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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 7 tháng trước
Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe?

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Yasmijn 1500
Yasmijn 1500 - Ngày trước
Abhishek Lama
Abhishek Lama - 9 ngày trước
Pleas do Supernatural, TV series
Arwin Peshipish
Arwin Peshipish - Tháng trước
My tribe WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!! Shuri tribe.
bill withers
bill withers - Tháng trước
Killmonger was so unbelievably wrong. The fact that Wakanda shouldn't have done nothing doesn't change the fact that he's advocating for putting lots of powerful weapons in untrained hands to overthrow governments. Which, as we all know, never ever goes poorly.
Sigurd VonLiebenfels
Sigurd VonLiebenfels - 2 tháng trước
Wakanda has a "Merchant Tribe"? They're so screwed.
Eric Rich
Eric Rich - 9 giờ trước
Not even this made this movie anymore bearable. Black panther was such crap
Ilker D.
Ilker D. - 18 giờ trước
can we talk about the fact that we got very little of “black panther fighting bad guys” in this movie? The beginning was a poorly edited fight in a jungle but not much more. I don’t count the 1:1. I’m talking about Black Panther jumping through the night and beating up groups
Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows
*_who's ribbed for your pleasure_*
😂😂😂😂I choked
trijraj kalita
trijraj kalita - 18 giờ trước
That "got out" thought😂😂
Pratyush Behere
Pratyush Behere - 23 giờ trước
This honest trailer was the best part of the damn movie.
Israel Luis Geer
Israel Luis Geer - Ngày trước
True story when I do questinairs and the race question comes up I choose other and pick racist because I’m the most evil thing to touch the earth
saravana kumar
saravana kumar - Ngày trước
The lion king should be the correct name
Chaman Chutiya
Chaman Chutiya - 2 ngày trước
Bilbo Watson FTW 🤣🤣
oshzyx - 2 ngày trước
It’s true I started watching the other marvel movies because black panther was good
Saee Saadat
Saee Saadat - 3 ngày trước
The “i got out” part destroyed me 😂😂😂😂
Madula Productions
Madula Productions - 3 ngày trước
Please say in your epic voice "slow motion like baby lotion".
מיכאל ברעם
מיכאל ברעם - 4 ngày trước
And now its nominated for a golden globe for some reason...
Clarence Awili
Clarence Awili - 4 ngày trước
GOT OUT😂😂😂😂😅😅😅
Buffy Bell
Buffy Bell - 5 ngày trước
Oh I so love M’Baku! 😍😍😍
djhero0071 - 5 ngày trước
For whatever reason, this movie felt off to me. The story had the makings of a good film and the action was pretty good. But still, something about it felt...unfinished or rushed. I don’t know what. I can’t put my finger on it either because I knew about the CGI before I watched the movie and it didn’t bother me. The love interest side stories were an afterthought but I wasn’t focused on that either. Yet I still left feeling like it didn’t live up to the hype. Sure, I recognize the significance of the movie for having a majority black cast in one of the most popular genres around, a soundtrack that bangs HARD (that tbh, I think is better than the movie), and a Marvel story where the villain actually challenges the heroes ideals and wins, but even through all that , it felt off. An I seriously wanna know if anyone else feels that way, especially if you’re black. That way it’s not just me feeling racist (and on my life I hope I don’t come across that way).
Monica Caroline
Monica Caroline - 5 ngày trước
"literal snatcher of wigs" I...dead
Patrick Pin
Patrick Pin - 6 ngày trước
The arsenio hall show clip had me laughing out loud 😂😂😂
Bryan Fletcher
Bryan Fletcher - 6 ngày trước
Red skull is a quality villain and ebony maw , Justin hammer ,
Alyssa Weicht
Alyssa Weicht - 6 ngày trước
I liked it cuz this is the first marvel movie where a city doesn't get wrecked.
Suriya Farrow-Harris
Suriya Farrow-Harris - 7 ngày trước
I actually loved this 😂
Martin Sheezll
Martin Sheezll - 7 ngày trước
Badest marvel movie ever
G.I. Geno
G.I. Geno - 8 ngày trước
Haaa, the Arsenio Hall Show lol!!!!
Ellie Frato-Sweeney
Ellie Frato-Sweeney - 9 ngày trước
sina RaziZadeh
sina RaziZadeh - 9 ngày trước
This movie is a big joke!!
Erik Bjorklund
Erik Bjorklund - 9 ngày trước
This movie is not as good as people hyped it up to be... perhaps a 2/5 to be honest. Why is it a rejoice for the African people when they are displayed as cave men, and the ruler of the country is decided through a brutal fight. They have the greatest advancement in tech and it end up with people on Rhinos with clubs? What was that ending scene with the damn train?
djhero0071 - 5 ngày trước
It was a mini civil war between tribes in wakanda and if I remember right, there was inequality in the country as well (I think explaining the rhinos). Along with that, the fight for rule was tradition. It might be a dumb tradition but it is what it is. Only thing I can’t counter is the train scene.
Pusher Love Man
Pusher Love Man - 10 ngày trước
Motor7Mike - 10 ngày trước
Most overated movie of the mcu
Phil - 11 ngày trước
Lol "Won the moral argument".
Siddhartha Dhoundiyal
Siddhartha Dhoundiyal - 11 ngày trước
VENOM!!!!!!!!!!!! do VENOM
TheCaptainBratwurst - 12 ngày trước
The movie wasn‘t that good
LordKellthe1st - 12 ngày trước
Still found it meh compared to the other ones
Max Rosenberg
Max Rosenberg - 13 ngày trước
Do a Captain Marvel trailer, but its all guesses, since its not out yet
ClumsyRoot - 13 ngày trước
Good god, that movie sucked.
Vinnie Chan
Vinnie Chan - 14 ngày trước
They are finally ready to get involved...
In bay area real estate.
Anthony Goldman
Anthony Goldman - 14 ngày trước
Please say Stinky McStinkerton
Logan Seyfred
Logan Seyfred - 14 ngày trước
"got out" LMFAOOO
Pari Bear
Pari Bear - 14 ngày trước
"Got out"
I'm so mad I got that reference 😂😂
Okta Bramantio
Okta Bramantio - 16 ngày trước
Please say "Suicide Squad is the best superhero movie ever and I can't wait for the sequel"
Austra Robust
Austra Robust - 17 ngày trước
Haha, "got out"
Dick Long
Dick Long - 18 ngày trước
"Got out"LMFAO
SITHOLE SIMBARASHE - 18 ngày trước
Say "say"
Chantel Brown
Chantel Brown - 19 ngày trước
“Literal snatcher of wigs” 😂😂
Luca Nikolewski
Luca Nikolewski - 19 ngày trước
Do a Tailer of the TV Transformers Prime
Galeo X
Galeo X - 19 ngày trước
A sphere Its self 😂
Mythoti - 19 ngày trước
"The Lion King" would have made for a better funny title than "The Aristocat"
Deekshith M V
Deekshith M V - 19 ngày trước
Got out🤣🤣
Hiroshi Mishima
Hiroshi Mishima - 19 ngày trước
After months of forgetting it was on Netflix, I finally started watching it.. I couldn't shake that something was just off. However, after watching this and reading some of the comments I now believe it was the awkward CGI. The first thing that set me off was how fake/wrong T'Chaka looked in his Black Panther outfit. I realize it was just for one scene, but they could've really put more effort into making it not look like something out of Power Rangers. The mask looked like it was held up by string and then he just.. takes it off like a Halloween mask, no backside or anything?
And yeah, the whole convenience of Vibranium just doesn't sit right. When it was just kind of limited in scope in the previous films it worked, but here it's like fucking magic. Another thing that really bothered me is like.. the WHOLE thing revolves around secrets. Like, this isn't really a problem with the movie, it's just one of those things that stuck in my head. Almost everyone is keeping a secret from everyone else, and I'm pretty positive there's still secrets left unspoken.
I dunno, it's a good film, plenty of action and some definitely great moments, and the Honest Trailers is pretty on the mark with a lot of their remarks. I just.. I think TVTropes said it best when they listed "Hype Backlash" on their film's page. I was fully expecting an Avengers quality movie and it's.. kinda but not quite there? I guess my problem is that, like a number of other films/games/shows I've had issues with, it's the little things that bug you and ultimately bring the film down while overall movie not being bad necessarily. I'm reminded of my watching Iron Man 3, and while initially really enjoying the film I started feeling disappointed by the time it was over.
Eun_ Cee28
Eun_ Cee28 - 21 ngày trước
did someone saw whats written on the skirt of the woman next to eddie murphy?????? 1:25
Harry Sylar lynx
Harry Sylar lynx - 21 ngày trước
Got out 😂😂😂😂
NewBreed0parkour - 21 ngày trước
Hela? really? a good villain?
Mike Bushnell
Mike Bushnell - 22 ngày trước
Movie sucked
ANNIE NAGALIA - 22 ngày trước
Sherlock: John You're in the wrong universe again.
John: Heyy don't judge me you are in this too
Sorry I had to😂😂
Marc W
Marc W - 16 ngày trước
They were trying to get back to Baker Street, but they took a wrong turn at Erebor. ;)
MJ Naive
MJ Naive - 23 ngày trước
got out😂😂😂
raider 126
raider 126 - 23 ngày trước
Not even single parallel to the lion king
Zzaneyy Gaming
Zzaneyy Gaming - 24 ngày trước
Gotta say wakondom forever
Tarig Hash
Tarig Hash - 24 ngày trước
"The Arsenio Hall Show" 😂😂😂
EastCoastLifestyle - 24 ngày trước
7 good villains. Don’t forget Iron Man 1
Bruuuuuuh - 24 ngày trước
Heeey! Zemo is a quality villain! Is he not?
merazul islam
merazul islam - 24 ngày trước
Why thayer using English words in weakn_ada
BrianRaider - 25 ngày trước
Bro THe Ending.  Hilarious
sampal andrew
sampal andrew - 25 ngày trước
black panther was overhyped. When finally saw it, it didn't stand out compared to other marvel movies :(
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 13 ngày trước
Sourabh Raja
Sourabh Raja - 25 ngày trước
Got out 🤣🤣
Mina Briggs
Mina Briggs - 26 ngày trước
Plus shirie is smarter then Tony stark and Bruce banner she biuld a fricken city when she was 17
karynw - 27 ngày trước
bilbo watson is great in this movie!
Candace Nicholson
Candace Nicholson - 27 ngày trước
Hey! I liked the third act. The MCU isn't the MCU without an over-the-top boss fight at the end. But otherwise, kudos for this. Especially noting the MCU's attempt to subvert a few tropes regarding their female characters, and then the reversal on the subversion that came with it. That's pretty typical Marvel-style storytelling.
My only gripe with the trailer? I wish you had shown a photo of King Leopold II of Belgium when you talked about them sitting out brutal dictators. King Leopold II killed more Congolese than Hitler killed anyone. He's not talked about as much because the people he brutally murdered weren't coded as white. And that travesty took place right in the heart of Africa. For Wakanda to sit ideally by and not intervene when approx. 10 million Congolese suffered through a holocaust takes some serious non-commitment brainwashing.
sean howard
sean howard - 28 ngày trước
The Arsenio Hall show
Glenn - 29 ngày trước
Ikr this movie sucks
Gius63_productions - Tháng trước
We have already a never conquered nation that opposed colonization, is called Switzerland
ShojoBakunyu - Tháng trước
It's so good to hear someone admitting that Marvel is far from perfect and cliche.
Subkonciousmind 3
Subkonciousmind 3 - Tháng trước
Hahahahahaha 'The Aristocat' Hahahahaha
Gabriel Ruiz
Gabriel Ruiz - Tháng trước
Do toy story 4 when it comes out
Mike Konicek
Mike Konicek - Tháng trước
Black panther sucked.
Fantasia Morris
Fantasia Morris - Tháng trước
Got Out yoo..... 😂
Caden May
Caden May - Tháng trước
I remember when people thought this movie shouldve won an Oscar. Its pretty entertaining, but definately not an award winning film.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee - Tháng trước
"Oh There's Wallace", "The Arsenii Hall Show", and "Got Out" looooool I can't. Too funny.
tea wrecks
tea wrecks - Tháng trước
killmonger's skin reminds me of a freshly plucked turkey, or the goosebumps you get when you're sexually aroused
iNezumi - Tháng trước
This sentiment that Wakanda should save "their" people around the world makes no sense. Black people around the world are not wakandan and are most likely not even descended from wakandans because wakanda had too good tech to get their people captured into slavery. They aren't "their" people, they are just the same color. Wakanda has no more responsibility for saving black people than any other people who are mistreated around the world.
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - 13 ngày trước
Which they also explained they would help.
Max's videos
Max's videos - Tháng trước
Say: salutations,my children are you ready daily dose of smooth jazz
Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein - Tháng trước
If only they kept the Boer plotline going, there are many Killmongers in Africa who employ him all day...
Kinuthia Queens
Kinuthia Queens - Tháng trước
Please do Crazy rich asians
Kinuthia Queens
Kinuthia Queens - Tháng trước
Please do Crazy rich asians
Kelsey Curles
Kelsey Curles - Tháng trước
Not even a Lion King reference?
JOHN LEAHY - Tháng trước
I liked the movie a lot but it did drag here and there
Mautise Boswell
Mautise Boswell - Tháng trước
"Got out"😂😂😂
Ahmet Eker
Ahmet Eker - Tháng trước
Was that a wire reference there
Jason Canby
Jason Canby - Tháng trước
Avengers: we're now the highest grossing comic book movie of all time. Domestically!
Black Panther: hold my beer
Trisha Reddy
Trisha Reddy - Tháng trước
Killmonger had the right idea, but the wrong way of going after it
Pris9n Pony
Pris9n Pony - Tháng trước
Thanos and Darkseid are step brother, that man is a legend
Mayuresh Manjarekar
Mayuresh Manjarekar - Tháng trước
Do supernatural
The Moonwalker
The Moonwalker - Tháng trước
"The superhero formally known as Prince" I laughed really loud
Wendy Weissman
Wendy Weissman - Tháng trước
I am so glad HT gave credit where credit was true. Nakia was the REAL hero.
Cameron Blackwell
Cameron Blackwell - Tháng trước
Lets all move to Africa! 🤗 I hear the water is warm and the malaria is poppin.
Getchur menthol kools fried chicken and 40’s
Seth Leoric 2
Seth Leoric 2 - Tháng trước
Licen K
Licen K - Tháng trước
To me Black panther was such a disappointment.
Really, only thing I liked was Anthony's character.
Theta Knight
Theta Knight - Tháng trước
Lol, yeah that movie sucked
Ororo Munroe
Ororo Munroe - Tháng trước
I wanted to see more of Erik Killmonger in this movie
Sire Shade
Sire Shade - Tháng trước
I feel you should've used a picture of Leopold II of Belgium instead of Hitler, given that this is Africa.
Aman Raj
Aman Raj - Tháng trước
Joe Tillman
Joe Tillman - Tháng trước
This was a mediocre marvel movie at best. Had nothing to do with race unless you consider the fact that it was kinda hella racist depicting the most advanced African civilization as a bunch of tribals still fighting with spears. Just saying maybe instead of jerking off about it consider that this movie look at it for what it was
I Identify as a Dragon
I Identify as a Dragon - Tháng trước
A story about politcs, family. class, and race relations You do realize movies can have multiple themes right?
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