 phút trước
Sara Bashir
Sara Bashir - 11 phút trước
just watching this and thinking to my self... she's a mother
Novallax - 11 phút trước
He’s not the most intelligent fellow
donald dank
donald dank - 11 phút trước
La Flame
George Sana
George Sana - 11 phút trước
Kylie Jenner has green eyes?? Dafuq
OneBraveSoulBeauty - 11 phút trước
Does a sandwich count as cooking?
Jawad Kabir
Jawad Kabir - 11 phút trước
Ok seriously why 12 million views? She doesn’t have much going on in her head and neither does he. These are also the stupidest questions that no normal person would know and her reactions are horrible
gang boi
gang boi - 11 phút trước
Travis looking like he just got done smoking them rubies
diggydzz - 11 phút trước
This is how the Kardashians train all the black men the capture.
Katherine Padden
Katherine Padden - 11 phút trước
How does he know her extract pizza order but not the name of her dogs? #Duh
ɪ ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ɪ
ɪ ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ɪ - 12 phút trước
AlohaMia - 12 phút trước
You know he got so told off after this 😂
KING OF HARTS - 12 phút trước
OneBraveSoulBeauty - 12 phút trước
I’m a taurus!
HENRY THE RC CAR - 12 phút trước
World's Most Viral
World's Most Viral - 12 phút trước
After watching this i'm 100% positive these 2 will be together forever LOL
emilee19_ - 12 phút trước
This is the most I’ve ever heard Kylie talk literally ever
DER scott
DER scott - 13 phút trước
why is she with this ugly clown?
Bleek Cartier
Bleek Cartier - 13 phút trước
Lmaoooooooo 😭😭😭 Son
sule maan
sule maan - 13 phút trước
Lucky boko haram terrorist
Bristina - 13 phút trước
This is actually cute
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez - 13 phút trước
I feel like I lost brain cells watching this lmfaoo
Astrid Bell
Astrid Bell - 13 phút trước
This embarassing
Novi IPS
Novi IPS - 14 phút trước
couple goals
ZOOBZGOMEZ - 14 phút trước
It’s like they’ve only met once LMAOO
YBN BoZo Supreme
YBN BoZo Supreme - 14 phút trước
He’s gonna watch this when he’s off the gas and he gonna be disappointed 😭
MinuteMan - 14 phút trước
They hoed Travis on snap saying he did bad on the test when he only missed 3...
Northern_ Angel
Northern_ Angel - 14 phút trước
He hardly knows her
S Rey
S Rey - 14 phút trước
Omg!!!!I can’t wait for her PB&J Youtube video!!!!🤭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
S Rey
S Rey - 13 phút trước
...if he lets her give out the recipe. 😔
AMX18 _
AMX18 _ - 14 phút trước
ياليل العبيد
Fideligno Ramirez
Fideligno Ramirez - 15 phút trước
Es lindo cuando sonríe.
Moni. bby_
Moni. bby_ - 15 phút trước
Umm cheer is on espn🤨
Sammyxothegamer - 15 phút trước
Get out
Tuned N tv
Tuned N tv - 15 phút trước
Vengeance - 15 phút trước
At least we know that Kylie can make good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 😂
Tuned N tv
Tuned N tv - 15 phút trước
George Sana
George Sana - 15 phút trước
Trap money Benny
Andrew Narzary
Andrew Narzary - 15 phút trước
Ugly dude hitting jackpot!
Jack Wire
Jack Wire - 15 phút trước
Ok but when is Astroworld dropping?
Lauren Edmunds
Lauren Edmunds - 16 phút trước
He seems like a real winner...
Galaxy Kitties
Galaxy Kitties - 16 phút trước
Omg I'm aquarius ♒ too
Fight Depression
Fight Depression - 16 phút trước
His laugh funny asf lol
Mr.butter Knuckles
Mr.butter Knuckles - 16 phút trước
MC KOE - 16 phút trước
9:17 to 9:25 💀💀😂😂😂
trash with class c:
trash with class c: - 16 phút trước
deadass my fav couple lmao
Mariya Michelle
Mariya Michelle - 16 phút trước
For some reason I kept thinking Kylie looks like Olivia Jade😂
daddy wendy
daddy wendy - 16 phút trước
lost my last 3 remaining brain cells
Jose Alberto Rodriguez Mellior
Jose Alberto Rodriguez Mellior - 16 phút trước
Her face is weird... Looks so plastic...
MetallicMelon - 16 phút trước
i have 18 subs :P
Anthony Karty
Anthony Karty - 17 phút trước
The sound quality yo
Brandon Nava
Brandon Nava - 17 phút trước
Travis: you just call me baby.... but daddy sometimes 😂😂
Dangerousashalsey Tutorials
Dangerousashalsey Tutorials - 17 phút trước
2:58 did he say black butler? Cuz omg I know that anime
Mai Hà
Mai Hà - 17 phút trước
they r cute
Julianna and Emilia
Julianna and Emilia - 17 phút trước
Everyone Subscribe to us!! And ahh my fav couple ❤️❤️
BOSS breezy
BOSS breezy - 17 phút trước
UK weed makes u lose me Memory 😂 😂
Low Profile
Low Profile - 17 phút trước
24. Where tf is Astro world???
Shasza yemima
Shasza yemima - 17 phút trước
lucu banget si=( aaa
Trevor Schafer
Trevor Schafer - 17 phút trước
Question 24: where is astroworld?
Andre maxson
Andre maxson - 17 phút trước
How did I find this
Holiday The Bengal
Holiday The Bengal - 18 phút trước
Yo Tyga come watch this
Martin Av
Martin Av - 18 phút trước
SX Pegaso
SX Pegaso - 18 phút trước
completely off topic but please anything helps ...
Eva Fuentes
Eva Fuentes - 18 phút trước
Wth? Kylie was pregnant? I thought she was a teen?!
Irish Millard
Irish Millard - 18 phút trước
“ FACT” .. yes 😂
Simply 4KJtv
Simply 4KJtv - 19 phút trước
izzy_me lol
izzy_me lol - 19 phút trước
Donay Jenson
Donay Jenson - 19 phút trước
I love them together. I really hope it lasts. 💞
TheOne 151
TheOne 151 - 19 phút trước
The world is Doomed! 😂😂😂
wilson sandidge
wilson sandidge - 19 phút trước
we dont care about this we want astroworld
Simply 4KJtv
Simply 4KJtv - 20 phút trước
See how it works inside
BILIN MATHEW - 20 phút trước
Who are they..?🤔🙄
Avery Lopez-Baines
Avery Lopez-Baines - 20 phút trước
This is hilarious!!!
موسى ايمان
موسى ايمان - 20 phút trước
Lip stick
Mya Lambert
Mya Lambert - 20 phút trước
lol she keeps interrupting him
Wonderboy1126 - 21 phút trước
This is America...
FREE C5 - 21 phút trước
I need a relationship like theirs Im praying
Afro Soc
Afro Soc - 21 phút trước
Dang,I would have never know that Kylie is a professional late night sandwich maker
Eijirou - 21 phút trước
*N O R M I E*
Abby Hastings
Abby Hastings - 21 phút trước
He literally knows nothing about her and I feel like he doesn’t respect her and it’s sad
TopDawg 0416
TopDawg 0416 - 21 phút trước
I still don’t know how they are still together
Luiz Spindola
Luiz Spindola - 21 phút trước
So much botox
Camillei alviar
Camillei alviar - 21 phút trước
Sounds like a lovely relationship 😂
ALEX SMITH - 21 phút trước
Look there a Ape with custom teeth sitting with whore’s sister.
Superman 51554
Superman 51554 - 22 phút trước
how do you cure chest pain and tightness? im 11 btw and my mom went to a hospital everytime she comes back the pain is still there so can anyone please help me and tell me what to do because my mom doesn't sleep at night she vomits and has diarrhea idk what to fo and the doctors wont help (sorry for my bad English)
jenn gonzalez
jenn gonzalez - 22 phút trước
Michelle - 22 phút trước
So Freakn cute!! Goals for sure!!
gabriel rosas
gabriel rosas - 22 phút trước
Hey look! A breathing piece of plastic!!
Sabrina Corona
Sabrina Corona - 23 phút trước
Kylie: Let’s see how much you know about me
Travis: I don’t know nothing about you all I do is hit it
Kodax Black
Kodax Black - 23 phút trước
Shitz let me get older date Kylie for how ever long Travis does and clap them cheeks then go back to being a teen
emily123brown - 23 phút trước
He bothers me.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 23 phút trước
I was looking at kylie the whole time
ElJJ O - 23 phút trước
Tyga would’ve known all the answers 😔
Nicolas Melia
Nicolas Melia - 23 phút trước
Is this guy a little slow? Or all you need to date her is have some money?
BOSS breezy
BOSS breezy - 23 phút trước
I never knew they was together man
Kirussan Manoharan
Kirussan Manoharan - 23 phút trước
It’s honestly so sweet that Travis knows a lot about her.
Real Kidd
Real Kidd - 20 phút trước
Kirussan Manoharan no he doesn’t, Kylie was giving him so many hints
Ehdeele mun
Ehdeele mun - 24 phút trước
Travis is hilarious🤣🤣
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