Kane Brown - Homesick

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Jessica Gagne
Jessica Gagne - 50 phút trước
Deployments are so damn hard but the homecomings are well worth the wait. Literally one of THE best feelings in the world. It’s like meeting them all over again. The jitters, being nervous, wanting to cry and that knot that forms in your throat when you see that damn bus roll up in front of you. It’s amazing. This song is beautiful.
shania lorusso
shania lorusso - Giờ trước
Kane is so respectable and he deserves it! Thank you for including our troops. !!
Char Knight
Char Knight - Giờ trước
thank u to everyone that has served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keith kelly
keith kelly - Giờ trước
i can tell you their is nothing and i do mean nothing that can compare to that first embrace you get after coming home you spend alost all your down time thinking about it and no matter how you imagine it will be the actual event is absolutely price less
Kenzie Combs
Kenzie Combs - 2 giờ trước
I crying
Nikiah Campbell
Nikiah Campbell - 2 giờ trước
Absolutely love this song and im so happy kane brown made this song i teared up from it
hoodiebeast1324 - 3 giờ trước
You know I never really liked Kane Brown or country music for that matter but I like a couple of song artists and now Kane Brown is now one of them and also love this song❤️❤️❤️
Alicea Johnson
Alicea Johnson - 8 giờ trước
Thanks kane for putting that on there maybe some NFL players should listen to this song before they kneel for the flag
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 15 giờ trước
Poor album sales and a shitty song
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 15 giờ trước
He has poor concert reviews! Forgettable!
Bloody Red Box
Bloody Red Box - 15 giờ trước
Kane brown is a horrible singer
Gary Boyer III
Gary Boyer III - 19 giờ trước
I can relate to this cuz My baseball team represents fallen soldiers like my fallen soldier is Amanda Sheldon
Erin Vickers
Erin Vickers - 19 giờ trước
I love it so amazing Kane you did so good on doing this song
Keaton Howler
Keaton Howler - 21 giờ trước
My uncle is in the army
Joyce Allen
Joyce Allen - 22 giờ trước
Familes apart is just tooooooooooo sad.
Jennifer Hobbs
Jennifer Hobbs - Ngày trước
This was amazing song Very beautiful song 😊
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes - Ngày trước
Another one that shoots the heart way to go man!!!
Zack Lane
Zack Lane - Ngày trước
2:59 gets me every time ..
8Laura Mccullough
8Laura Mccullough - Ngày trước
u are good u are bater thean enebode
UNICORN SQUAD! For life - Ngày trước
Hey! I need help,so I have a girlfriend and I’m scared to hold her hand should I just go for it?
Tori Westbrook
Tori Westbrook - Ngày trước
When I hear to this song I think of my grandmother who died in February, and when I can see her again.
Maggie Tucker
Maggie Tucker - Ngày trước
He needs to spend some time with a real true blue country artist and lose that Trashville pop sound that everyone and his brother does now.
Martha V. Morgan
Martha V. Morgan - Ngày trước
He's not marketable in country
Martha V. Morgan
Martha V. Morgan - Ngày trước
His voice sucks, his voice is not marketable!
Tango Survival Gaming Channel
My favorite video
BaKtAn 84
BaKtAn 84 - Ngày trước
Rin Wesley
Rin Wesley - Ngày trước
I'm not crying! Shut up.
Crystal Mummel
Crystal Mummel - 2 ngày trước
That is a really sad song 😪
Savannah Wilson
Savannah Wilson - 2 ngày trước
OMG. Kane you are literally the best singer ever. I love all of your music! This song made me bawl
Vanessa contrcras
Vanessa contrcras - 2 ngày trước
Is anybody listening to kane Brown music .. ok kane Brown he has good music ..... 👍👍👍😊😊😊
Christine Davis
Christine Davis - 2 ngày trước
OMW I am a hot mess!!! That just got me right in my heart. Much respect to all the men and women who serve our country and their families that miss them!!
Cassie Hehl
Cassie Hehl - 2 ngày trước
omg i love this song
Mark Daly
Mark Daly - 2 ngày trước
I am a US Army Veteran of 20 years and several Overseas Tours and deployments. I had a daughter born while I was in Korea and was in Iraq twice while my 4 children were young, so I Love this song because it reminds me how I felt while I was gone and also when I returned.
boo vanover
boo vanover - 2 ngày trước
Kane Brown is the real deal keep it up bro
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 2 ngày trước
He has poor concert reviews!
Darla Frantic
Darla Frantic - 2 ngày trước
His voice sucks
Wendy Dixon
Wendy Dixon - 2 ngày trước
Kane brown I love this song you really have out done yourself
Werkheiser Gaming
Werkheiser Gaming - 2 ngày trước
Lucy Mcafee
Lucy Mcafee - 2 ngày trước
Robert Baker
Robert Baker - 2 ngày trước
Love you kane
Natalie Burrows
Natalie Burrows - 2 ngày trước
I love Kane Brown's music and I'm your biggest fan please text me back
Puppy lover 2479
Puppy lover 2479 - 3 ngày trước
My brother in the army sent me this i miss him so much💙🇺🇸
Joseph Adam
Joseph Adam - 3 ngày trước
My best friend just got sent out to South Carolina for basic training and it’s the saddest thing ever I didn’t get to say goodbye or anything 😥 good luck my brother
The Lady YasB Barnes
The Lady YasB Barnes - 3 ngày trước
That little girl at the start of the video gets me teary eyed every time I watch this! Much respect to all you serve in the armed services they are making the ultimate sacrifice being away from family and keeping us safe.
Colten Reid
Colten Reid - 3 ngày trước
The damn Pain Stays by Chris go watch and tell me what you think of my brother
mindy comerford
mindy comerford - 3 ngày trước
To all the soldiers: thank you for your service! ❤️
megabch34 - 3 ngày trước
i love this song so much and i love all of ur songs
TheYafnit - 3 ngày trước
Thanks, Kane, played this song all the way home from my last duty station. 4,000 miles is long way to go.
Skylar B
Skylar B - 3 ngày trước
This song makes me cry. My lil brother is in Afghanistan on his 2nd deployment. My prayers go out to all OUR troops and their family’s. And to our fallen troops may God hold you and your family close.
Jeremy Heartriter
Jeremy Heartriter - 3 ngày trước
What's wrong with humanity? Why is this song so underrated?😫😥
Tyrell Campeau
Tyrell Campeau - 3 ngày trước
♥️Hi kane its Mel, I'm doing fine and dandy...ok I love your music♥️
christine Simonetta
christine Simonetta - 3 ngày trước
I. Love. Your video. And. I. Respect the. Soldiers ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
B. Garza
B. Garza - 3 ngày trước
The worst shit I have ever heard.
B. Garza
B. Garza - 3 ngày trước
His voice sucks, he's so horrible!
Savannah Lorentz
Savannah Lorentz - 3 ngày trước
I'm a slobbering mess after this. So many emotions that I can relate to. Amazing.
Corbin Allred
Corbin Allred - 3 ngày trước
Did not expect that voice out of that body. Loved it...tears welled up. I don't listen to country on any kind of regular basis, but it has a special place in my heart because of my Dad. Lost him 6 months ago to colon cancer at age 61. Miss him like crazy. Watching this brought back those feelings and helped me feel immense gratitude for all my brothers and sisters (because that's what ya'll are!)-- and their families -- who serve this country on behalf me, my family, and MILLIONS of others. May God bless you and your families. All my appreciation, love, and RESPECT.
crazy girl
crazy girl - 3 ngày trước
To my baby I love you and miss you so much my 🐝 I'm so proud of you honey!!!
Tamara Thomson
Tamara Thomson - 3 ngày trước
Really hard to watch this in a public place, I want to cry everytime!
raf_the_game r
raf_the_game r - 3 ngày trước
thanks kane brown u made my aunts wedding the best she cried
Jesse McNeil
Jesse McNeil - 3 ngày trước
Love this song
Jimix Jimix
Jimix Jimix - 3 ngày trước
Thank you American military personnel for keeping us safer every day - from Poland with love!
Ethan K.
Ethan K. - 4 ngày trước
I'm not crying, you're cyring.
Ryan Meier
Ryan Meier - 4 ngày trước
As a 15T, Blackhawk mechanic. Those helicopters are wayyyy to clean
Michelle Gauvin
Michelle Gauvin - 4 ngày trước
Kane. Is one of my favorites. His voice. Is awsome. Love his videos. Cant wait to see him in concert...
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer - 4 ngày trước
Amen to the SOLDIERS
Patrick James
Patrick James - 4 ngày trước
The 2.4k people who disliked this video are ungrateful pigs that are disrespecting soldiers such a myself who have died for there country
Braden Corey
Braden Corey - 18 giờ trước
Patrick James You’ve died for your country!? Then how did you type this message if you is dead? 🤔
Lunatic4Bizcas - 4 ngày trước
He's an embarrassment to real country singers
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper - 4 ngày trước
I love my boyfriend anthony wood forever
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper - 4 ngày trước
Make me think about my boyfriend sometimes he on the road for he's job
Carlyy Mischelle
Carlyy Mischelle - 4 ngày trước
I’ve done played this 6 times.. 😍
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 4 ngày trước
Nobody wants to listen this song more than once!
Poor country vocal!
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 4 ngày trước
Poor Album sales and poor concert reviews!
yeceniap13 - 4 ngày trước
I cry every single time my goodness my heart can't take it... THANK YOU TO ALL THE MEN & WOMEN IN THE ARMED SERVICES !!! this video is absolutely beautiful !!!!
Laquanda Adams
Laquanda Adams - 4 ngày trước
Love this song. Jus hit home. Nd i neva b away from home. But it touches ur soul. Video is so beautiful. His voice jus vibes thru the words. Im home sick dis feeln is like ??? How eva u feel. 😂😂😊😊
Rachel Wells
Rachel Wells - 4 ngày trước
I love this. I served and I know the feeling and I know the feelings of others missing family and friends. God bless! So sweet, that its for his wife.
Julie 💋
Julie 💋 - 5 ngày trước
So many ignorant comments on here. If you don’t like him keep it moving. There’s no rule or book that says you gotta look a certain way or sing a certain way to song country music. Some folks stuck in the old days. News flash country music has changed over last 20-30 years. Smh.
Paige Holtz
Paige Holtz - 5 ngày trước
I have something in my eyes!
Cassandra Rae
Cassandra Rae - 5 ngày trước
I understand the meaning I just hate the United States for fighting Indians Davey Croket stole land these times though ww1 ww2 I like you guys :)
Kayla Pratt
Kayla Pratt - 5 ngày trước
Can you. Mac a vireos with you A
mac609 - 5 ngày trước
Funny, never hear of this kid until I read online he got married yesterday. Very talented and I'm a new fan.
Martha V. Morgan
Martha V. Morgan - 5 ngày trước
Not sellable album, just like his last albums!
Martha V. Morgan
Martha V. Morgan - 5 ngày trước
Not sellable album,
skate RAT
skate RAT - 5 ngày trước
This makes me happy
thr3eS6Xmurphia Ryan Murphy
thr3eS6Xmurphia Ryan Murphy - 5 ngày trước
What a touching video.. great song too!!
Love my country!!
Proud American right here!!
Thank you to all that serve for us!!
Taylor Fast
Taylor Fast - 5 ngày trước
Kane Brown is doing great, I hope he doesn’t listen to the nay sayers and end up pulling a Taylor swift on us. Keep it up brother.
Julie Almond
Julie Almond - 5 ngày trước
This shit is garbage and can't sing
Mani Xworld
Mani Xworld - 5 ngày trước
So terrible in country
Leticia Acosta
Leticia Acosta - 5 ngày trước
This song is so beautiful! ❤
Christopher Bedwell
Christopher Bedwell - 5 ngày trước
OMG..that. baby at the beginning
Joesph Cuevas
Joesph Cuevas - 5 ngày trước
Right there with u
MosherPlays - 5 ngày trước
Kane looks like a rapper lol
Yote Nation
Yote Nation - 5 ngày trước
So sad
Blake's Hesebeck's Vlogs
Blake's Hesebeck's Vlogs - 5 ngày trước
We just need to appreciate kane and his music cause this song is best!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gaylie Tillman
Gaylie Tillman - 5 ngày trước
Love this Song .Proud Navy MoM
Lando Towai
Lando Towai - 5 ngày trước
Love this song im a mile away from home right now thanks to this singer..
Matthew Mendez
Matthew Mendez - 5 ngày trước
good singer. i can relate to this song. getting ready to get deployed to korea and im not ready to be gone but im happy to serve my country
Sammy Maldonado
Sammy Maldonado - 6 ngày trước
Ok love u
Bonnie Soto
Bonnie Soto - 6 ngày trước
Kane Brown is a fraud and he cheating on his fiance fuck KANE Brown 😂😂😂😂
Amanda barksdale
Amanda barksdale - 6 ngày trước
Thanks for you to come home and take care of yourself and your family have a wonderful day
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust - 6 ngày trước
salute to american soldiers, love from 🇵🇭
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