Honest Trailers - Black Panther

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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies - 5 ngày trước
Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe?

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MusicaDebbieFox •
MusicaDebbieFox • - 3 ngày trước
Can’t go wrong with merchants
Yung Biz
Yung Biz - 3 ngày trước
Merchant tribe.....I see what you did there, goy!
Knight Of ANGUISH - 3 ngày trước
Say I'm actually a vegetarian
Pix Wolves
Pix Wolves - 3 ngày trước
Jabari *Gorrila noises*
The Man
The Man - 3 ngày trước
This is so lame!
LeLievre Foldszin
LeLievre Foldszin - 2 giờ trước
Im glad you mentioned the terrible cgi..... Oh lupita you so fine.....
El Draco
El Draco - 2 giờ trước
Say 'Now I am become Thanos, vanquisher of heroes"
testtest testtest
testtest testtest - 2 giờ trước
Do the Expanse
s.norris - 2 giờ trước
Do the Expanse!
Shunam Ghosh
Shunam Ghosh - 2 giờ trước
Please say ' Shunam u are the next Paul Rudd '
666 Parker
666 Parker - 3 giờ trước
Remember the Cant please do The Expanse
Shawn Ng
Shawn Ng - 3 giờ trước
The Expanse! More people need to know about this gem.
Gregorio Cornaglia
Gregorio Cornaglia - 3 giờ trước
Honest trailer of the prestige pleasee!! Loved that movie (Cris nolan creation)
Danijel Dubičanac
Danijel Dubičanac - 4 giờ trước
The Expanse. You can't stop the signal!
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer - 4 giờ trước
"Got Out" 😂😂😂
Dennis Coy
Dennis Coy - 4 giờ trước
Please say in epic voice: This is Spartan News!
Connor Hoskin
Connor Hoskin - 4 giờ trước
We need an Honest Trailer for the Masterwork that is "The Expanse"
Eve Diby
Eve Diby - 5 giờ trước
Okoye should always be ingroduces as "Okoye, literal snatcher of wigs" 😂😂😂😂
wiltisdabest - 5 giờ trước
Hahaha so true wakanda sucks for not helping during the rest of world history but to be fair marvel just did not have it all planned out.
bb beyal
bb beyal - 5 giờ trước
The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure!
Hooman Reese
Hooman Reese - 5 giờ trước
gracielou 3
gracielou 3 - 6 giờ trước
can you please do honest trailer to the kissing booth
Charles P
Charles P - 6 giờ trước
What's the Expanse? Do it so it can be saved
Albert Epstein
Albert Epstein - 6 giờ trước
Say "Save The Expanse! Watch Expanse Live! Binge The Expanse!"
Albert Epstein
Albert Epstein - 6 giờ trước
Wait, are you telling us you still haven't done "the Expanse"?
Highbudget - 6 giờ trước
"The arsenal hall show" best bit
Simon Burkhardt
Simon Burkhardt - 6 giờ trước
Please say: Hello.
Liam Styles
Liam Styles - 6 giờ trước
i bless the trains down in africa
Levi Cody
Levi Cody - 6 giờ trước
Honest Trailer for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!!
C-Lux - 7 giờ trước
"Quick, make him choke an old lady so I know who to root for!" haha gold
Fer Cruz
Fer Cruz - 7 giờ trước
Ben Strode-Penny
Ben Strode-Penny - 7 giờ trước
Can you say 'Remember the Cant' please
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry - 7 giờ trước
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed - 7 giờ trước
I hated that what are those part. Who's the idiot writer that thought phoning in a dead meme was a good idea?
Nicolás Tamayo pareja
Nicolás Tamayo pareja - 7 giờ trước
when are you guys doing deadpool 2 honest trailer
Randyw28 - 7 giờ trước
Ah come on! I didn't expect Honest Trailers to be on this bandwagon. Black Panther was good, but give me a break, it wasn't that good. You didn't even make fun of Jordans over acting. So many things in this movie to make fun of and you didn't. WHY? Scared?
Matt Aclan
Matt Aclan - 7 giờ trước
Please say “Turdeties my favorite” pls
Sam Cavanagh
Sam Cavanagh - 8 giờ trước
I really did not like t'challah's sister in this movie. She was basically written to be a deus ex machina in whatever situation she was in: need a car? heres one made of nanomachines. need a bullet removed? she can do it with a fancy table. need a dead meme? there you go
LoveTails - 8 giờ trước
Can you say: "I don't feel so good."
joeyjojojunior1794 - 8 giờ trước
Luongshot - 8 giờ trước
Say “I don’t feel so good”
Babylonkid - 8 giờ trước
This movie sucked. Everyone's ridiculous.
Ron Greener
Ron Greener - 8 giờ trước
Honest trailer for a quiet place
CURTIS SMITH - 9 giờ trước
Good movie over hyped
Japeth555 - 9 giờ trước
The Expanse!
TheJadeFist - 9 giờ trước
But if he were white, he'd be the bad guy for his nationalism.
Jose Arce
Jose Arce - 9 giờ trước
Aristocat 🤣🤣🤣
ethan hatcher
ethan hatcher - 9 giờ trước
The barking dudes reminds me of the knights who say ni
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 9 giờ trước
Please say “ It’s happy, sad, good, and bad “
m5w - 9 giờ trước
Do The Expanse!
Pete Balke
Pete Balke - 9 giờ trước
Epic voice guy, can you please do avengers infinity war?
DJ Mustardfeet
DJ Mustardfeet - 9 giờ trước
i wonder what is would sound like if he said "This is bull-shoes-! what the fuuuuunk." thx~
Simon Burkhardt
Simon Burkhardt - 10 giờ trước
Do The Death Cure! It was horrible.
STL C - 10 giờ trước
The movie is not bad, but it's not great either.
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